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How do you wear your Imago?

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    How do you wear your Imago?

    I was wondering how Imago owners wear this bag. It appears to be a shoulder bag but I wonder if it's mostly worn on the side or over the head. I also wonder about the waist strap and how well that works. I'm interested in this bag but I dislike bags that bounce around alot. I might try this bag to store stuff as I walk the dog so comfort is important. I sometimes train my dog on walks to the park and for that I need both hands free to give signals.
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    I got the Absolute Strap on my Imago and wear it over the head. With the waist strap cinched it doesn't flop around. It would be easy to reach under the flap for a couple of "hidden" dog treats or to stuff the leash in the flat back pocket. I think you've found a winner for walking/training the dog.
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      Hi there,
      I own one with the Q-AM strap, I mostly wear it over the head, without the messenger stabilizer strap, and it doesn't bounce.

      I too, think you have found a winner for your purposes. It looks great too!


        I use it as my bicycle bag

        My Imago's main payload is a brain cell with my Macbook. I slip the Imago over my head so the strap hangs on my left shoulder and the bag sits on my right lower-back. I then buckle up the waist strap, get on my bicycle and ride a few miles to work. I have been doing this every day for about 3 months now. The bag stays without bouncing and shifting around. I am happy with it.

        Specifically, I like two things about this solution.
        1. Backpacks make my back sweat a lot while biking. I don't have that problem with Imago because it sort of rests on my right lower back, or upper butt, I guess!

        2. I stick my iPhone in the side pocket of Imago (which is well lined to avoid scratches), and wear the ear buds while I ride. It allows me to listen to music, while letting me answer phone calls handsfree.

        I still would like to have a pocket for my iPhone on the shoulder strap, though. Although what I described above works well for receiving calls, I still have to stop and spend more time than necessary, to pick up the phone from the Imago side pocket and make a call. I guess this wouldn't be a problem if the darn iPhone would do voice dial!
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          Great description, lefty! I posted it on our blog.

          Tom's working on a cell phone pocket/shoulder strap solution....something that can be attached to a shoulder strap after the fact.
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            Originally posted by Darcy View Post
            Great description, lefty! I posted it on our blog.

            Tom's working on a cell phone pocket/shoulder strap solution....something that can be attached to a shoulder strap after the fact.
            A cell phone pocket/shoulder strap solution that can be added to the shoulder strap after the fact would be GREAT! My friend has a Buzz, and seeing him made me have a cell-phone-pocket-on-the-strap envy. But I've never liked sling bags because then I'm restricted to carrying the bag on only one shoulder (I have fibromyalgia so different body parts hurt a lot at different times).

            That would make the Imago a greater bag!