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Dog bag suggestions

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    Dog bag suggestions

    My alternate title for this was "Cool man purse ideas" but the primary thing I'm going for is something to take with me when I walk the dog. Right now I have a hip pack but I'd like something that isn't so dorky. The main items that need to be carried is very small - water bottle, portable water bowl, baggies, dog snacks, keys, cell phone. The big item is the water because it can get very hot around here and our little black dog wilts under the heat. I have a smaller Nalgene bottle that is maybe 16 oz (not the big giant 32 oz type) that works fairly well. It would be nice to be able to carry another bottle of water for myself but normally it's just for the dog.

    My first thought was the Buzz because the sling style looked comfortable yet easy to get to for water or treats or a phone call. But the laptop section would be a total waste. I then considered the Imago but it's should style didn't seem like it would be comfortable for long walks, although it does appear to have a strap to hold it to my body. The Cafe bags appaer to be like a larger women's purse, plus the Imago appears like it might be more comfortable. The Smart Alec seems like a bit of overkill for my needs. The Ruck Sac might be a better choice over the Smart Alec but while both may be comfortable they aren't easy access because they are on your back.

    Any ideas or suggestions? It'd be nice to have a bag that didn't wear on me for a long hot walk and something that didn't look dorky for trips to the pet store with the dog.
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    Imago with the quick-adjust strap. Probably a bit larger than what you need, but very easy to get things into and out of, and when positioned snug against your back, very comfortable.


      I think the Imago would be perfect. I use the Lux with my dog but we're mainly walking in my neighborhood. The Imago would hold everything for a longer walk and it is very comfortable.