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Sell me on a cache for S19/25

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    Sell me on a cache for S19/25

    Still on the hunt for my first TB bag (couple of lines in the water for an S19!). One of the questions I had is for the Synapse owners, do you feel you need a cache more for laptop protection or is it more for airport security convenience getting it in and out of your bag?

    A second smaller question: seems like people do not necessarily bid up the bags with a cache included on eBay. Is that because there are fewer people whose computer fits that particular cache? Fewer people who want a cache at all? Both? Just trying to understand that anecdotal trend I’ve seen.


    I think it's any of the above.

    I use a non TB neoprene sleeve and just move the laptop between bags as needed. I have Global Entry in the US which automatically includes TSA PreCheck so I only have to remove my laptop for screening in really small airports, if the lane is closed, or similar, (which has been very infrequent for me).

    There are folks for whom the cache works really well and they seek out the correct size when they add a bag.

    On the resale side, it probably doesn't drive a lot of value because you have to find buyers who want your bag, it's materials and colours, and that exact cache size. I see folks listing the cache separately when the change laptop sizes, if it doesn't fit.

    Side note: For anyone who qualifies for Global Entry and thinks they might fly international at all in the time period, it's worth it to get that for sightly more vs regular TSA PreCheck... And many credit cards offer a credit to offset the fee.
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      I haven't actually used the rail system in my S25 yet-the only time I tried, my bag was packed just a bit too full and the TSA guy was like "Yeah just take the laptop out", so your mileage may vary on that front. On the protection front, this thing is beefy. My laptop (Thinkpad X1 Carbon) is pretty tough on its own, but with the added padding of a cache? It feels super well-protected.
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