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    Forum Tutorials & How-Tos

    Browser Forum Tutorials

    Tapatalk Forum Tutorials

    Browser Forum Tutorials

    How do I personalize my Forum profile?
    1. From anywhere on the forums:
    2. Click Quick Links
    3. Click Edit Profile from the menu.
    4. Scroll down and edit what you want to edit.
    5. Click “Save Changes” button at the bottom when you're done.

    How do I upload an image to the Forums?
    The best way to attach images is to use the Attachment manager. To use the attachment manager, use the “Go Advanced” option when replying to a thread.
    1. Scroll down to Additional Options and under the Attachments subheading click "Manage Attachments"
    2. Click Add Files
    3. Click Select Files
    4. Navigate to where the image(s) are on your computer using the dialog box and select the image(s)
    5. Click Select Open
    6. Click Upload Files

    Note: Images must be 2MB or less to upload them to the forums.

    Alternately, if the photo is too large and you aren't familiar with photo manipulation, you can upload images to a 3rd party hosting site (such as and attach them like so:

    From either reply field (Quick Reply or Advanced Reply):
    1. Click the slide/picture frame image (look like a frame with a tree in it)
    2. Click “From URL” if not already selected.
    3. Enter the URL of your uploaded image from the 3rd party site.
    4. Uncheck “Retrieve remote file and reference locally”.
    5. Click OK.

    How do I subscribe to a thread to receive an email when a new post is added to the thread?

    From the thread you wish to subscribe to:
    1. Click “Thread Tools” above the first post on the page
    2. Click “Subscribe to this thread...” from the menu.
    3. Select the type/frequency of notifications you want from the “Notification Type” drop-down.
    4. Click Add Subscription

    How do I know if someone has @tagged me?

    From anywhere in the forums:
    1. Click My Profile from the “Welcome, [username]” line near the top of the page.
    2. Click Thread Tags

    How do I save copies of PMs (Private Messages) that I send?

    When composing a PM:
    1. Scroll down to “Additional Options” below the text box and Post Icons
    2. Click the checkbox (if unchecked) next to “Save a copy of this message in your Sent Items folder.”
    3. Write your message (if not written already) and click Submit.

    How do I ignore another member of the Forums so that I don't see their posts?
    From a post the person you wish to ignore made:
    1. Click their name, then click “View Profile”
    2. Click “Add to Ignore List” from the list on the left, under the user's name and profile picture.

    Alternatively, from anywhere on the Forums:
    1. Click Quick Links
    2. Click General Settings from the menu
    3. Click “Edit Ignore List” from the menu on the left (under the subheading of My Account, itself under the heading My Settings).
    4. Under “Add a Member to Your List...”, type the username of the person you wish to ignore in the box next to “User Name”.
    5. Click Okay.

    Note: it is not possible to ignore moderators.

    How do I remove personal information from photos taken on my phone or digital camera?
    The Short Version: This forum software does not sanitize metadata from uploaded images; we've looked into adding this functionality for our members but it doesn't seem to be possible at this time. The best say to find out how to remove personal information from your photos is to look up a YouTube tutorial for your specific operating system or use a 3rd party site that does it for you like Please be aware of your camera/smartphone's settings and the EXIF data being uploaded along with your images.

    The Long Version: Most cameras (especially smartphone cameras but also digital cameras and even scanners) include additional information about the picture that was taken into the image file with the actual image itself. Included information that explains more about the file it is attached to is called metadata. The most common form in images is EXIF, and it includes some relatively benign or even helpful information such as the F-stop your camera uses and the aspect ratio or original dimensions of the image but it also records some information that can be sensitive. The two most sensitive pieces of information that are commonly listed in metadata are the make and model of your phone and, more importantly, a geotag. A geotag in this case is most commonly a latitude and longitude of where the image was taken. This is fine or even great if you're somewhere public and you upload the image publicly as many image aggregators can use that information to pull up other images from the same location. This is less good if you're taking a picture in your house as you can inadvertently doxx yourself just by sending someone a picture (of, say, your Aeronaut 30).

    All this explanation to say our forum software does not have the ability to sanitize metadata on images upon upload. This means that if your images are geotagged, that geotag will show up in uploaded images. We suggest that you turn off geotagging on your phone/camera when taking pictures from home or somewhere you might not want to have connected to you or your username publicly, manually examine and remove any offending EXIF data from the properties of the image after the image is captured (there are many YouTube tutorials that you can find depending on the device and OS you're using), or use a 3rd party site like that removes metadata from images as a matter of course.

    Have any tips for using the search function?

    General Search Tips

    • Less is more
      • Use the most unique keywords you can for what you're looking for
      • Use single words or short phrases when possible
    • Direct quotes can sometimes help, always put the quotes in quotation marks if if is a direct quote

    Examples: If I want to know about what packing cubes to use in the Synapse 25, I'd probably search: "packing cube" "Synapse 25"

    Here's a compare/contrast of the search types:

    Advanced Original Forum Search
    • Use "Search Single Content Type" most of the time, and search "Posts".
    • If you know who posted what you're looking for, enter the user name of the person. This is a great way to narrow it down.
    • Finding posts within the last year and newer is usually a good idea
    • Showing the results as Posts is great to skim for a specific post, showing the results as Threads is great to find whole conversations about a general topic.

    • Easier for novice users to use than the Advanced Original Forum Search.
    • Powerful and well-known search algorithm.
    • Tracks your searches for advertising purposes and keeps individuated search information.
    • Follow the general search tips

    • Easier for novice users to use than the Advanced Original Forum Search.
    • Perhaps not as powerful nor well-known of an algorithm as Google's but still good.
    • Respects your privacy and doesn't track your searches for advertising purposes nor keep individuated search information at all.
    • Follow the general search tips.

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    Tapatalk Forum Tutorials

    What's different in Tapatalk vs. the browser-based Forums?

    The short answer is “practically everything”. Below is a quick rundown of Tapatalk:

    The forum interface is completely different on Tapatalk versus our browser-based forums.

    The main page of the forums on Tapatalk is a Trending and Recommended page. (The icon near the top looks like a newspaper.)

    Next page is the Tapatalk representation of the forums. (The icon near the top looks like a bulleted list.)

    Following the forums is the collection of New, Unread, Followed, and threads you've Participated in. (The icon near the top looks like two chat windows with lines in them.)

    Next are your Private Messages (The icon near the top looks like an open envelope.)

    Finally, your Notifications. (The icon near the top looks like a bell.)

    The Tapatalk search function looks like a magnifying glass and is above the previously mentioned icons.

    Below are some guides for how to do some of the same functions described above in Tapatalk.

    What are the pros and cons of using Tapatalk vs. the mobile browser-based forums?
    Native Mobile:
    • Don't have to download an app.
    • Forum layout is very similar to desktop.
    • Easy to view desktop version of the forum.

    • Can't view or edit any part of your profile.
    • Can't view Notifications.
    • Can PM, but you have to know the URL to it as there isn't a link for them in the forums.
    • No way to upload photos

    The native mobile version is best if you want the forum to look and feel like it does on the desktop and if you don't mind much about PMs (or don't mind bookmarking them or remembering the URL [ ] ) or uploading photos (or don't mind switching to the full/desktop site when you need to do that) and you don't use notifications or subscriptions much.

    • Can view notifications
    • PMs are easy to access
    • Can upload images and they are automatically resized to fit forum's restrictions on file size.
    • Can view profile, though can't update anything but email address and password.

    • Have to download an app.
    • Layout is much different than forum on desktop and mobile.
    • Push notifications can be annoying if you enable them.

    The Tapatalk version is best if you want the most options for the forum while browsing on mobile. It's easy to view your profile (though you can't edit it just like on the native mobile experience) and PMs, you get notifications and subscriptions in their own tab, and it allows you to upload photos and automatically resizes them to fit within the forum's file size restrictions, though it doesn't allow you to place the image interstitially in your posts (the native mobile site doesn't allow photo uploads at all without going to the full site). If you do like going to the full site on mobile, however, there isn't an easy option to do that so you do have to open a mobile browser and go to the forums via that.

    How do I personalize my Forum profile on Tapatalk?

    You cannot edit your profile from Tapatalk, aside from your email address and password.

    To edit the above, start from start from either the TOM BIHN forums overview (not in a thread):
    1. Tap the three dots at the top-right of the screen
    2. Tap "My Profile"
    3. Tap the three dots at hte top-right of the screen
    4. Select the change you would like to make

    How do I upload an image to the Forums using Tapatalk?

    From the reply screen:
    1. tap the little file with a plus inside it under "Photos, Files"
    2. Navigate to the image on your phone.
    3. Tap the image you wish to add.
    4. Tap "Send" in the top-right corner.
    5. Compose the rest of your message if you haven't already.
    6. Verify the image is the correct one and hit the Send button (looks like a stylized right arrow with a gap or a paper airplane from the top-down perspective).

    Note: The image will always be added at the bottom of your post.

    How do I subscribe to a thread to receive a notification when a new post is added to the thread using Tapatalk?

    From the thread you wish to subscribe to:
    • Tap the check-mark with the circle around it.

    From the main forum page:
    1. Tap the 3 dots on the top-right of the topic you wish to follow
    2. Tap Follow (should have a a check-mark with a circle around it as an icon)

    How do I know if someone has @tagged me using Tapatalk?

    You can only see thread tags that you haven't previously seen. To see any unread thread tags, tap the Notifications (bell) icon.

    How do I save copies of PMs (Private Messages) that I send using Tapatalk?

    There is no way to do this unless you already have "Save a copy of sent messages in my Sent Items folder by default" selected in your General Settings from the browser-based forums.

    How do I ignore another member of the Forums so that I don't see their posts using Tapatalk?

    From a post the person you wish to ignore made:
    1. Tap their username
    2. Tap the 3 dots on the top-right of the screen.
    3. Tap Ignore/Block

    Alternatively, from any of the top pages of the TOM BIHN group:
    1. Tap the Search (magnifying glass) icon.
    2. Type in their username.
    3. Tap their username when it comes up.
    4. Tap the 3 dots on the top-right of the screen.
    5. Tap Ignore/Block

    Note: it is not possible to ignore moderators.

    How do I remove personal information from photos taken on my phone using Tapatalk?
    Good news! Tapatalk automatically wipes EXIF data from uploaded images.

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