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    While I like the little backpack from Yellowstone, my wish would be for a larger kid's bag specifically designed for their smaller frames (age 6-12?) and about 18-20 L in size.

    Also more Zest and Solar!
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      This is fun!

      New exterior dyneema colors - such as hunter green and burgundy. Even steel again would be nice so I can buy more bags (can only have so much black dyneema). Still sad I came to TB too late for Nordic.

      Island and Sky as interior dyneema colors would be nice too.


        1. A mini Cafe Bag, perhaps the volume of a Side Effect or a hair larger. I don't think it would have to have all of the features of the Cafe Bags (the grab loop or the waist belt attachment points might be overkill on a bag this size and maybe trade interior pockets for extra o-rings. A 5/8" adjustable shoulder strap - no padding - should also be sufficient). I would like it to be just large enough for a trade paperback or a Kindle/iPad Mini. In Azalea and Curry (not together), while I'm dreaming. Heck, just make 'em in all the colors.

        2. Aubergine dyneema, though I'm on board with Emerald, too.

        ETA: You can call #1 the Tiny Cafe Bag or TCB
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          1. I know there is talk of some additional LE dyneema colors coming up in January, so I'm hopeful that one of them is a nice green color.

          2. A return of a yellow cordura or parapack (such as the retired curry or canary).

          3. That travel pillow hinted in a picture during the Yeoman release... I'd buy that in an instant.
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          Halcneema Addiction is a dangerous thing. #buyallthecolors

          Still refining my system


            I'd love to see Island return for good, and specifically as the interior color to a black dyneema/island SE! (Black dyneema/emerald-or-other-darker-green SE would also be acceptable.)
            kindness is contagious.


              Originally posted by Abby View Post

              Beyond that, I have a fantasy in which one day, I open up the forums to a survey, in which the TB Crew is asking us which retired design we'd like to see return for a limited-edition run. This fantasy continues on to see the Imago win. And me buying one!
              +1 to this. I would love to see a return of the Imago, even if it's just a limited-edition run. I'm very happy with the MB, but I would still get an Imago if it made a return.

              Allow me to chime in on the chorus of people asking for cardinal or a true red to return. I would probably get a lot of red bags...

              Oh, and as for a totally new bag? How about a suit-bag / garment bag. I travel a lot with suits or sports coats (especially sports coats), and having Tom Bihn luggage that would allow me to move my sports coats without folding them up in my Aeronaut....
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                Wouldn't a red SE be gorgeous? And red isn't even "my" color, but i'd get one in a minute. I mean, there IS already Iberian Dyneema! Probably not heavy enough?


                  1) Black or Steel Parapack SE with island interior
                  2) Moveable Feast with shoulder strap
                  3) PCSB with interior pockets and o-rings, in Black Dyneema or Parapack

                  4) Health and happiness for everyone


                    This is obviously wishful thinking, especially since it's been a wish since at least as far back as mid-2010, but...

                    Wish #6: A Tom Bihn garment sleeve to allow a man's suit to be folded to fit into an Aeronaut or possibly even a Tri-Star.
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                      Passport pouch in various colors
                      Bi-fold wallet that is simplistic, like the Maxpedition Micro wallet, I love this style.
                      Cache in different colors
                      A boo boo kit -- Smaller version of the first aid kit -- It would hold bandages and maybe a few medicines


                        A cross body bag like little swift (with pretty curves Ne that size) and is like makers bag inside.

                        In azalea, red, bright orange, with interiors like emerald, zest, island, ultraviolet....


                          Originally posted by Tiviander View Post
                          1) Black or Steel Parapack SE with island interior
                          2) Moveable Feast with shoulder strap
                          3) PCSB with interior pockets and o-rings, in Black Dyneema or Parapack

                          4) Health and happiness for everyone
                          Yes to all!

                          Also, Cafe Bags in all sizes in Black Dyneema or Parapack (or other black 'softer' fabric) with bright dyneema linings, including the exquisite UV.


                            A red Synapse! I love my steel synapse, but I really regret not buying it in Crimson because I didn't think it would look professional enough. Sigh! I'd also love more backpack options that fit a small frame. So far all the other backpacks are too long for me. =/

                            And as always, a lunch bag!
                            Owner of:
                            Imago in Cocoa/Cocoa/Wasabi, Large Cafe Bag in Black/Wasabi, Various organizer pouches/stuff sacks/travel trays, Small Shop Bag in Steel and Iberian, Synapse in Steel/Steel, and a Medium Cafe Bag in Plum/Wasabi.


                              I'm with @timarelay on a lunch bag!
                              Medium Cafe Bag; Synapse 25; Aeronaut 45; Maker's Bag


                                Off the top of my head...

                                - I would love a new 400d exterior Dyneema color, to mix in with my black and steel!Dyneema collection - my vote is for a dark purple, maybe call it Damson!! I would buy a Damson Daylight backpack in a heartbeat. Also a Damson/NW Sky Maker's Bag. And a Damson/NWS Small Cafe Bag!

                                - a PLO (purse-like object) for going out at night and still having TB organizational awesomeness. Maybe this could be a variation on the Shop Bag or the Parental Unit silhouette, with a zipper closure and the option for different straps (short - i.e. under the arm/clutch-length; medium - Swift or SSB-length; long - crossbody). and lots of O-rings. But small!! Not a catch-all tote, but something small enough for, say, money, ID, lipstick, keys (M.I.L.K.). That would also make it extremely packable - throw it into your S19 or A30, take it out at your destination and go to dinner. Ideally in the new dark Dyneema or parapack (steel, black).

                                - a Dyneema lunch bag: this could be a larger version of the TSS or TT, with a handle (Shop Bag style? Aeronaut end handle style?) on top to pull it out of one's backpack, and perhaps pockets for icepack, either on the inside or outside. Optional: a removable insulating layer.

                                - outer slip pocket on a v.2.0 of the Maker's Bag

                                - release of the mini backpack shown in the Yellowstone blog post, ideally with the option to make the straps long enough for a grownup to wear.

                                And, while we're dreaming - how about a Dyneema personal picnic mat? Folds up into a small square, waterproof, stylish. Great for sitting on damp benches or ground. Light, so you never have to debate bringing it along.