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Pixel C Tablet

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    Pixel C Tablet

    I am looking for something to protect my new Google Pixel C tablet. Do you have any recommendations? I have a Empire Builder bag.

    More info here. The Keyboard is 242 x 179 x 5.5 mm and the Pixel C is 242 x 179 x 7 mm. I am not sure if I should get the one for the iPad or Air 11. Thoughts?



      First off - I think this really is a question for TB Customer Support to best answer.

      If it is worth anything, here is my 2 cents - I do not have a cache so I can only go on what I have read and what I do to estimate for fit - YMMV.

      Based on your dimensions and the TB interior cache dimensions on the website, the iPad cache should fit fine without the Keyboard by my calculations (circumference calculation). With the keyboard, the long length circumference fit is off by about 1 cm - a lot. This means you will need to stretch the cache (if possible) enough to accommodate. Even if it fit, it probably would be hard to remove the tablet from the sleeve. As the cache is not secured at the bottom (to account for TSA functionality), there nothing keeping the cache in your bag when you go to pull your Pixel C out - so if it is tight fitting (e.g with keyboard), you may end up pulling the cache out or needing 2 hands to hold the cache in place and pulling your Pixel C out.

      Unfortunately, the Cache for Air 11 leaves your tablet "swimming" inside.

      I think if you wanted to get the iPad cache (not the Air version), you could
      1) Put your Pixel C in minus keyboard
      2) Detach the keyboard and slide it through the cache rails

      As long as you did not want to use the cache with rails for TSA Checkpoint (Are tablets are exempt?), this might be a viable solution. I am assuming that the iPad cache can use the Gatekeeper Rail loops.

      Again, please note that this is just my opinion - I do not have either a cache or your device. Sorry I cannot be more help.

      Speaking about your Pixel C - how do you like it? It is supposed to be the best Android tablet.

      Hope this helps
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