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A smaller than small Snake Charmer

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    A smaller than small Snake Charmer

    If you have a larger Synik/Synapse and a small Snake Charmer, you know it fills about 2/3s of the "chin" space. But is there a Snake Charmer-like accessory which would (individually) fit this leftover space?

    I ask because I have a small Snake Charmer, and I'm thinking of getting a small camera insert which is about the same size. I'd love to keep the Snake Charmer organization, just a little smaller so I could fit both items.

    Not double sided like the snake charmer, but a cubelet or a size 1 travel stuff sack?


      A 3DOC is similar to a one-sided Snake Charmer, but if you especially like the double-sided organization... building on tress29's suggestion, a pair of Cubelets? You could even hook them together with some mini double carabiners.
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        The SC's double-sided, see-through layout is what really appeals to me; a bit of a bummer because I don't believe Tom Bihn has something similar in a smaller size. Although I am (gasp!) open to other brands.


          Mesh 3D organiser cubes are very handy. But not double sided.
          How about a combo of mesh ghost whales?

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            A smaller than small Snake Charmer

            What about a size small mesh pouch? One side is mesh, the other ballistic. Or, a size small mesh ghost whale.

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              The ghost whales and mesh pouches don't have the depth the SC does. I do love the ghost whale in the side pockets of the Synik, though!

              Turns out that camera insert isn't going to work, but still would love a slightly smaller alternative to the small SC. What I've been doing for now is just tapping all the items to one side and folding the empty half over.