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Synik 22 / Daylight Briefcase / Packing Cubes?

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    Synik 22 / Daylight Briefcase / Packing Cubes?


    I have a Synik 22 and am trying to figure out what to put in my main compartment. Right now I have a deluxe spiff kit in there. I'd like to also put a small western flyer packing cube in there since it seems to fit with the spiff kit just right. Does anyone have any experience with using the small western flyer as their main packing cube? (Pants and a few shirts). Also I'd like to have a bag for a day pack because while the Synik is smaller, it just seems a bit extra for walking around a city. Enter the Daylight Briefcase. Would the briefcase lie flat enough to fit underneath the spiff kit and packing cube in the main compartment? I'm aware that the packing cube shoulder bag is a thing, but I'm not sure if it's large enough to carry a (Patagonia) down hooded sweater, an a6000 camera, and a HLT Size 1. Thanks.

    I use the small western flyer or pcsb a lot - they are pretty similar in size.
    I get a full change of clothes in one, being trousers, t shirt, underwear and socks.
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      Hey, thanks for the insight! I was worried about being able to fit pants in there since when I fold them they come out to around a 10 inch width. But then I thought, "Why don't I just rotate them?" (Duh). I've pretty much decided on the western flyer packing cube at this point. I was looking through the catalog and I found a backpack called the Luminary 12. It sounds perfect for the day pack as it's minimal and the dimensions should fit within the Synik 22. The main question at this point is how flat does it lie? Right now it's a toss up between that and the daylight briefcase. I would really appreciate it if anyone reading has any experience with either of these. Thanks!


        An empty Daylight Briefcase fits nicely flat in the Synik 22 and doesn't take up much room, especially in halcyon fabric.

        Click image for larger version

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        I don't have a Luminary 12, but I'd imagine the added structure and backpack straps would take up significantly more room than a DLBC.
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          Thank you this is amazing information. Out of curiosity how much more space would the ballistic materials take up over the halcyon? I only have bags using the ballistic or parapack.


            I don't have a ballistic DLBC handy to compare, but I'd imagine the added bulk would be negligible, like maybe a file folder's worth of added thickness at most.
            EDC: Side Kick/Medium Cafe Bag | WORK: Daylight Briefcase/Synik 22 | GYM: Truck | TRAVEL: Synik 22/Smart Alec/Aeronaut 30


              Thank you all again. Just to throw in more information for anybody curious comes across this, I got in contact with support about the Luminary 12 and this was the response:

              "The Luminary I don't think will pack down flat enough. It's a smaller bag made of 525 so it's got some structure to it and isn't going to compress very easily."

              While I really love the look of the Luminary, it's just not what it's made for. In conclusion, the daylight briefcase or the A30 Packing Cube Backpack are the best options for this situation. You can also consider the packing cube shoulder bag. Now I just gotta wait for more colors to be made

              Thanks everyone.