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Brain Bag - Front Pocket

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    Brain Bag - Front Pocket

    Hello! I'm writing because I've been using a Brain Bag for over a year now for Law School and have a thought on a possible improvement.

    First though, let me say that this bag is perfect for my needs. I can pack a ton of books (I'd prefer not to pack a ton of books, but since I need to, this bag handles it well) and it protects my large laptop. I've had several compliments on the bag and know of at least one person that purchased one after seeing mine in action.

    I use this bag every day and it hold up well to the (ab)use I put it through. It hasn't flinched at all - not even a loose thread.

    That said, I do have one thought for an improvement (although this could have already been changed as I have had my bag for a couple of years).

    The front left pocket (looking at it sitting down) is great for holding my pens and highlighters. However, since the pockets are somewhat hard to reach into (they are kind of tight), its not that easy to get to the pens I use frequently. I typically have a gob of pens, highlighters and pencils in the pockets and they can get lost in the bottom of the inside parts of the pocket (either the front portion of the pocket or the back). What would solve this is more functionality in the small, closest to the zipper, little "pen slot" that is on the flap that separates the front and back parts of the front left pocket. While the two "pen slots" that are further inside are deep enough, the first one doesn't go deep enough to hold a pen - a pen sticks out too far for the slot to actually be used as a pen holder. And this is only a problem because the entire pocket is kind of tight and it makes it a pain/harder to get at the pens if they are in the more inside "pen slots".

    Again, I love the bag and the newer bags might make this "issue" obsolete. If so, Cheers! If not, perhaps it is something to consider.

    Thanks for making great bags. Considering the way I (ab)use the bag and how it holds up, I know this bag will still be with me when I finally graduate Law School!