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I underestimated the travel tray

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    I think the travel tray is amazing. It keeps me from losing items in my luggage or leaving them behind at a hotel. It's like a teleportation device between the nightstands of wherever I go.

    Say for example I'm in Paris, heading to Africa. Mints, computer glasses, a Chromecast for hotel TV, a metro card. Before, I'd have packed up my main bag and either throw those things in to get lost or jam them in my pockets at the last minute. Since my travel tray is the first out, last in item, it's always out until I leave the hotel room, and I just throw anything in it without really thinking about it. That metro card I'll need in 2 week? Sure, why not. It's better than a jean's pocket.

    Then when I arrive, I open my bag and setup my travel tray; all the random odds and ends are right there again, waiting for me.

    It's really just a portable nightstand teleportation device. That's what it is.


      I used my Small Travel Tray in the way nolegrl suggested for an overnight stay last weekend, and it worked so well! In it I packed my electronic essentials (usb plug, phone and watch cables, and usb “goodnight light” as my 3yo calls it) and a toe separator/stretcher thing I sometimes use and never have a good place to pack. And at night I added my chapstick to it (but not my glasses, which I prefer to keep separate on the nightstand - I’m blind without them so there’s no chance of leaving them behind). It was especially useful the next morning when we were in a rush to leave. I threw the charger and cables in, added the hairbrush I had been using while my toiletries bag was packed into the car, and threw it at the top of my Pop Tote.


        I agree with everyone, the TT is magic. I use mine to hold computer chargers and cables. I have one for each computer: plugs, charger, adapters, a couple usb sticks. All in one package, and it chinches shut. All the cords are coiled, no kinks. Great!


          I use TT‘s to carry chargers and cables (etc.) for my laptops. The cords don‘t kink, they coil.


            I've always liked it for travel to contain my toiletries, but never found it as useful as when I stayed in the hospital for a few days. The TT kept everything contained on the little table next to my bed. If I would have knocked things off the table there was no way I could have gotten them myself. I would definitely gift one to someone I knew with a hospital stay coming up!


              At the risk of duplicating an earlier post, I use the large trays to hold my go bowls. Perfect. Just wish Bihn made a bag large enough to hold the go board (18 inches square, 2 inches thick)
              Click image for larger version

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                I have been using a small travel tray for my glasses at night next to my bed & I love love love the fact that people here said that it’s good for a travel bedtime kit/case because I have been guilty of forgetting things in the hotel room when leaving and I lost something very dear to my heart so I’m trying to figure out a way to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

                Thank you all for giving such amazing ideas!!

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                  I have a large Travel Tray that I've never used until yesterday when the light dawned. It is now on my dining room table filled with a variety of sewing accessories that were cluttering up the dining room table and acting as a cat magnet. It nicely holds the accessory pack with extra bobbins and sewing feet, small scissors, seam ripper, marking pen, pincushion and pins, sewing shears (these are a little too long so handle down and padded cover up) and other miscellaneous items. Our daughter and her two cats live with us and the .... cats took a huge liking to the pincushion. I found it on the carpet with loose pins around it ... probably very lucky they didn't eat one. In the travel tray is much better place for it than on top of the wine cabinet.


                    Okay, y’all are inspiring me here. I’m thinking of getting a small tray and using it this way:

                    While packing, store my wall charger and all my charge cables in it … the stuff that’s usually the first thing I need when I get to a hotel room. When I arrive I can pull that all out and plug everything in right away, then for the weekend use the tray for my wallet, keys, con badge, loose change … stuff that’s usually scattered all over a dresser or night stand. Then when I’m packing everything up at the end of the trip, the charge cables — again, usually the last thing I pack — get stuffed into the tray again fo the trip home. Hmmmm.

                    One question though, since I don’t have one yet … Is the overall tray soft and squishable, so it can be stuffed into any corner of my bag where there’s space? Or does it have some rigid structure that either keeps its shape solidly, or that might be damaged if it’s wedged in somewhere?

                    Thanks! ❤️
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                      Travel Trays are pretty much soft and squishable. The black piping around the top (which is actually the middle, since the outer wall is a double thickness folded down over itself while the drawstring top is not in use) has a bit of structure to it and helps to hold the tray in shape, but doesn't interfere with folding or squishing the tray down.

                      I'm a big fan of the Travel Tray and have about half a dozen of the larger size... aside from being a great catch-all when staying away from home, I use mine to e.g. corral medications, as a sort of portable junk drawer, and even to contain folded socks on my dresser at home. Such a simple idea, but sooooo useful! On one memorable occasion, a brightly coloured travel tray even saved me a drive of a couple of hundred miles, because it was being used to corral my partner's collection of prescription meds while staying away from home for a few days - we were clearing my late in-laws' house, 170 miles from home - and we had forgotten to pack it ready for the journey home. I did a final sweep and spotted the bright yellow (Solar) TT tucked at the back of a kitchen counter...
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                        PaulT00 Sorry I somehow missed this earlier … but thanks for the info! They sound very useful; hopefully they’ll be back in stock soon.

                        And great story … never underestimate the power of bright colors!
                        Waiting for Burnt Orange Aeronaut 30 delivery!
                        Wishlist: • Burnt Orange Medium Cafe BagBurnt Orange Side KickAubergine Everyday CubeletIsland Small Travel Tray