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2016 Wish List

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    2016 Wish List

    If I may, I'd like to start a 2016 Wish List...

    Now, and always -- happiness and joy for the entire TOM BIHN Crew, and the entire TOM BIHN community (yes, you, reading this post ).

    RED high tenacity ballistic nylon. (Probably not going to happen I was told)
    Good health for everybody


      Island to become a regular in the lineup.

      A Green or "Emerald" interior dyneema.

      A wallet or ID card/card holder

      A Ballistic Nylon version of the Synapse 25 or something similar.


        Originally posted by jdowney83 View Post
        Island to become a regular in the lineup.

        A Green or "Emerald" interior dyneema.

        A wallet or ID card/card holder

        A Ballistic Nylon version of the Synapse 25 or something similar.
        Emerald - wow!!


          A removeable padded waist belt similar to the one just launched for the Guide Pack in black for all the other bags. Secondary wish...more than one size so small peple don't have lots of excess hanging down and large folks can wear it and still breathe.

          The Emerald and Island sound good.
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            PCSB with inside pockets like the SE.

            More dyneema colors as bag material.

            And yes, good health for everyone!


              A few more "cool" colors (end of the color spectrum) such as pinks, the emerald listed above, etc- especially for daily use bags such as the swift, SE, etc. We females really want that as I see mentioned here and on Ravelry.


                Emerald would be AMAZING!!!

                I agree with @marytattoo that it would be wonderful to see more of a color selection for the Swift, SE, etc. My Swift has been in daily use for a long time, and while the red is beautiful, I would love some brighter, more cheerful colors. Had I known that Azalea was going to be such a limited color run, I would have bought an Azalea Swift when they were available.

                Of course, offering the Maker's Bag in those colors would be very nice, too!
                Tom Bihn addict since 2010: Red/Black/Steel Swift, Sapphire/Steel Small Cafe Bag, Azalea/Sapphire Medium Cafe Bag, Forest/Ultraviolet Night Flight Travel Duffle,Aubergine/Zest Aeronaut 45, Island Travel Tray, Lots of Large Shop Bags, Aubergine/Steel Maker's Bag, Plum Daylight Briefcase, Navy/Iberian Side Effect, French Blue Brain Bag, Orange 152 Field Journal Notebook, and LOTS of multicolor accessories.


                  Well, while we're wishing...

                  Health and happiness and litter-trained kittens for everyone.

                  Ditto to the colors... especially Azalea, which is so pretty and I would love to see come back.

                  Beyond that, I have a fantasy in which one day, I open up the forums to a survey, in which the TB Crew is asking us which retired design we'd like to see return for a limited-edition run. This fantasy continues on to see the Imago win. And me buying one!


                    Navy Ballistic Brain Bag with Nordic dyneema interior

                    A semi-rigid velcro (loop side) accessory panel that attaches to the cache loops at the top of the BB and Synapse.

                    More Nordic dyneema in general

                    I also like the idea of internal pockets (and perhaps some O rings) on the PCSB.

                    More attachment points inside the BB and Synapse. It'd be really neat to be able to clip in a PCSB or SE to some O rings on the sides of the main compartments in those bags


                      I would love to see that small backpack featured in the Yellowstone blog entry come to life. And if we're wishing, I'd want it to be available in parapack.
                      Getting to the point with too many bags to list them all. Current daily carry is my Black Halcyon Zeitgeist with a Cobalt Cerylon 3DOC as my "purse"/


                        I'd love to see Zest stick around!

                        If I'm getting specific...at least long enough to order a zest-interior MB with Steel or Navy outer [emoji120]🏼

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                          Passport pouches in more colors!

                          Emerald dyneema would be awesome too!
                          Synik 30, Aeronaut 30, Road Buddy 60, TriStar, Monster Truck, Small Zip-Top Shop Bag, Side Kick, Side Effect, lots of accessories.


                            I'd like to wish everyone good health and success in all endeavors. As far as TB bags go:

                            A slightly scaled down version of the Smart Alec for those of us with shorter torsos

                            An update to the Night Flight to include a floating/removal divider for the end pockets like the Aeronauts on at least one side, making shoe and ipad packing easier.

                            An updated version of the Buzz - I would love a slim, sling backpack for my MacBook Air - the DLBP doesn't quite work for me

                            Colors - I'd love a Kelly green or true Lapis/Cobalt


                              Wish #1: A faster and more reliable web-site for Tom Bihn's enterprises. (Lately, it's been sluggish, and recently a thread I started lost several of its postings.)

                              Wish #2: A Camera Insert/Outsert for the Synapse 25, possibly the Synapse 19.

                              Wish #3: Please release the replacement for the Field Journal Notebook soon.

                              Wish #4: I'd still like to see a larger version of the Field Journal Notebook, which I call the Field Notebook Extra, that could hold standard filler notebook paper and maybe an iPad Air.

                              Wish #5: A Freudian Folio.
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                              Owner of: Brain Bag backpack (Black), Field Journal Notebook (Blue), Snake Charmer (Small, Orange), Super Ego briefcase (Black / Indigo / Steel) with Reflective Strip, Brain Cell (Steel), Horizontal Freudian Slip, various Organizer Pouches and Key Straps, and a Side Effect (Black / Wassabi) worn as a belt-style hip-pack.