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Gym bag ideas

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    Gym bag ideas

    I might be n the market for a new gym bag and was looking for ideas. Anyone here use a Tom Bhin bag for carrying workout clothes? I think the Ruck Sac or Smart Alec might work but I'm not sure they would be the best choice. My gear would include:

    running shoes
    flip flops for shower
    small bag for shampoo and soap
    small bag for swim goggles and ear plugs
    shorts, socks, shirt

    I think the complicated part would be trying to keep a wet bathing suit or wet shower shoes separated from the rest of my stuff. Seems like that would require a decent sized separate pocket like the Aeronaut but the Aeronaut would be overkill.
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    A gym bag is on Tom's list of products to design.

    For now, what I use is a Utility Tote. There's an exterior mesh pocket for wet stuff, the handles are a good length for either carrying the bag on your shoulder or by hand (or for hanging the bag on a hook or door knob) and you can clip to the inside of the tote Clear Organizer Pouches that hold your shampoo and soap. Or you could also use the up-and-coming Clear Quarter Packing Cube. If you want to get really organized, you can store your shoes inside of an End Packing Cube.

    Another great thing about the Utility Tote is that it's super easy to hand-wash and it dries pretty quickly. Sometimes, if I get a bit of dirt inside of the bag, I'll just turn it inside out and give it a quick rinse because the inside is coated and water-resistant.

    It packs up small, and when it's not being used as a gym bag, it can be used for a variety of other situations, including grocery shopping. (BYOB!)

    Can you tell how much I like the Utility Tote?
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      I like the idea of the tote, but it's seems like it's more marketed for women than men. I might feel confident in my masculinity enough to use it for groceries but not enough for the gym.

      I'd love to design a gym bag but I'm not even sure what makes the perfect one. I do have some ideas. Maybe I'll post some suggestions in the other board.

      Thanks Darcy.
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