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TAD Control Panel and Ballistic Panel

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    TAD Control Panel and Ballistic Panel

    I realize that, as a law enforcement firearms instructor, my bag usage sometimes differs from what is the norm for TB bags. (But really, is there any one norm for us bag addicts?)

    On the off change anyone else will find this useful, I thought I would share.

    Triple Aught Designs sometimes does one-off runs of experimental products. Everything they make is over-engineered, tough, versatile, and practical - just like a Tom Bihn product.

    They recently did a run of a "Control Panel" and Ballistic Panel.

    Mine arrived this week, and they pair really well with the Synapse 25. The ballistic panel is rated at IIIA, and fits perfectly in the control panel. The control panel has two hooks at the top, spaced perfectly for the two loop attachments designed for connecting a cache. Even without the ballistic panel inside, the Control Panel is a great way to add MOLLE webbing or other organization, and have it attach neatly inside the bag. (My big complaint about the Freudian Slip is that it doesn't attach neatly inside the S25.

    In addition, for officers working undercover in a setting where a vest isn't an option, the ballistic panel conceals perfectly in the control panel, and acts just like a frame sheet.

    I don't know if TAD will be doing another run. If you're interested, I would e-mail them to ask, or keep an eye out to see if they get listed on the website. For people with (an admittedly highly specialized set of) certain bag applications, it's a great addition to the S25.

    (n.b. - I have not performed any ballistic tests on the panel, nor am I endorsing this product in my professional capacity, or after having evaluated it based on rigorous criteria. This is simply intended to inform fellow TB bag fans about how well the two products combine with a Synapse 25.)

    Nice review. Thanks for sharing. I remember another post from a couple of years ago using the TAD Control Panel. It stood out to me because Mr. pammy has a TAD backpack and I thought about the usefulness of the Control Panel. Although this thread shows it being used in a Smart Alec, it might be helpful in showing that the Control Panel can be used in different TB backpacks.

    Seeking Solar shop bags and Solar packing cube shoulder bag Also coveting an Iberian Synapse or Copilot


      Thanks Pammy! That's a great thread.

      It looks like the new generation of the Control Panel has made some improvements. It comes with very nice, plastic clips at the top and bottom (I wish there were attachment points in the S25 at the bottom, but you can't have everything ). The MOLLE also is of a different style, allowing more versatility. It's a great addition to the bag, and more svelte than the Freudian Slip.

      Also, the ballistic panel fits perfectly.


        Thanks for sharing details on this. While the ballistic panel isn't something I will use, the control panel definitely is. They restocked these this week, so I put an order in! Thank you!