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Does anyone have the synik 22 and a pair of 20” snorkel fins?

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    Does anyone have the synik 22 and a pair of 20” snorkel fins?

    I realize the synik is only 16” tall, but given the depth of the bag (and also the give of the halcyon in particular), I am wondering if I would be able to fit my fins into the synik 22 with the fins slightly curved in the bag. Specifically, I have the scuba pro go travel fins. I don’t have the synik 22 to do the test myself. Just the synapse 19 and the synapse 25 (both in cordura). Thanks!

    While the Synik 22 does have some extra depth, most of the extra volume comes from a combination of the top of the bag being more rectangular than the tapering in the Synapse 19, and also from the fact that the depth at the top of the bag also does not taper off as dramaticallly. Based on the product description, this is something that I might try to fit slightly angled into my small Yeoman Duffel, which is longer than either the Synapse 19 or Synik 22 -- but I'd be relying on the fact that the center of the end section can bulge out slightly over the bottom or top seamed dimension, as well as the fact that there's a lot more (empty) vertical height in that duffel design that I could use; I would not try to carry those fins inside a Synik 22. Note that I obviously do not have a pair of the fins in question, but I do have the Synapse 19, Synik 22, Synapse 25 and Synik 30 (as well as the Yeoman Duffels, for which I have done packup reviews). I hope that some other forum member with a relevant pair of fins and the Synik 22 can help you with more definitive informtion.


    ETA: I have the Synapse 19, too, in Cordura, since I bought mine from the first production batch, and have used this bag (Indigo/Solar), more than any other model of that size Synapse. Second favorite for me is the Halcyon (400d Original Nordic) Synapse (again released just before there was a Synapse 25). Obviously the Syniks were not made in Cordura.
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