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Cafe Bag security + new EDC setup

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    Cafe Bag security + new EDC setup

    Here's a simple way to secure the zip pocket of a Cafe Bag:

    1) Loop an 8" Utility Strap around the shoulder strap. The 8" Key Strap works too but I find the thicker o-ring/snaphook gets in the way and makes unfastening clunkier.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_9626.jpg Views:	4 Size:	682.0 KB ID:	344598

    2) Secure the zipper with the snap hook.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_9627.jpg Views:	4 Size:	709.0 KB ID:	344599

    Just in case anyone's wondering what the Utility Strap is actually for, it's "designed to accept items with a belt clip, such as a flashlight, multitool, or knife":

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_9628.jpg Views:	4 Size:	707.1 KB ID:	344600

    Had this little flash of inspiration while playing around with a new everyday carry setup after receiving my new SCB. Was initially skeptical about the SCB due to the lack of organisation vs the Side Kick which was my previous EDC purse and had many little pockets for me to organise the many little things I want to have with me. However with the help of a pouch from another manufacturer plus TB's Double Organizer Pouch, Ghost Whale Super Mini, Pocket Pouch, All Fabric Organizer Wallet and an incoming matching Nik's Minimalist Wallet, the SCB is well organised enough for me without needing too many pouches which can add up to a fair amount of unnecessary weight.

    Now that I'm happy with how my SCB is organised, I can stop whingeing about missing out on the Night Walk SK. It's my own fault anyway for selling the one I had just because I really hate that the exterior pocket zipper pull tab isn't metal and didn't like the Tidal interior (I know, I know. I feel like they don't go together despite my love for almost everything blue. I actually prefer Night Walk with Northwest Sky.) Part of the regret stemmed from my current purse (Side Effect) becoming too messy due to lack of interior organisation, wanting to recreate my previous Synik 22 + SK setup and my brain's insistence on ✨needing all the matching Night Walk!!1!11!!1!!!✨ Well now I have my matchy-matchy SCB + S22:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_9630.jpg Views:	4 Size:	556.6 KB ID:	344601

    I took a lot of inspiration from this post for my setup. The SCB has my most essential items and rides in the S22's main compartment when I need to bring everything *plus* the kitchen sink on gym + sit at a co-working space/cafe while pretending to work days. When closed, the S22's main compartment zippers meet at the right side to enable easy retrieval of the SCB's contents when I swing the S22 to the front without taking it off completely.

    And in case anyone's wondering, that's the discontinued Luggage Tag on the S22. It's a nice way to display and rotate my stickers depending on my mood.
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