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    New Forum Features

    Hey y'all! I just wanted to point out a few new features that I've found useful lately!

    The first is the chat feature! So sometimes it's just easier to chat with folks than fire of DMs/PMs, and that's pretty easy to do with the chat feature. You can even make a chat with multiple members on it. This is done by clicking the Messages button up at the top, then selecting Send New Message. From there you can enter the folks into the chat by typing their usernames into the first field, typing a subject and message, and selecting post. It will still show up in your messages list, so you can refer to it later, and the person who began the chat can even add participants later on down the line!

    Next up is draft saving -- that the forum will save the last post you were writing as a draft, so if you want to come back and continue your message, you can! This one is automatic, you just go to your post field and it should show up.

    My personal favorite is the floating search and filter bar on the new topics. It allows you to quickly filter topics by post date, you can type in the page you want or go to the next page with the left and right buttons, and keeps the search bar handy. Just scroll on a topic and it should show up at the top of your screen (though on smaller screens, the search bar is truncated).

    That brings me to the last big feature that I've noticed on the new forums, the responsive design. It makes it easy to use the forums while having another program or page up on the other side of your screen, which I personally find pretty useful. It also means that the experience should be pretty similar across devices -- the half-screen should feel similar to the tablet or phone experience.

    Is there anything you've noticed that you've found particularly useful?