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    Some kind of padfolio/notebook that accepts standard top-bound lined paper (8.5 x 11").
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      Drive-by wishing, so I haven't checked all 21 pages of this thread (but I read it religiously at the start of the year ;P):

      - Is there another material that could be used for the handles and top edges of the Swift? I notice that both my mom's and my Swift (well, mine is an LS but same-same) have lots of fuzzies along the rim and handles, from when we wear sweaters (I was going to say wool/fleece but she had the same thing happen with a white cotton sweater).

      - How about that Sprout with grownup-length straps? I recently picked up a small leather backpack - about the size of the Sprout - from a thrift store and really love the form factor, but it would be even better with O-rings!

      - I can't wait for Island key straps. <3
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        Originally posted by DeBru View Post
        A Makers Bag with an exterior back pocket(like the cafe bags) in Black Halcyon with any of the new LE interiors. Sigh...
        I agree about the back pocket--the lack of it is the only thing keeping me from a Maker's Bag.


          Medium Swift

          My wish is for a medium Swift. Sometimes the Little Swift is a bit too small and the regular Swift is a little too big. So a Mama Bear size one is what I would love to see. I know the TB Crew is hard at work bringing us fabulous new designs, but it would be great if they could take the Swift and shrink it down to medium size.

          And while I am putting in my wishes, I would like to add that I would love to see a resurrection of solar and original Nordic. And of course, my constant wish of 200d Side Effects.
          Seeking Solar shop bags and Solar packing cube shoulder bag Also coveting an Iberian Synapse or Copilot


            I second everything Pammy says!

            A medium swift would be perfect as I alternate between my regular and little swift, but one is too small and one too big. And while you were making mama bear size, I'd still like one clear pocket replaced with shaped insert pockets like on a cafe bag... and a shoulder strap!

            I get side effects now I have one in halcyon, but unfortunately it is the black. I'll order a nordic when I next place an order (after the hero) but I'd really like some brighter colour side effects. Please.

            When you bring back the solar, please also include zest.


              A medium-sized Swift would be great!
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                Aether packing cubes for the NFTD would be awesome!


                  Shop bags that zip closed, something like the top of the Lands' End zip top totes. There's a band of fabric along the inside top edge of their tote bags with a zipper around it. You can push this band to the inside and it's just an open tote bag. Pull the band up and you can have a taller bag. Pull the band up and zip the "lid" shut and nothing falls out. I like bags that zip shut.
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                    We've been using a Black Halcyon Daylight Briefcase as a diaper bag for a few months now (ever since we became emboldened to venture out with our little bean) and it's working quite well in that capacity. I shove it into my Smart Alec and achieve ninja parent status, at least in my mind.

                    Now I wake up dreaming of a Daylight Briefcase XL. Just a bit wider and longer enough to accept an en-cached 15-inch retina MacBook Pro, but still slide into my Smart Alec. Bonus points if the front slash pouch could accommodate an 9.7 inch sized tablet.

                    The Cadet and the Founders Briefcase are both overkill for my needs and more importantly seem too large for the Smart Alec. As an aside, I do also wonder why there is no Super Pilot (again sized-up to hold a 15 inch laptop). If I ever needed to ditch my backpack for a messenger/briefcase as daily carry, I would so very much miss a slot for my coffee mug.

                    Other things I have been dreaming about.

                    1. A fairly simple sheet of ballistic nylon with loops on the edges which could be combined with the webbing loops and bungee to make a sort of stuff pocket on the front of the Smart Alec. Bonus points if the sheet was lined with Halcyon such that it had a hidden internal pocket sort of like the internal front of the Smart Alec.

                    Count me in the contingent of people who think the Smart Alec could have even more external accessories than are currently offered.

                    2. A sort of non-RFID Blocking Passport Pouch for holding smartphones with a clear urethane front and maybe the back of the Padded Organizer Pouch. Now that smartphones have gained water resistance, this would be a good solution for wearing under a raincoat or parka. I've been using a 3D Organizer Cube, but something like this would be way better imo … and TB seems oddly not to have many suggestions for carrying phones.

                    Perhaps (a) my dreams are boring (b) I shouldn't regularly visit these forums when I can't sleep -- but they are so much fun!


                      I also am having phone issues...

                      I'd like to see the front small pocket in the S19 (the pocket in front of the water bottle pocket) go deeper--enough so you could stow your phone there. For convenience, and also for safety reasons, I want to be able to get at my phone in a hurry, and I can't if it's stowed inside the main compartment. For me this is the fatal flaw of the S19...

                      If there was a side pocket inside the side pockets that was big enough to slide a large phone into I'd put it there, and could just swing the backpack under my arm to access, but the pocket on the right side is way too small for my phone--and it needs to go in a pocket so it doesn't fall out when you unzip it...

                      Right now I'm experimenting with using a Passport Pouch attached to the backpack strap (using a short key strap on the o-rings), so when you're wearing the backpack it it's accessible from the front. Echoing the above comment, I'd love a PP that was padded in the back and clear in the front--that way you even could use the touch screen through the plastic. It would be easy to access for earphones, navigation, messages, emergencies...

                      I hate to sound so phone-obsessed; you don't need it when you're hiking, but in the city / EDC scenario I find that's the #1 thing I want close to hand.


                        Originally posted by malamalama View Post
                        A pouch sized for the iPhone 6s Plus. I used to carry my 6 in a size small clear pouch, but the Plus won't fit and the size medium is too big for just the phone.
                        After trying to put the phone in a size small organizer pouch again, perhaps if the zipper was on the shorter side it might fit. How about 'vertical' small organizers instead of putting the zipper on the long side (of course with a zipper opening wide enough to fit plus sized smartphones)?
                        Aeronaut (crimson) with Absolute Strap, Synapse (navy), Smart Alec (black/steel/solar), Shop Bag (solar), cache for MBP, cache for iPad2, and numerous pouches and key straps.


                          Synapse 19 in 200d Halcyon

                          Originally posted by pammy View Post
                          I would love to see a Snake Charmer in halcyon, maybe in Island, Nordic, or black halcyon. I recently acquired one in navy parapack and think it's great but would like the option of halcyon.

                          Also, wishing for a return of 200d halcyon Side Effects and S19s. I regret to have found TB after those things were retired.
                          I echo that very much. I have a 200d Halcyon Side Effect in Steel and it is my favorite. I would love to have a S19 in 200d Halcyon. A great backpack becomes a super light great backpack.
                          Synapse 25, Aeronaut, TB packing cubes and accessories.


                            I'd love to see a padded hip belt for the S19/25 - same as for the Brain Bag, but with a 1" gatekeeper attachment.

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                              The problem with any dedicated phone pocket is that phones keep changing shapes and sizes every couple of months, and I want my TB bag to last a lifetime.


                                Halcyon Brain Bag, I WANTS IT!