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Ode to Pouches, Stuff Sacks, Cubes, & Other Organizational Bits

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    Ode to Pouches, Stuff Sacks, Cubes, & Other Organizational Bits

    Since we heard that the 3DOC fabric & mesh are on Design Vault hiatus for a while, I started mulling over which OPs, Stuff Sacks, Cubes, etc that I use and for what purpose...
    So in no particular order:

    Organizational Pouches - I have many of these since it's a fun way to see different fabrics and colours but I've realized that I don't tend to carry too many flat things so most will be rehomed. I probably use the small double OPs the most, to hold receipts & such when I travel. Another one holds my passport & random important docs.

    Pocket Pouch - I store business cards in one and sometimes use one to hold misc. frequent shopper cards, etc. They're usually leashed into the side pocket of whichever Synapse 19 is my EDC (in non-pandemic times).

    Ghost Whale Pouches - I really like these for the touch of 3D and how the zippers curve. I use super minis to hold quarters (mesh) or cough drops,... a mini holds my ear buds & ipod...mini or small in Mars Red makes a great mini FAK.
    The A5 holds several different journal sizes and pens or keeps a good paperback from getting too banged up in the luggage.
    The small is the size I use the least.

    Cubelets - I have every colour so far (cough) partly to have a nice shot of colour and because they can hold so many different small things, but that still means I have way too many of them. Mars Red makes for a slightly larger FAK than the GW if needed. When flying was a frequent occurrence, I had one on a key strap in the top of most bags to hold inflight things like hand sanitizer, tissues, lip balm, earplugs, glass cleaning cloth, etc.

    Q-Kits - The minis are shaped well to fit in the Synapse and Luminary side pockets and can hold random weird things... my bluetooth earpiece & charger fit perfectly in one. I also use one to hold a mini sewing kit, mini duct tape, eyeglass cloth, etc. The small holds Clif bars/nuts if I want a slightly smaller thing than a 3DOC and I've tried one to hold toiletries before. I like the shape a lot.

    Travel Trays - Weirdly enough, other than camping, mine don't travel. I have them scattered around my apartment and work area as catch-alls. I prefer the small to the large for that purpose, though I have a large on my bedside table. I also found using a large in my tent whilst camping was useful.

    3DOC Clear - 311 wet toiletry bag with a grab handle attached
    3DOC Mesh - I've tried these for all sorts of things, but they don't get used too frequently... mostly one will hold Clif bars, nuts, etc. in one of the backpacks, when I'm on a trip, if I don't use the Small Q-Kit.
    3DOC Fabric - I have one packed with all those random 'just in case I need it' things and it lives in the chin pocket of my Synapse 19. Sometimes a second one will make it into my bag holding random things, but usually I'd rather use the E/T Cubelet.

    First/Second Aid Pouches - Just bought my first one within the past couple months; I stuffed it full of FAK items to use for hiking/car camping but haven't really gotten to use it yet.

    Everyday/Travel Cubelet - Hands down one of my favorite TB items. All of mine are in 210 ballistic except for the new Solaris halcyon. I use these as organizers more than bags; the strap rolled up & tucked into the front pocket (just in case) and a grab handle attached for ease of use. I love that it has just the minimal pocket & loop inside and is in 'portrait' orientation.

    Stuff Sacks: Some yarn ones are used for yarn. In Travel, I have all the sizes but don't use them much since I really like the A30 cubes better. The small size 1 is probably what I use the most for little things in backpack pockets. They also hold TB masks. I have used size 3 or 4 to hold rolled up raincoat/winter vest, etc for when I travel.

    Small Snake Charmer - This took a while to grow on me but now I love them. I use one as expected - a carry bag for electronic paraphernalia . And one as my 'dry' toiletry bag: I usually bring an electric toothbrush w/charger and this is the best pouch to fit it in, so I pair a Dawn Clear 3DOC with a Dawn SSC when I travel (though neither are full).

    Spiff Kits - I use a Deluxe for craft supplies.

    Handy Little Thing 1 - More a bag than an organizer for me...so far, I've really only used it as a handlebar bag for small random things on my bike and only a couple times since I've been mostly going for long walks vs biking during the pandemic. I'll see how it goes once commuting and traveling become a thing for me again.

    Handy Little Thing 2- Also more a bag than an organizer for me...love this as a 'clip to my belt' walking around bag carrying a notebook and all sorts of small tools and supplies when I run production trials at a factory...may look a touch geeky, but it's hard to loose when it's attached to me and lets me keep my hands free a lot.

    Packing Cubes - I like the disco'd all-aether cubes, the remaining all-aether end cubes, and the A30 Small Laundry. They fit into a variety of bags and backpacks. I also have a Western Flyer cube specifically for that bag.

    Packing Cube Shoulder Bag - This is an organizer/bag that I want to love, as it seems so logical... and yet I rarely use one of the (too many) that I own. If I want a bag about that size I usually use a Side Kick or Daylight Briefcase. For switching during travel between two uses, it's usually the Daylight Briefcase or the Everyday/Travel Cubelet for me. I do now have the new Cerylon DL-PCSB, so I'm leaving it out by my front door so that I'll take more opportunity to use and evaluate it.

    Designs that don't work for me so far: Freudian Slip; Large Snake Charmer; Travel Laundry Stuff Sack; Packing Cube Backpacks; Standard Spiff Kit.

    Most frequently used designs: Everyday/Travel Cubelet; Small Snake Charmer; A30 Small Laundry; Clear 3DOC.

    Shoutouts to disco'd items:
    Clear Quarter Packing Cube - I never really got into these & sold my first one... until they were being disco'd, so I picked a couple up to try again. They ended up working out well for my crafting things and fit well in the new Truck/Monster Truck/Truckasana family.

    Yeoman and Night Flight Duffel Cubes - I like these square shapes for the duffels and they work well with my crafty things that go into Pop Totes, the Truck family, Shop Bags, etc.

    'The Kit' - I have one in Kiwi and it's just a great shape - I use it for misc. toiletries sometimes and sometimes for crafty things.

    So which ones do you all love/use the most? Any unusual uses?
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    “...Horace was the only cheese that would eat mice and, if you didn't nail him down, other cheeses as well"
    -Sir Terry Pratchett, I Shall Wear Midnight

    Ode to Pouches, Stuff Sacks, Cubes, & Other Organizational Bits

    Best-Hands down the ghost whales are loved by me the most [emoji3590]. I wish they would make a few in the small and large pouch dimensions. I own like 6 or 7 of them now. I am constantly finding the perfect use for them.

    Second favorite-my pcsb, its a great packing cube and if its a short trip the diagonal zip is perfect for laundry.

    Didn’t love-the quarter cube, I just could never make it work for me, I think I ordered it on at least two different occasions. The laundry stuff sack was another that I just didn’t like and could never get in the habit of using want to use it, it also was something I ordered on a few occasions. My bf on the other hand loves his, as a runner he said it perfectly keeps the stinky run clothes from smelling everything up.

    Want to try: waiting on a uv everyday cubelet, really curious if I can make it work for me, usually I stay away from vertical bags as I find everything just collects in the bottom, but I love my side effect which is similar. If I had one wish tho, it would be to add the loops like on the side effect so I could add a waist belt to the everyday cubelet.

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      I admit I have an affinity to organization with simplicity.

      My unique uses are:
      1. I can grab 4 TB items and my truck is empty
      2. My important documents are grab and go in either an OP for most important or PCSB for all
      3. I have large OP's for most of my files and most of those are in Large Yeomans as filing cabinets

      OP's- Once upon a time I thought they were near worthless as only flat items work with them. Then realized not true and come to be the all star of my use. Medium Clears are my truck organizers of basic tool kit, basic first aid toiletry kit, and truck registration. A medium DOP serves as my financial center for checkbook, hold receipts, days mail, spare envelopes, stamps, and with a COW for coupons, gift cards, and the like. That med DOP goes everywhere.
      I have a med DOP that is in my safe with most important doc's (passport, SS card, birth cert, other really important doc - the "if I can take anything, that is what I take". Then I have another OP in safe with important but less so docs. Then some personal mementos and all of that is in a PCSB (that i traveled internationally with and sentimental in itself for that reason) that fits perfect in my fireproof safe. (ditch the safe and grab and go with all that if needed)
      Large OP's- I have many. Great for paper organization and storage. More movable than a filing cabinet. Colorful to be able to keep different years or category separate. They also work as a minimal briefcase for a trip.

      Ghost whale pouches, have uses for them, like them in their own way the OP's cant do.

      Cubelets - Had one. Too big, too small, not enough room and too much room at the same time. Op's fit the use and flexibility for other things to stocked up on them.

      Q-kits- never had, don't see the use case over others. My mind likes straight lines.

      Travel Trays. Bought one and returned. I see the use, I like the design, but my baseball cap is my home for keys wherever I am for the night.

      3DOC Clear. Have 2. Like them for kits. Would like to a V2 with clamshell opening and a leaf pouchkin as one side for small items. OP's take up too room whereas a pocket zipper would not.

      3DOC Mesh - Use for basic toiletries kit so bar soap can dry out. I have a love/hate with mesh. Everything gets hung up in it, but it has a purpose.

      First/Second Aid pouches - Don't have one. If a band-aid, aspirin, or roll of duct tape around a clean shirt don't fix it, then I am headed to the doctor I guess.

      I wish First Second Aid Pouches could be made with one other fabric. I like the organization simplicity, the ability to use leaf pouchkins, and have a place for pen. An HLT was too busy for me.

      Travel Cubelet. Had one. I thought it could be a nice use case in airport. Have paperwork pocket, pen, notepad, and 3DOC with toiletries to scan separately and big carry on unopened. But the 3DOC, even light pack, was tricky getting in out and it turned into being one more thing to carry.

      Leaf Pouchkin - Like it. Great for coins in front zippers and back mesh perfect size for cash. I have one for each currency I have used and some cash storage. Would love to see a version with a fabric instead of mesh for cash. Also have one for minimal office supplies when traveling. Paper clips, pens, etc.

      Stuff Sacks- cubes have been my packing, TLSS only for me (so far)

      Snake charmer - A medium DOP has been great for the cords and power plugs. I only have 2 styles of ports and charging and this DOP fits great and is slim. I worry too how the mesh can snare cord ends

      Spiff Kits - sound great, will try some time.

      HLT's - too "busy" for me. Give me a 1st 2nd aid kit in ballistic or halcyon and I will be very happy.

      Packing cubes - have a bunch. The TB aether and aether mesh are nice. Some EC ones are different size, but just different construction

      PCSB - have a couple. Basic, minimal, multi use. Good for kits and organizer

      Freudian Slip - Have for at home in office use. Have calculator, stapler, scissors, highlighter, pens,. marker, paperclips, post-its, and then back used for current files. Nice having in office to see everything vs a drawer and then when done tuck into a drawer for clean workspace. When traveling to another room, easy to pick up and go

      Clear Quarter Packing Cube - They have their place. They work for small kits. They are great for travel for socks and such or toiletries and the like. One of the items I wish they would have ran a double run of a common color so the item could be in stock always and maybe have some diverse color production runs at times.

      Travel Laundry Stuff Sack - Great for travel, simple, it works and sized right

      In summary, when I type it out, I have more than I thought, but functional and simple.

      My wishes:
      Modified Leaf Pouchkin for flat currency use
      3DOC clamshell open with 2 pouchkin pockets
      1st 2nd Aid in halcyon or ballistic for a simple HLT
      Vertical orientated small OP with zipper on top for phone and able to use though clear, passport or ticket holding, etc.


        - Small Snake Charmer - comes on every trip packed with electronics essentials
        - Clear 3DOC - comes on every international flight as a 311 bag (haven't found a real use for the mesh or solid)
        - Side Effect - awesome EDC organizational pouch
        - Stuff Sacks (Size 3) - 1 and 2 are too small for my needs, but I haven't yet tried a 4
        - A30 packing cube - these are just the right size

        Wish: the ability to select colors for the clear small organizer pouches


          I looove my Clear Quarter Packing Cubes!

          I am lobbying for their return in Ballistic fabrics.


            My absolute favorite is the EC/TC! I have almost all of the colors. In normal times I use them inside larger bags to colorfully organize. Aubergine is my pandemic essential carry when I have to go out (I bought a backup Aubergine in case I ruin this one from cleaning it so often). #4 TSS for the times when the YSS isn’t quite big enough. 3 Mini Q-Kit: one used as a key case in my normal carry, one in my crochet bag, and one in my cross-stitch/embroidery bag. A Small Q-Kit is perfect for my travel sewing kit. I like the HLT1&2, but I’m still working on how best to use them. I love the GWOPs, all sizes!


              I have a few pouches I keep but use rarely and very few I use regularly.

              Small Snake Charmer - This is permanently out on a sideboard in my flat and it holds all the cables, chargers and stuff I need regularly. I don’t travel with it as often, because when I just need a few bits and pieces I like to put them into a smaller organizer or I just throw them into the bag.

              Small GWOP - lives in the front pocket of my Café bags. The mini GWOP I have gets used the least, I use the super mini for headphones from time to time and one is in my SSC and holds an USB-Stick and SD-card. The medium GWOP gets used sometimes as an organiser in the zipped end pocket of my RB36.

              Q-Kit - I have a regular sized one which permanently houses some headphones. Sometimes I use it for my chargers instead.

              Organizer pouches - I have two small OP that I use to keep bits and pieces together in the front pockets of the DLBP and PCSB. Got a mini OP as a gift but haven’t used it much.

              (Deluxe) Spiff Kit - I have both sizes and use them as intended as toiletry bags. Which size I take depends on the trip.

              Everyday Cubelet - I love my Dawn EC, but I only ever use it as a bag.

              PCSB - I love the dual purpose thing. I think I’ll get a lot of use out of my Design Lab PCSB.

              Laundry Packing Cubes - I love those. I have one small A30 for the end pocket of the RB36 and two small A45 for the main compartment of the RB36. I also use them in my Yeoman Duffels.

              Travel Tray - Never got used to using it, but I’m keeping it because I love the color (Fjord!).

              Clear Organizer Wallet - this was my “bare necessities wallet” I used in my EC when I went to concerts etc. Maybe again after COVID?

              Items I sold because they didn’t work for me:
              Clear 3DOC
              Large OP


                I love the Ghost Whale pouches. I use all 4 sizes every day. I have one Super Mini clipped inside the Snake Charmer that holds SD cards, dongles, and a USB stick. I use another (in 525) to hold my keys inside my pants pocket because I hate the sharp feeling against my leg. I have a third to hold quarters, clipped inside the Synapse center pocket.

                I use the Mini as a corona purse with a backup mask, a tiny bottle of sanitizer, and a couple alcohol wipes. I dedicate a second to holding a couple torches and some other cigar-related accessories, and a third to hold Joy Con controllers for the Nintendo.

                I love the Small size because it fits perfectly in my pants pocket and clips to my belt loop. I use one or 2 to secure the contents of my pockets on days I will be biking. They are also great for organizing electronics for a short trip where a full setup is not required. I have one living in a drawer full-time, holding Apple Watch bands.

                I have a few A5s in various colors also living in a drawer, organizing various items: one for masks, one for math stuff, one for various items I collect that are important but don’t yet have a better home, and one that holds a small notebook and a couple writing utensils.

                I really like the Travel Trays as well, I use a large on my desk to catch all the clutter, and a small on my nightstand for the same purpose. The small one travels with me. I also use a large one as my toiletries organizer for both home and travel. I wish I had 10 of these, I hate clutter and they are an extremely satisfying solution. Huge thank you to TB for helping me stay neat and organized.


                  I started out with the flat mini pouches, as those were one of the few accessories available at the time. This is probably used the least now since Ghost Whales came out, although I keep a small DOP for travel- itinerary in front, receipts in the back.

                  I use all 3 sizes of ghost whales- super mini for earbuds, mini for FAK and other kits, small for sunglasses.

                  The quarter cube I tried to use as a toiletries bag but couldn't. I tried to sell it a couple of times, but realized it wouldn't sell with the now cloudy urethane. Then I tried it as a knitting organizer- bingo!- one side has needles, the other side has the other stuff like scissors, stitch counters etc.

                  I have several 3DOC but am using them less these days. Same with travel trays. Perhaps when free travel becomes a thing again, they'll get more use.

                  I tried stuff sacks and they mostly don't work for my style of packing, but I do keep the smallest one as a mini travel tray. It has those items I might need in the middle of the night and goes with me everywhere. It works for camping as well as hotels and other people's houses.

                  I used the Snake Charmer as a breakfast bag for a while but have since sold it. Tea, coffee on one side and oatmeal and collapsible bowls on the other.

                  I have a pouchkin tethered in my Pop Tote (overnight bag) as an earring holder.

                  Spiff kit didn't work for me. Neither did the organizing wallet.

                  The tiny Qkit holds my phone charger, the larger qkit holds an immersion heater for making hot water.

                  I am a late convert to the HLT- I thought it was overkill when it came out and didn't read the reviews etc. As someone who containerizes (maybe excessively) I had a lot of overlap on various kits and sometimes found myself without the kit I needed. So everything I normally would find handy is all in one place: personal care items, eating utensils, small repair items, a towel, and a PocketMod I made of games in case I'm around small children who are bored or need distraction. Note: Pocketmod is an app that makes a small folded 8 page booklet out of a sheet of paper.
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                  Getting to the point with too many bags to list them all. Current daily carry is my Black Halcyon Zeitgeist with a Cobalt Cerylon 3DOC as my "purse"/


                    Welcome to the Forums Boaz - great first post... I love this bit! It's those weird/important/don't forget where you put it safely but not lost types of things

                    Originally posted by Boaz View Post
                    one for various items I collect that are important but don’t yet have a better home
                    “...Horace was the only cheese that would eat mice and, if you didn't nail him down, other cheeses as well"
                    -Sir Terry Pratchett, I Shall Wear Midnight


                      Fun thread!

                      At Home: My favorite organizer is the CQPC (may it rest in peace). Currently the 4 that I own are holding my merino tops, and cashmere scarves, and protecting them from moths, which is an issue where I live.
                      I love OPs, and use them all over the place.... in the glovebox of my car, to hold important documents, and to store some silver jewelry with anti-tarnishing cloth. I've got a HLT1 filled with emergency items that I throw in my larger bags whenever I'm heading out for a hike, or something of that ilk. I'm using a TT for my masks.

                      Travel: Small GWs fit so nicely in the FS that I have in my DLBP. It makes for the perfect carry on for me. I've got sunglasses, small toiletries, and various other bits and bobbles in them. I use a size 4 TSS for dirty clothes. I have the other sizes, but don't use them all that much. I use a 3DCPC for my 3-1-1 bag, and a 3DFPC for my dry bathroom items. My SSC doesn't get a lot of use, but I'm glad that I have it around just in case.

                      My Wishes: I'm really hoping that larger pouches, of all varieties, are stocked soon. I'm also in search for a strategy to keep my small TT from tipping over. That's the only reason I don't use it for more drop items.


                        Before my fandom gets rolling, I want to share how nice it is for me to have wide variety of colors. It takes me forever to find things when the pouches in my bag are the same color.

                        And let me heap some love on O rings and clips. They keep things secure. For example:

                        Click image for larger version

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                        My favorites are Cubelets and fabric 3DOCs. They're in constant use and I have lots. They're the right size and shape for the stuff I want organized. A few ways I've used them: cables, a camera, base layer gloves and socks, a scarf, to corral the odds and ends I like to have out on a motorcycle ride, hold my hand sanitizing supplies, feminine hygiene supplies (srsly why is it so hard to find good pouches for this??), knitting cables, and on and on and on.

                        The only way to improve these pouches is to put the GW zipper on them.

                        Other frequently used pouches: mini and super mini GWs, Q Kits, and stuff sacks. I have one or two of each and they are in regular rotation. the Q-Kit is my favorite for knitting notions.

                        Shout out to the PCSB. It use it like a flat pack stuff sack. I carry knitting projects, my swim kit (bathing suit, sandals, towel), and during ski season a change of clothes. I have other bags that (used to) serve the same purpose, but none does it so well.

                        Other accessories with less common use A large snake charmer holds my camping rope. Rope on one side, bungies and clothes pins on the other. It's an expensive solution but it's the most enjoyable rope organizer I've used in 20+ years of camping.

                        YSS as a lunch pouch.

                        eta: MCB FS organizes my Swift. Pens, crochet hooks, ruler, notes, patterns, notions, a book light, tissues, swatches, stitch markers etc are always at hand. I no longer have to unpack the bag the dig them out.

                        Didn't work out
                        Travel trays. I tried both sizes. I adored the color on my large TT (monarch) and it held moisturizer on my dresser where I could admire it. I eventually sold it to another monarch fan.

                        A5 GW. It's always a smidge too small or waaay too big.

                        Knitting accessory pouches. I prefer the Q-Kit and gave mine to a friend.

                        OPs. I carry few flat items. One holds my DPN knitting needles, which it's ok at. But solar so you'll be prying it out of my cold dead hands. Another is dedicated to my unruly laptop cable. And a mini holds a few flat things in my EDC. I'm ready to sell my others because the cubelets or GWs work better.

                        COW. I found it awkward. I prefer a super thin bifold for my wallet.

                        Clear 3DOC. Things stick to the plastic, which drives me nuts. I tried it for toiletries, but a box style pouch works better for me.

                        eta: Freudian Slips - The SCB was a bit too small. The Swift one didn't have the right pocket configuration.
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                          Originally posted by melminimalist View Post
                          usually I stay away from vertical bags as I find everything just collects in the bottom
                          Same! It's the only vertical bag that has worked for me. I think it's because the stuff I carry in it are similar height and the pouch isn't wide enough for anything to rotate and slip under the rest. But if I didn't pack very small things (tape measure, lip balm, etc) in a mini OP, they would collect at the bottom and I'd end up unpacking it whenever I wanted to fish them out.


                            Originally posted by G42 View Post

                            Packing Cube Shoulder Bag - This is an organizer/bag that I want to love, as it seems so logical... and yet I rarely use one of the (too many) that I own. If I want a bag about that size I usually use a Side Kick or Daylight Briefcase. For switching during travel between two uses, it's usually the Daylight Briefcase or the Everyday/Travel Cubelet for me. I do now have the new Cerylon DL-PCSB, so I'm leaving it out by my front door so that I'll take more opportunity to use and evaluate it.

                            I have deliberately used the Cerylon DL-PCSB several times over the past couple of months and am warming up to it (the bag, not the colour - the colour/fabric are lovely). My vaccine appointments were in the city, so for the first time in a long long time I walked a mile or so in downtown. I put my Microlite water bottle, extra mask, Kindle, tissues, etc. in the PCSB and carried it crossbody; it worked out well.

                            ETA: in my head, I'm thinking of the PCSB like the Paragon - sort of a dump & run, black hole of a bag with minimal organization and minimal structure.
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                            “...Horace was the only cheese that would eat mice and, if you didn't nail him down, other cheeses as well"
                            -Sir Terry Pratchett, I Shall Wear Midnight


                              Until recently my TB pouch/organization acquisitions have been focused on the knitting pouches, which I like for the ability to easily see small tools I use when traveling. BUT I love the large travel tray as a single skein project bag and it almost always contains my WIP sock project. Folded down it's a soft-sided yarn bowl and when I'm done knitting, it's straightened and cinched and returned to my knitting bag (usually a swift). I tend to keep the pattern, a small pen/pencil (for noting project status), and any notions (usually stitch markers) for the project in the bottom of the bag and I really like the ease of access when the bag is in yarn bowl mode.