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Adding additional exterior lash points to SN22?

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    Adding additional exterior lash points to SN22?

    I have a Synik 22 that I got not too long ago. I realize now that I probably should have gotten the Guide's Edition, but didn't pull the trigger on it because of the Coyote color (my least favorite, unfortunately. I got mine in Black/Island and I love that color combo). I often find myself in situations where I have to lash stuff to my bag, but don't really have a place to other than the bottom little strap.

    Anyone have tips for this kind of thing?

    Probably a problem I'll be facing for a while, but I'm looking at the truckasana to hopefully be my saving grace. Speaking of, anyone have threads I can read about any details on that bag?

    Welcome to the Forums vargasrja

    So far, I believe the only Truckasana details are that it's designed to enable yoga mat carry. There's also another Truck version coming that will better enable laptop carry. Darcy hasn't dropped any other major tidbits that I recall, but maybe this tag will elicit more details
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      Could this work for you?

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        Brilliant way of holding things horizontally! Thanks for that. It will definitely come in handy, but not for my current purpose. I have climbing gear I have to hang off my bag, namely a harness and climbing shoes, which is why I needed lash points so I could just clip them on and secure them to the bag. I carry other stuff in my bag so I need another way of holding that gear, at least until I pull the trigger on another Tom Bihn .

        Speaking of, any recs for that kind of stuff? A harness, a pair or two of climbing shoes, and maybe some random stuff like food, water, and a change of clothes? That's why I was thinking of doing the Truckasana. I feel like the mini Yeoman would have been good, but I missed out on that after waiting for too long to decide. Sorry if this is getting too off topic.


          I did this to my Synik 30.



            The Truck is my climbing gym bag of choice. Two pairs of shoes, harness, chalk bag hang out in the central compartment, one side compartment gets water bottles/snacks, the other gets miscellaneous gear. There's definitely room to spare for a change of (not too bulky) clothes, plus the open compartment design of the Truck means the shoes and harness get a chance to air out. If you want to use the central compartment for something else, you can clip the shoes to the Truck's handles and let them hang on the outside.
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              Hi vargasrja,

              There are a few hacks that people have devised to lash specific items onto backpacks without access points for lash straps — I’m thinking in particular about the way tpnl devised for carrying a bike helmet on a Daylight Backpack -- might be adapted. See my post in the old Adding diamond accessory strap to Synapse thread, and the other posts there.

              There has been some earlier discussion about access points for the lash straps on the Synik and the Synapse -- recently in SKIMT's Synik 30...Impressed! thread (prior to his posted hack for carrying a tripod that was linked above), where others expressed their preference for non-Coyote options, and older thread like the SYNIK - PLEASE ADD LASH POINTS thread from 2019 before they made the Guide's Edition Syniks.

              For the record, @Darcy recently posted (answering a question about a future Guide's Edition bag in the works):
              Originally posted by Darcy View Post
              Yup, the Guide's Edition Insigne will have the accessory strap holders/lash points! We don't add those to non-Guide's Edition bags because we haven't found a suitable material that is black or grey.
              So the use of Coyote trim for the access points to lash straps is because they haven't found an equally satisfactory material for the access points that is in another color like black or grey.

              While using the solution latchford linked above can let you lash items vertically to a backpack with Gatekeeper waist straps or the Simple Rolling Luggage Lash Strap it's not ideal for the Synik because you can't access the laptop compartment without removing the strap, and also because the Guide's Edition design allows you to vertically attach objects to the front (without impeding access to the laptop compartment) as well as using the horizontal attachment points at the bottom:

              Below: a tripod strapped to the Guide's Edition Synik 30 (from my post in the earlier linked thread started by SKIMT)

              However, if you want some more flexibility with your (surrounding) lash strap options, you might also take a look at Matador's Better Tether as another option.