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Is the Packing Cube Backpack (Aeronaut 45) Yet Available as Depicted

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    Is the Packing Cube Backpack (Aeronaut 45) Yet Available as Depicted

    Dear Tom Bihn,

    I have been to your site numerous times trying to find something that would be suitable as a gym bag, and just tonight found a forum thread wherein your Packing Cube Backpack (Aeronaut 45) comes highly recommended in this regard.

    I however fear that my camouflage may be blown by the Wasabi, Iberian, and Ultraviolet color options shown in the ordering section of the Packing Cube Backpack (Aeronaut 45) web page.

    This note is therefore submitted to inquire whether the Packing Cube Backpack (Aeronaut 45) is available in the black in which it is depicted in ten out of the eleven images on your Packing Cube Backpack (Aeronaut 45) web page.

    Holding your toes to the fire,

    Michael Watson
    Anchorage :-)

    Your best bet would probably be to call or email the crew directly.

    Incidentally, the "ten out of eleven images" to which you refer show the PCSB in Steel 200d Dyneema. (Not sure if it has ever been available in Black, which is a 400d Dyneema.)
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      Agreed with bb93fo57 - call customer service. They may be able to find one last one in their current inventory or tell you when more might possibly be coming. Also, watch the New Bags Colors Ready to Order thread as this is where the TB Crew lets the forum members know specifically what has just come off the production line:

      New Bags and Colors Ready To Order

      As a side note concerning the PCBP, it only came in Black for a short time in limited edition a few years ago (no longer available). The Black is also always the 400d Dyneema material that is normally used for the exterior of all current TB Dyneema bags. There was no 200d Dyneema Black as far as I recall. It is sometimes hard to tell the 400d Black and 200d Steel colors of Dyneema in pictures depending on the lighting (at least for me). The surefire way to tell is if there is a secondary diamond pattern in the dyneema. If there is, it is the 200d dyneema version.

      Here is a pic that @Moosezilla posted nicely showing the difference between Black 400d Dyneema (left) vs current Steel 200d Dyneema (right)

      Hope this helps

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        Although I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Aeronaut backpack cube, you'd do no worse with the western flyer/Tristar version (same price, slightly different layout). They might have that one in black or steel (I have steel with red zip pulls which I love).

        If money can be stretched then also consider the daylight backpack as another alternative.

        Hope this helps.

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          Just a head's up, since it doen't seem to be announced under the New Bags and Colors Ready to Order thread @tpnl linked (at least, yet), but the Aeronaut Packing Cube Backpack in Steel is currently showing up on its Product Page. The Steel option is still not currently available for the PCBP for Tri-Star/Western Flyer.