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Organizer Pouches for Multiple/Family Passports

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    Organizer Pouches for Multiple/Family Passports

    My family travels with a large number of passports. I am looking at the best way to carry them while traveling. I also like to separate them as much as possible - i.e. the passports we exit one country with vs. the passports we enter another country with. My thought was to put the passports in TB organizer pouches and clip those to the o-rings in my bag. I would ideally put up to four passports in each pouch, though I'm not sure if that would fit. I have seem photos showing that one passport fits in the small size organizer pouch, but it's hard to guess if multiple passports would fit well.

    Does this work well? Is there a better strategy others are using? Any thoughts on the cordura vs. clear vs. double organizer pouches? I am also considering putting the passport-filled organizer pouches into a 3D organizer cube to keep them separate.


    Hi! I keep my (1) passport in the small org pouch with clear front. I don't think 4 passports would be a comfortable fit.

    With regard to two countries maybe buy 2 medium clear org pouches in colours corresponding to each nations flag.


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        This picture shows 3 passports in a small org pouch with clear front.

        Will 4 fit? Yes possible, but fiddly and probably not conducive to wrangling kids and stuff through immigration.

        Much easier to buy the medium pouch and all 4 will fit. Plus you'll have space for a pen.


          Thanks for the comments - especially the photo. That's very helpful. I think I'll go ahead and order one and test it out.