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Do you match packing cube colors with the bag?

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    Do you match packing cube colors with the bag?

    On the day when everybody was busy making preorders of their new Synik bags (that will not make it for my October trip.), I made an order of a western flyer (Black ballistic/Wasabi) with matching wasabi packing cubes (large and small). Even the TB sticker came with the matching color. Do you usually match the packing cube colors with the bag color? If not, any particular reasons why you don't? I found the cube colors a little bit darker than the bag lining color, though.

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    I don't match packing cubes to bags, but I do try to make sure I'll like the colors together. That often means I get Carbon (now retired) or Northwest Sky for Aether packing cubes, because I like those colors with all the available linings. On the other hand I frequently use PCSBs instead of dedicated packing cubes, because I like having all the colors available! I have a bunch of PCSBs in almost all the Halcyon colors they were offered in (I only have one of the new Ballistic PCSBs... so far).

    Enjoy your Western Flyer! That's one of my favorites for travel.
    I have a bunch of great bags. Favorite color combos include Aubergine/Island, Navy/Solar, Forest/UV, Original Halcyon/Wasabi, Cloud/Viridian... and now also Seapine/UV!

    I've fulfilled my dream of palindromic-colored nested bags! Navy/Ultraviolet Pilot with Aubergine/Island Side Effect inside: blue purple purple blue. Forest/UV A45 with Aubergine/Wasabi Co-Pilot inside: green purple purple green.


      Good lord, no. Color is joyful. Not much In my world matches; not my socks, not my shoes, not my clothes. Umm, well, my Aeronaut does, however, match my two Cafe bags.


        I thought about matching my packing cubes to each other, but never to the bag interior. I actually like the way that a contrasting set of cubes look in a bag. My favorite is my A30 with a neutral NWS interior and a rainbow of cubes / organizers inside (Iberian laundry stuff sack, UV 3DOCs, wasabi small cubes, island large cube).

        Color availability can also make matching large/small laundry/plain sets particularly challenging, so the rainbow works well.


          I'm also in favor of different colours and no matchy-matching... In particular I like colour coding so I remember what is in each cube, so that means many colours
          I like all the blues and greys...and all the happy citrus colours too! My search unicorn is the Sapphire Dyneema original Small Shop Bag...


            As I bought accessories, that gave me a chance to try new colors. Small snake charmer in Wasabi. Clear 3DOC in UV. Size 1 TSS in UV, and Veridian. Size 2TSS in Northwest Sky. Cubelet in Alphaviolet. Mini Qkit in Navy. Clear pencil pouch in Azalea.

            I particularly like Wasabi, NWS and UV together, so my SSBs are in those colors.


              Like others, i use accessories as an opportunity to try color variety. Then I use the many colors to color code my stuff.
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                Yes and no. I like to be color coordinated and I occasionally use matching bags, like a Cloud Synapse25 while using a Cloud Side Kick. I like the occasional small accessory to match.

                However, when loading a bag I prefer color coding for ease of use. I also like lots of color. Organizer cubes and pouches in all the colors. Packing Cube Shoulder Bags in all the colors (I have the Dyneema/Halcyon colors I love, but I still want the new ballistic colors).

                Can I be on both sides at the same time? Matchy-matchy and All the Colors! elisa

                Eta: corrected grammar.


                  I've always found too many colors to be very distracting. I have no idea how people color code; my brain simply does not compute. All I see is an array of colors and I spend much too much time trying to remember what each color represents and not the information the color intends to highlight. Too much color = visual noise, so I like to reduce it as much as possible.

                  My favorite color is orange and grayscale is my jam, so most of my bags and accessories (TB or not) are orange, black or gray. I don't color code, but I do remember what I put in which organizer and where I placed that organizer in each of my bags, so I never have an issue trying to find or remember where I put things.
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                    Do you match packing cube colors with the bag?

                    Ok, so I decided on a Smart Alec maybe a month after they discontinued them. I was able to find someone to trade with me, my s25 olive/uv for a black halcyon smart alec. Not looking a gift horse in the mouth, but I try to keep all my colors either green or purple. The smart alec came with blue island lining. This actually worked out well as my UV and Sitka popped against the island interior. But I would totally love it if they still had violet all aether packing cubes. I do have my laundry stuff sack to match my A30 packing cube backpack (in uv) they match my other stuff in Sitka (PCSB, snake charmers, and travel tray). With the exception of the smart alec, everything is purple, green or black. I like having everything match. Guess I’m a bit ocd, not going to lie, if they bring back another run of the smart alec, I’m ordering one in black halcyon / uv, I WANT the cubes to match the lining, lol.

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                      I like contrast between the lining color and my packing cubes. And I want the cubes to differ from each other. It's faster to grab the right pouch when it doesn't blend in with everything else. And I enjoy the happy riot of colors that greets me when I open my bag.


                        When I first bought my TB bags, I did match my packing cubes to the interior color. I loved how they matched. And then I could never find what I was looking for. I had to open every packing cube to look. I couldn't even tell my husband which packing cube I needed. "The wasabi one. That light green one. No the other light green one. No the other other small light green one."

                        Now I have my cubes in all different colors, so I can say, "Your jeans are in the blue one. Your underwear are in the grey one. My blouses are in the wasabi one." It makes it easier for me to grab the exact packing cube I need.

                        I still like the way the matching ones look, but the different colors are way more practical.

                        But there was that one time I thought I'd lost a cube, but it was just camouflaged against the lining.
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                          Originally posted by BWeaves View Post
                          But there was that one time I thought I'd lost a cube, but it was just camouflaged against the lining.
                          you found a new way to hide precious things
                          just a Bihnion here


                            I like a rainbow of colors inside my bags..just like Skittles!
                            Navy/Wasabi S25, Sitka Mini OP,
                            Nordic/Iberian SE, Nordic PCSB, Navy Medium Clear OP, Iberian 8" Key Strap, Ultraviolet 8" Key Strap,
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                              I have a set of cubes for my A45 and I intentionally got them in NWS so they would contrast with the Iberian lining of the bag. I only have one of each size so I can differentiate them that way but I do think it would be helpful to have different colors if you have multiple cubes of the same size.

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