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Looking for recommendation for small pouch

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    Looking for recommendation for small pouch

    Hi folks.

    I carry a small medical device in my luggage and I’m looking to see what pouch or container could be a good snug fit. It’s roughly rectangular with rounded edges and corners 94mm by 51mm by 62mm (3.7 by 2.0 by 2.4 inches).

    I also like to carry noise cancelling headphones on longer flights but besides being already bulky, the carrying case adds even more. Any pouches a good fit for a typical-sized noise cancelling headphone?

    What do you typically put in the bottom compartment of the Techonaut 30 backpack? Do you put a packing cube in there or just directly in the compartment? I worry that I needs to be flat enough but also squishy enough to have the rest of the backpack sit on it.

    Thank you!

    I first thought of a Cubelet for your medical device, but it's just a tad small in the depth. Review the Vertical Packing Cubelet, Stuff Sacks (size 1), Travel Tray (small) and the Q Kit (small is the larger of the two sizes) to see if any of those will accommodate the device.
    Maybe others will weigh in about the headphones if you mean to not bring the case at all.


      Thanks for the suggestions! In general I want it to be a close fit, so I will take a look.

      How good is the Ghost Whale pouch at storing 3D objects? Is it best for storing flat things only?


        Welcome to the Forums Hackjack we're glad you're here!

        threeteez has hit the main items that would work. You can also check out bag specs page for an easier way to review dimensions quickly (things are always being tweaked so it may not be 100% up to date).

        The Ghost Whales are a little bit 3D because of how the fabric is cut and the curved zipper construction. It does depend on material too though, with 210 ballistic (discontinued, so not many left) more flexible than 525/630 ballistic (the ones that just have a colour name/no denier)...the 630 recycled, which comes in 3 colours, is also pretty flexible in this construction.

        Specifically, based on your dimensions, I'd try a Small Ghost Whale or the Small (larger size) Q-Kit. The regular Organizer Pouch (currently in Cordura) or the Clear OP are a bit of a toss up... they are nominally for flatter items, but people put bulky things in all the time, it just changes the shape of the filled pouch. The mini may look possible on paper but I'd worry that depending on the shape/rigidity of your object, it won't clear the zipper, so the Small would be more feasible.
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          Hi @HatJack,
          My thoughts were either a Mini Q-Kit, or a Size#1 Travel Stuff Sack, which can mold down; possibly a Small Ghost Whale Organizer Pouch as G42 mentioned.
          I’ll list stated dimensions, but in general this is a bad way to try to judge fit, because people invariably fail to take into account the seam binding around the outside of a pouch or the fact that zippered openings need to allow for the size of the zipper head in what can pass through. It’s easier to show this with pictures what is going on. Mini Q-Kit is a close fit, but the zipper is not along the side (it’s along a curved top, so you get pretty much the full use of the rectangular base given below). Take a look, for example, at the photos in Q-Kit Mini and my new Anker PowerCore II 6700 phone charger thread.

          Q-Kit DIMENSIONS
          Mini: 4.3" (w) x 2.8" (h) x 2" (d) / 110 (w) x 70 (h) x 50 (d) mm
          Small: 5.9" (w) x 3.1" (h) x 2.6" (d) / 150 (w) x 80 (h) x 65 (d) mm​

          The travel stuff sacks are a good general solution for small items that can have irregular shapes, because they mold down and you can put multiple irregularly shaped objects in them. Dimensions are for the fabric before you pull the drawstring closed. This is larger than you need, but because the sack molds down it can store easily for items smaller than the maximum dimension

          Size 1:Travel Stuff Sack
          External Dimensions – 5.2″ tall x 3.8″ x 2.7″ / 130 x 100 x 70 mm
          Weight: 1 oz / 25 grams
          Volume: 40 cubic inches / 0.7 liters​

          it used to be possible to quickly find basic information and summary pictures, but since the blog pages were redesigned more towards supporting photo essays, and older image pages and simple search functionality was removed, I point people to the webpages by NomadeWalker who saved Pinterest versions of many of the earlier blog post information on accessories. So these are about 10 years old and don’t have the recent colors but show a lot of the functionality and sizing.



          ETA: OK, I think you’ll need to go for either a Small Ghost Whale Organizer Pouch or a Size 1 Travel Stuff Sack. I can fit a Jackery Power Bar in my Mini Q-Kit and stack other items on top of it (mini flashlight, keys etc.) but although the Jackery bar is 3.8” long, both of the of the other dimensions the original poster gave are larger than my Power Bar (94mm by 51mm by 62mm (3.7 by 2.0 by 2.4 inches) vs my 3.8 by 1.8 by 0.9 inches) So even though I stack other items on top of my Jackery bar in my Q-Kit, the eventual curvature of the Mini Q-Kit towards the top doesn’t get in the way, as it would for the OP’s device at 2.4 inches.

          if you look at my post in the How much Tom Bihn stuff do you carry each day? thread from 01-13-2015 that brendabethman started, you’ll see an open Mini Q-Kit with a Jackery power bar at the bottom. A few posts up bchaplin shows that same power bar and additional cables lying on top of a flat Ultraviolet Halcyon Travel Stuff Sack.

          I’ll add two more low resolution versions of pictures I grabbed from a discussion thread in the Just for registered users section of the forums (which is not readable or viewable unless you log in)
          Jackery and Anker power bars with Mini Q-Kit
          Anker Power Bar, Jackery Power Bar that I carry in Mini Q-Kit, and closed Mini Q-Kit in Kiwi 1050d Ballistic Nylon (retired color) That Anker power bar would fit the length and width of a Small GWOP. The OP’s device might fit the small GWOP depending on its thickness fit. It wouldn’t fit the similar length Size 2 Knitting Tool Pouch that I use for cutlery and some computer attachments. It would definitely fit the size 1 Travel Stuff Sack which has an oval bottom up to 2.6 inch in depth. There is a picture of the Jackery bar with cables lying on top of the TSS in a picture posted by bchaplin in that earlier How much Tom Bihn stuff do you carry each day? thread

          Small GWOP Viridian, Anker power bar, Size 2 Knitting Tool Pouch
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            I'd agree with moriond and suggest the Size 1 TSS.

            It's a great item.

            Wide mouth opening, cinches totally shut, flexible shape you can cram into almost any empty corner, and the cinch cord can be clipped onto an o-ring or another bag to consolidate things, too.

            The stuff sacks are a little more forgiving with irregular shaped items than the organizers with a rectilinear footprint (like the GWOPs, and even the bottom of the Q-Kits are squared off).

            A long while back I was struggling to find a carrying case for the white noise machine I travel with (because not all hotels and houses have ceiling fans!) and it was actually Mike over at Tom Bihn who suggested a Size 3 TSS. The mouth is just big enough to accept the machine and the cord just gets stuffed loosely on top of it. I use that TSS all the time.
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