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    The triumphant comeback of Nordic or another bright dyneema color!
    Aeronaut 45 | Aeronaut 45 Packing Cube Shoulder Bag |Yeomen


      A Synapse 22 in Parapack! :-)


        Well if anything goes for a wish...

        I'd like to see a bag in between Side Effect and Small Cafe Bag size, but no buckle like the cafe bags. With an optional, removable shoulder strap.

        And a true gym bag.

        And emerald or forest Dyneema I've seen people mention earlier.

        And for the TB crew to send me one of everything, just to test it out


          1. A Maker's bag in Navy whose interior is *not* Wasabi. Northwest sky, say, or iberian. An interior of black dyneema would be fascinating.
          2. A Maker's Bag with Brain Cell loops for the 13-inch Macbook Pro Retina brain cell.
          3. A smaller Camera-IO for mirrorless cameras which would attach to brain cell loops intended for *horizontal* brain cells, such as those in [ahem] the aforementioned revised Maker's Bag.
          4. A 4 x 14 x 9 "underneath modular pocket" for the Brain Bag, in pure ballistic nylon, which would convert it into a maximum-size carry-on. This would attach via the lower vertical umbrella / water bottle strap and the two belt loops. (An "upper modular pocket" would be a better fit, but problematic given the zipper placement in the bag and nothing to attach to).
          Blue Parapack Brain Bag with Brain Cell


            Having had the Maker's Bag for a few days now, I would love to see:

            - Two-way zippers on the front outer pocket (similar to the interior back pocket). I wear it on my right hip, with the strap on my left shoulder, and the zipper opening ends up being behind me most of the time. With the double zippers, users could position the opening on whichever side is more comfortable for them.

            - A back slash pocket.

            - A new exterior Dyneema colorway - Damson purple! Prussian blue! - paired with a NW Sky interior. (One can dream, right? )


              LCB in more colors options please. Specifically black w/lighter and more fun colors for the interior. Light colors on the inside improve ease of finding stuff - you can see into the bottom of the bag. The 'fun colors' make opening the serious looking workhorse a special event - a secret pleasure.

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                Originally posted by haraya View Post

                - A new exterior Dyneema colorway - Damson purple! Prussian blue! - paired with a NW Sky interior. (One can dream, right? )
                This, and maybe Purple Parapack, I just love my Steel Parapack FJN! So soft!


                  Sunglass case with key fob.


                    I'll always vote for more exterior Dyneema colors, but I'm here to express more support for name badge holders!

                    I see 2 different styles that could be popular: for just a standard credit-card sized name tag, something like a clear organizer pouch, but with the design flipped so one side is all clear plastic, and the zipper is on the back side with fabric (or even a mesh, so people could see through it and get numbers off RSA fobs and the like).

                    The other would be more like a double organizer pouch, and could be used for convention name tags or other, sometimes slightly-larger than credit card sized IDs. The clear portion would hold the name tag, and the second pouch part could be used for pens, papers, business cards, whatever.

                    I see 2 ways of doing the neck lanyard attachment. Either a fabric loop or O-ring sewn into the center of 2 sides, so it could be either horizontal or vertical with a single attachment point, or a fabric loop/o-ring on 3 of the corners of the pouch, so it could hang more like a large necklace if that makes sense. Carrying around hospital badges and other info, I think a loop in the center of 2 sides would be the way to go. This way, they could also be used with retractable holders. I also like the ides of just a fabric loop, as that would be less intrusive than having 2 (or 3) o-rings, and only using 1 (or 2) of them.
                    DLBC (black Dyneema) **Missing **, Synapse 25 Black Dyneema/Ultraviolet), Synapse 19 (Navy/Wasabi), Aeronaut 45 Black Dyneema/Ultraviolet), PCBP for TriStar (Iberian), Synapse 19 (Navy/Solar), Ristretto for iPad (Black/Wasabi), Large Shop Bag (Island),mini Q-kit, various packing cubes, stuff sacks, and pouches.

                    Retired but not forgotten: TriStar (Black/Wasabi), Aeronaut 45 (Navy/Solar), Synapse 25 (French Blue/Steel).


                      The strap drop on the Swift is too short for me. I love that bag! Wish it came with the option for a detachable cross-body strap.


                        [QUOTE=maverick;115142]If I may, I'd like to start a 2016 Wish List...

                        Cell phone pockets sewn into the "rear side" slash pocket for the Cafe and Ristoretto. Something iPhone6S/Samsung Galaxy Note 5 size smartphones.


                          Laying in bed last night thinking of bags... (Yeah, Ok, I'll bring it up with my therapist)

                          Anyway and was dreaming of a medium or large cafe bag, Azure or French Blue on the outside and Northwest sky on the inside. WHAT a beauty!!


                            Would love to see Navy / NW Sky available in more bags: that's a great color combo.


                              The Snake Charmer is a cool accessory, but I think that it has become a bit less compelling now that chargers, cords and other electronic detritus are becoming more compact.

                              I think that a new accessory, similar to the snake charmer, but with two compartments stacked vertically, one atop the other, rather than next to each other, might be pretty useful. It could, perhaps, clip into the cache loops. It could combine some of the organizational features of the SA's upper pouch, the SE, and/or the Freudian Slip with a handy place to hold chargers and the like.

                              While I'm at it, some other thoughts:

                              I'd love to see some webbing loops a la the Smart Alec on the front of the Synapse. Unobtrusive when not in use, but there if you want them.

                              The Freudian Slip is useful to me, but it seems to take up more space than I'd like. I wonder if replacing the foam inside with HDPE sheet might result in a thinner FS that still offers some body and support.

                              Finally, I'd like to repeat my previous desire for an accessory called the Frontal Lobe. I don't know what it will be, but it should be awesome.


                                Ok after using the swift as an EDC for a few weeks, I finally have in mind exactly how it needs to be redesigned so it is perfect... For me anyway.

                                Same wonderful ability to stand on its own, to be be sleek if empty and to swallow everything put into it effortlessly (how does it do it!? My lunch, jumper, papers and folders, multiple shopping bags...)

                                However, I want attachment points for a shoulder strap. - I'm not sure where they should be but I know Tom Bihn will come up with the ideal placement that spreads the weight and doesn't interfere with existing handles!

                                Finally, instead of big clear pockets on both sides, one side is as is - love that pocket - but the other has pen holders and a phone holder pocket like the cafe bags, but perhaps inside a large pocket that can be zipped when needed but not when security is not an issue.

                                And, as this is an in-my-dreams custom made for me bag, the inside has to be ZEST! I'm flexible on the outside but it is cordura (? The non-ballistic fabric.) in plum, cocoa or an orange.

                                I'd have to buy one of each if this were ever made...