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Cell phone holder options?

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    Cell phone holder options?

    Greetings all...I'm a new Bihnian.

    I recently got the Super Ego (kiwi/black) with the Brain Box (steel/black) to tote around my 17" MacBook Pro and all of its accessories. I switched over after reading many reviews about the quality of Bihn bags for the low cost + I feel great about buying something made in Seattle. One thing I miss from my last bag (a Timbuk2) is a cell phone pouch to put on the strap...any suggestions? Is there one I missed here?

    Thanks in advance...!


    Welcome to the club pulaski. Tom Bihn doesn't have a cell phone pouch to put on the outside strap, however, you could try using a Small Padded Organizer pouch. Then attach that to the d-ring on the inside front flap.
    Using a: Super Ego (Black, Steel, Wasabi) with seat belt strip (Wasabi), and alternate reflective Strip. Black BrainCell, Wasabi Snake Charmer, Cork Small Organizer Pouch, and Olive green medium organizer pouch.



      Thanks for the welcome!

      While I do like the little pouches, I really miss having the phone on my strap essentially right over my left shirt pocket so I can grab it at a moment's notice. Timbuk2 makes them, but, I don't want a big honking Timbuk2 logo to be on my new sweet Bihn bag...


        which strap arrangement did you go with, because I found that with the Q-AM strap, that you can place the cell in the zip pocketright behind your strong side carry, and it works pretty well...
        not sure how this would work with an absolute or a standard strap


          Hmm...I'm thinking I should have gotten the Q-AM strap instead...I'll start another post on the straps...



            I use a Timbuk2 <a href="http://www.timbuk2.com/tb2/products/accessories/cell-phone-holder">cell phone holder</a> with my ID bag. It will attach directly to the shoulder strap, but I find it more convenient to attach it to the key/organizer lanyard.

            (Thanks to whoever at Tom Bihn put an extra lanyard in my most recent order, by the way! I love those things.)

            I like the built-in cell phone/iPod holder in the Buzz strap, too, but I've found it a little difficult to pry my small cell phone out of there in a hurry. I wound up tacking a bit of ribbon to the back of the pocket. I use it like a battery pop-up ribbon: I keep it looped under the phone, and I can pop the phone out in a hurry by pulling on the end. (I realize this is a bit obsessive, but it's no fun fumbling for a ringing phone during a meeting.)