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  • pretzelb
    I'm starting to think a better solution would be a well padded bag that is very generic. It's dimensions would need to be wide enough to handle the camera sitting flat but it's shape could be just about anything. With some kind of padded inserts a user could make it fit various needs. It would be great if it could be messenger style like the Imago but I'm not sure something that has padding (and thus semi rigid shape) could be worn this way.

    I did try to use my Imago as a camera bag and while it worked decently it left me concerned on the safety of the equipment.

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  • dakegra

    *chants* Camera bag! camera bag!

    *prods* Is it ready yet? :-)

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  • pretzelb
    started a topic More camera bag ideas

    More camera bag ideas

    In this other thread http://forums.tombihn.com/showthread.php?t=985 there were some good suggestions but I wanted to add a few generic ideas instead of mucking up that thread.

    The problem that I'm trying to solve is a DSLR bag that protects my equipment and carries my stuff when I travel and when I hike. Right now the best solution I have is my Kata R101. It does a great job at protection, it's light, and comfortable but still not perfect. Here's what I think the bag should do:
    1. Small enough for personal item carry on.
    2. Be comfortable on a hike. To me this means back pack with ergo straps across chest and/or waist. Maybe others think shoulder is fine but not me personally.
    3. Protect the equipment. However there is some flexibility in HOW you do that.
    4. Space for a laptop. I don't carry one on photo trips but I can see where others would require it. My Kata has room for a small one. I think the space should be enough for a magazine or 8.5 x 11" so I can print travel documents and carry them easily. That's something I need. Needs to be easy access.
    5. Space for at least 2 lenses.
    6. Some way to store various sundries like cables and such.
    7. Room for other travel stuff like iPod.
    8. Easy access zipper for camera only (Kata has this).
    9. Not scream camera bag?
    10. Server other purposes?

    I was thinking that maybe a regular padded bag with some smaller specific safety containers could meet a few needs. For example, if you could buy a sleeve for your lenses like you do for a laptop, and the sleeves where secured inside the padded bag, then you wouldn't need the pre-molded solution that most people have today. Many bags use inserts and velcro but I think something else could be done.

    Big problem with camera bags is there is so many equipment specific needs it's impossible to please everyone. For example, I don't take a tripod but some people do. Anyway, just some thoughts I had on the topic.