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Ode to the small accessories

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    Ode to the small accessories

    Lots of bags get lots of love around here. Time for the small accessories to get some love too. What are your favorite small accessories and why? What do you use them for?

    Me: most used is the Cubelet. Most of the items I carry are 3-d in nature, so I couldn't fit as many of them into a flat pouch and was always concerned about distorting a flat pouch. I have my MacGuyer/everyday emergencies gear in one, my personal picnic kit in another, and a third has wipes and hygiene items. The fourth one is used to carry snacks, and a fifth one carries some small pocket games. These can be added to whatever larger bag I'm carrying.

    Next in usefulness for me are the Qkits- I have a headlamp and a power brick in the mini ones, and an immersion heater and some tea bags in the small (larger) one.

    I use a clear mini pouch in my Aeronaut to hold jewelry (mostly just earrings) in the mesh compartment. And I like my double organizing pouch for travel where I can put my itinerary in the front clear pocket and money/receipts in the back one.

    What about you?
    Getting to the point with too many bags to list them all. Current daily carry is my Black Halcyon Zeitgeist with a Cobalt Cerylon 3DOC as my "purse"/

    Travel Cubelet and pocket pouch, which I carry almost every day.

    Side Kick. Used to organize for different activities, in my home and when venturing out. Certain projects now "live" in dedicated SK's. Makes my life so much easier.

    Stuff Sacks. Two are currently sitting on my dresser in preparation for a trip I'm taking in a few months. Every time I think of some tiny thing I need to remember, I toss it in. One stuff sack for me, one for things I need to bring for others.
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      Where to start? I use multiple small accessories EDC and more when I travel.

      I love the clear 3D organiser cubes as they have the band of bright colour (orange-152, azure, etc) but clear to see the contents. I always have one with me in my MCB. These are my favourite just because of how they look.

      The COW is my wallet back-up so always have this with me. It holds my drivers licence, medicare, library and shop cards that I can't transfer to a phone app. There to pull out when needed.

      The Qkits are so perfect for things that are odd shaped. I use a mini for lipgloss and strips of paracetamol or other medicine, a few plasters/bandaids, nail clippers, etc. It is amazing how much fits in and because of the shape, I can easily find anything. Such a great design.

      OP are also great although I use these less. I prefer the clear fronted one and use these as I need them. Great for holding receipts/papers/notes for a trip into town. I clip one to a small shopping bag.

      TSS - I mostly use travelling as their squash-ability is perfect for organising items in my aeronaught. Great also for swimmers for the beach, goggles in a smaller one.
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        Mini plum pouch in cordura for my jewelry.

        Small olive pouch for my tea and sugar for my work bag.

        Small uv travel tray to corral all my nightstand bits and bobs.

        Medium padded pouch for my iPad mini.

        They all get used everyday, multiple times a day. I will say, I am going to purchase a mini halcyon UV for my jewelry to replace the cordura one.

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          I love my large travel tray right beside me on the night table. It holds lip balm, book light, sleep mask, hair pins/elastics that I forgot to take off and even ear plugs when Mr. MJMEBLOM is snoring. Recently went on a trip and it was SO HANDY to just grab and toss in my bag.

          I just got a mini Qkit and had no idea how much I'd love it. The mini holds my tweezers, nail clippers etc in my EDC. My small Qkit has become my make up bag. I don't use a ton of products and most things are just tubes (mascara, eye pencil etc.), but that darn eyelash curler is such an odd shape. The small Qkit to the rescue!

          Packing cubes?? Do those count? I know that there are so many brands that carry packing cubes, but having ones that fit perfectly to the bag are priceless!


            COW because it's my wallet and goes with me pretty much everywhere I go.
            Clear Sided 3DOC It's my first aid kit and is pretty much always in my bag.
            Key Straps for keys or hooking my kids toys to his seat while we're out for a bike ride.


              I've been appreciating how the 3DOC holds my work stuff (badge, VPN token, knitted cup sleeve, earbuds for walking to work) with enough room but without being too bulky. Also I like the colors! I've been using an Ultraviolet one for this, but I may switch to Northwest Sky because it would look even better with my new Aubergine/Island bag. :-)

              The Mini Q-Kit is just right for holding lip balm, lipstick, and a little tin of "fashion tape" (double-sided tape to fix clothing emergencies).

              A Mini Organizer Pouch holds my transit pass. I hang it somewhere handy on whatever bag I'm using. I've clipped it to a small ring that just holds my house key, so I can find my key faster when I get home in the cold.
              I have a bunch of great bags. Favorite color combos include Aubergine/Island, Navy/Solar, Forest/UV, Original Halcyon/Wasabi, Cloud/Viridian... and now also Seapine/UV!

              I've fulfilled my dream of palindromic-colored nested bags! Navy/Ultraviolet Pilot with Aubergine/Island Side Effect inside: blue purple purple blue. Forest/UV A45 with Aubergine/Wasabi Co-Pilot inside: green purple purple green.


                Oh, and how could I forget key straps? They're so useful for color-coding things and securing them! I especially like being able to use a mixture of webbing straps and the older halcyon straps so I can tell which is which without looking.
                I have a bunch of great bags. Favorite color combos include Aubergine/Island, Navy/Solar, Forest/UV, Original Halcyon/Wasabi, Cloud/Viridian... and now also Seapine/UV!

                I've fulfilled my dream of palindromic-colored nested bags! Navy/Ultraviolet Pilot with Aubergine/Island Side Effect inside: blue purple purple blue. Forest/UV A45 with Aubergine/Wasabi Co-Pilot inside: green purple purple green.


                  Travel Cubelet is my EDC financial center and moves from bag to bag - two checkbooks, book of passwords (seriously, don't mug me), pen, pencil, postage stamps (what are those!?) and assorted related misc. stuff... I have the handle loop attached to it... the strap is curled up in the pocket
                  Cubelets for all the weird 3D stuff... Mars Red for first aid stuff, and others for duck tape, headlamp, batteries, Clif bars, meds, bandana, stuff stuff stuff - gotta be prepared!
                  mini Q-Kit and small Q-Kits server the same 3D function as Cubelets for me... in particular, the mini Q-kits fit well in the small side pockets of the Luminary
                  clear 3DOC, because 311 - 'nuff said
                  size 2 stuff sacks for my packable down vest and another for my packable raincoat
                  pocket pouch for weird cards, Southwest drink coupons, etc.
                  travel trays for misc stuff... my apartment entry goes right into the living room and the stairs to the upper bedroom level are right there as you walk in... so I have a two TTs on the edge of the stairs... one holds the garage remote & my keys, the other holds my work badge and some misc. stuff... they hang out right at the entry so nothing is misplaced
                  I like all the blues and greys...and all the happy citrus colours too! My search unicorn is the Sapphire Dyneema original Small Shop Bag...


                    Pouches, Yarn and Travel Stuff Sacks, 3D OC, CQPC, Q Kits, Travel Cubelet (instant EDC), Cubelet: perfect to hold things that would be kept in plastic zip bags (tissue, hair accessories, jewellery...)

                    Edited to say. I forgot Key Straps!

                    Wow emoticon in place of all caps!
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                      Ode to the small accessories

                      Small accessories are everything!

                      Small Q-Kit: perfect for my sunglasses. One for me and to hold two pairs of kids' sunglasses.

                      Mini Q-Kit: two sets of earbuds, one wired one wireless

                      Mini OP: essentials. Lip balm, Swiss Card, comb, Burts Bees lemon hand balm

                      Small OP: first aid kit

                      Small mesh OP: SUPER small diaper pouch. One diaper only plus a couple of wipes. The ballistic keeps it nice and flat.

                      Small clear OP: phone pouch

                      Small TT: keeps lip balm and other essentials by my bed

                      Key straps in different colors to prevent anything from walking away in my Side Kick

                      Cubelet is another great small diaper pouch or snack bag!
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                        Travel Trays! I have... 6, I think? All the original, larger size. Two or three (Solar and Black) live in/on my bedside table and corral pills, vitamins and other detritus; one of the Solar ones was used to move my other half's extensive collection of prescription medications a few years ago when we were camping out in the late in-laws' house in Penzance during a refurb (170 mile drive each way from home) and saved our bacon on at least one occasion by being difficult to forget and leave behind by accident. One (Nordic) lives on my desk and handles bits and bobs, loose receipts and so forth. Another (Sitka?) sits on a shelf in my office holding a blood pressure machine with its cuff; the Zest one is sitting on top of my Aeronaut 30 on the train seat next to me as I type this, holding travel bits and bobs (earbuds, earplugs, painkiller tablets, office access card etc) as we zoom toward London at 125mph for a couple of days at Head Office. The TT is a madly simple but crazily genius idea...

                        Pocket Pouch! Mine (Navy) is hooked onto a couple of key straps and holds my office access card so I can wave it at the lock sensors without taking it out.

                        3D Clear Organiser Cube! Mine are both in an end pocket of my A30 - one (French Blue) holds grooming kit, the other (Cardinal) corrals cables and power bricks for laptop, mobile phone, etc etc.

                        Q-Kit! (the original, mini, size) I have two with me today - one holds "proper" teabags (in a Coyote Q-Kit), the other (Kiwi) is in the Zest TT next to me and contains the little case with my contact lenses in it - which makes the correct contacts case much easier to locate and avoids confusion with e.g. empty spare cases. It's just big enough, when needed, to hold the contacts plus a "starter" or "travel size" bottle of the contact lens solution. There are two more at home (Forest and Aubergine) currently resting...

                        I think I'd better stop now or risk sounding like an addict.
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                          Key straps, key straps, key straps, and the O-rings they attach to. Brilliant. I love key straps so much, that I've added O-rings to my non-TB bags.

                          I use a small clear double pouch as my wallet because I can put bills in their flat, and my passport if I need to.
                          I use a mini pouch for all the cards I don't use on a daily basis (but still need with me, but don't want them in my "wallet").

                          I find the Travel Tray useful when I travel, but I sold the extras because I just don't find them useful around the house. I'd rather use a pretty bowl.

                          I have a couple of cubelets for holding chargers when I travel.

                          I wish there was a flat clear pouch for holding 8 1/2 x 11 inch papers. The large pouch is just too large and the medium is way too small.
                          Also, I wish the double zippered pouches had one zipper on the front and one on the back, so the pouch wasn't so large. Both sections would then be the same size.


                            Originally posted by Cristina View Post
                            Small Q-Kit: perfect for my sunglasses.
                            @Cristina can I ask for measurements on your sunglasses? This sounds like a really cool idea, but I am rockin' some giant Jackie O. looking shades.

                            I love my small accessories! Maybe not in direct proportion to their use, though. The COW is my every-day wallet, and the holiday present key-strap clips all my keys and store cards into my Imago, so those are probably the ones that are used the most.

                            I have a mini Q-kit, small double OP, and a Cubelet in my Imago to corral things like hand sanitizer, inhaler, mini first-aid kit, earbuds, and leftover emergency Canadian cash from when I lived in Detroit LOL. [Aside: there's a laser pointer in there too, and the Canadian bills have a security feature that projects their denomination when you shine a laser through them, which is fun.]

                            I just bought a small OP, cut the clip off, and use it in the 3DOC that holds my makeup to corral tweezers, small barrettes, mini nail file and keep them from falling to the bottom of the bag: life-changing.

                            One of my many 3DOCs, a mesh one, makes a perfect u/l work kit, for when I'm out of the house. It has cords and bricks for phone and computer, my Apple earbuds, post-its, and a small notebook and pen.

                            I almost never use my large Snake Charmer anymore, but the small one is ideal for taking on vacation travels. It's got things like a small sewing kit, my Matador picnic blanket, spork, corkscrew, gear ties, mini carabiners, zips ties, flashlight, eye mask/ear plugs, small towel (in case I have to hitchhike ), and others I am probably not remembering right now. It lives with my packing cubes, but stays packed and I just toss it into my bag.

                            My most-loved are the Travel Trays, in both sizes! I use them around the house and for travel. The one or two times I've forgotten to toss one in my travel bag, I have been very annoyed having to live without it.

                            ETA: how the heck did I forget my PCSB in black Halcyon?! Maybe because I don't think of it as small LOL. It comes along on every trip!
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                              Hands down, my PCSB. I bought it because Fjord figuring I'd only pull it out it for overnight travel. Nope! I use it constantly for extra layers or a change of clothes when I go skiing. I have endless bags that do the same thing but the PCSB's compact shape makes it so efficient to tuck into another bag, or throw over my shoulder with the 5/8" strap. It's like carrying nothing.

                              The runner up is the cubelet. 3D is where it's at for corralling bulky stuff. Camera accessories, camping odds and ends, ski bones, charger and adapters. Add keystraps for a handle or the 5/8" strap and suddenly it's an external pocket. Again, I have other pouches but the cubelet does the job better. Fun pops of color help.

                              eta: And key straps! How could I forget keystraps? Yes, they're so fantastic they deserve to be a compound word. Like @BWeaves, I've added O rings to other bags. No longer do I worry that I've dropped something from my bag or left it behind.
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