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Key Troubles

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  • G42
    First off, welcome to the Forums @synapseslouch!

    I'm assuming pants pockets are out of the question? Or a retractable ring attached to a belt loop?

    Have you tried the shorter 8" key strap that came with the bag?

    Is it one key or a whole bunch of keys?

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  • carrot
    I hate to suggest more organization for the Synapse given how many pockets it already has but I think it'd work well for you. If one pocket is close to working well but you want to keep the contents safe, consider getting an organizer for that pocket.

    For instance, a Size 1 TSS would fit great in a side pocket, but I like the Small Ghost Whale clipped inside that pocket to corral pens and markers.

    A 3DOC, Snake Charmer, or HLT2 would work great in the chin pocket.

    You could also change over to the Synik 30, but I think just for key storage it seems a bit overkill.

    Here's some other organizational ideas from around the forums and blog:
    - https://forums.tombihn.com/accessori...apse-25-a.html
    - https://blog.tombihn.com/video-packi...the-synapse-25

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  • synapseslouch
    started a topic Key Troubles

    Key Troubles

    I am seriously considering benching my S25 as my EDC because of the hassle with storing my office keys. My S25 is typically jam-packed with laptop/books/papers/stuff. When I go to my office, I have a long line of students waiting and my hands are often full with lunch/more books/more papers/another laptop. I need to be able to get my keys out and open my office door without putting everything down in the hallway and fishing through my bag.

    My keys are currently on a 16-inch s/s attached to the o-ring behind my laptop cache. But, when my bag is full, the keys often get stuck. So, I need to put everything down and hunt through my S25 to get my keys. It is a huge hassle.

    I have tried the front side pockets, but they eject my pens/markers/sunglasses when I try to fetch my keys. The lip/chin pocket does the same--but the stuff in that pocket is even more expensive/breakable. The large front pocket always has my water bottle and getting the keys/bottle in/out is another hassle. Finally, the small front pocket is where I keep my phone. My new phone already has a big scratch from the last time I put my keys in there --that isn't an option.

    I think I have tried everything. So, I have come to the experts. Any suggestions?