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Boo-boo kit for Synik 22

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    Boo-boo kit for Synik 22

    Hi, Am professor and new owner of a Synik 22. Am besotted. Tablets, computer, chargers, library books, files, jackets...I am in one-bag heaven. Am now obsessing about accessories and pouches, in particular, a Mars Red Ghost Whale for a minimal first aid/boo-boo kit. I can't quite get a sense of size/volume, don't know whether to do mini, small, or what. I want to carry small amounts of: gauze, tape, bandaids, hydrocortisone and antibiotic cream, tweezers, nail clippers, hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, Ibuprofen and allergy meds, mask and gloves. Any thoughts? Thank you so much!

    I keep a small first aid kit in a Small Organizer Pouch and a larger kit in a TB First Aid Kit bag. I chose the OP over GW because the small kit has a ton of little loose bandaids/plasters and tiny bits, and I didn’t like that the zipper went all the way down because I thought I would probably drop stuff every time I opened it. I would love to hear from someone who uses a GW as a first aid kit to see if they had this experience. You could always contain individual tiny items in one of those clear plastic bags that come with Covid tests (at least they do here) as that’s probably a nice size to contain individual pills, etc! I’ll post a pic of my kits separately as I am not near them right now.


      Oh, that's a very good point. Organizer pouch sounds much smarter. Here's hoping it comes in Mars red, which makes my heart sing. Thank you!


        The Cubelet might be another option! It will probably take some experimentation to see what works best for you. Searching on the forums is tricky, but there might well be a post which covers this and gives photo examples (though it might predate the arrival of some of the bags mentioned so far, like the Ghost Whale Pouch or even Cubelet.)

        The Cubelet isn't available in Mars Red though. They do have Sangria, but be warned that is a very different fabric and color.

        I think that which one works for you might depend on whether or not you need the full length of the long side of something like the Small Ghost Whale Pouch, and if you want something thin or with a bit more depth.
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          Welcome to the Forums laurahead108 !

          I use the TB First Aid Pouch for a bigger kit that I carry hiking, etc.

          For a small kit, where it's more about convenience, I'd use the Cubelet as bchaplin suggests, which can hold everything you mention...or one of the Ghost Whales, if you carry less than that.

          I have used the mini and small GW for mini kits in my backpacks. They just hold a couple band-aids and those small tubes of Advil and Dramamine (these are things I would use most often) and other small bits, depending on which size you use. My masks are separate normally, since I'd use them at a different frequency.

          Cristina I haven't had an issue dropping things out of the GW and I'm usually klutzy, but I'm also not juggling small humans or dogs.

          I pulled this stuff out of my normal FAK and loaded up a Mars Red Cubelet to demonstrate... Though I think the Sangria, being a more flexible material, is a better choice.

          Click image for larger version  Name:	PXL_20220521_200441160.jpg Views:	0 Size:	731.5 KB ID:	340048
          Click image for larger version  Name:	PXL_20220521_200333994.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.18 MB ID:	340049 The biggest thing is to use the small single use packets vs large 'at home' containers.

          The Small Q-Kit is another option for the Cubelet volume of stuff and the Mini works for a minimalist setup.
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          I like all the blues and greys...and all the happy citrus colours too! My search unicorn is the Sapphire Dyneema original Small Shop Bag...


            Here are a couple of pics of my mini kit in a small OP. I’ve taken out the contents so you can see that I have a mix of flat and 3D things. Contents include Steri Strips, adhesive bandages in various sizes, dressing pads and tape, gloves, a couple of small plastic bags for waste, zip ties/tie wraps/cable ties (I once fixed a broken stroller with these so you never know), an old store loyalty card with a small amount of duct tape wrapped around it, a magnifying glass for removing splinters etc, a Swiss Card with tweezers, scissors, etc (frequently used), chocolate coins for child injuries, some kids paracetamol (Tylenol), an herbal salve, and cleaning wipes.
            Small Iberian OP

            Exploded contents of first aid kit


              Wow, these responses are so helpful, thanks to all of you! Off to look at cubelets and mini Q kits. This is so fun!