I am in the 60 day period for my Aeronaut and I was experimenting a bit to see what would fit and how the straps feel. My first attempt was fairly good but I think I've missed a few things so it's going to take a while to figure it out. For the first run I got:

2 pair men's jeans 32x32
2 long sleeve thin shirts (layers for cold or running)
3 short sleeve t shirts (thin)
2 long sleeve button down shirts shirts
2 underwear and 2 socks
2 pair running shorts and 2 pair running socks
1 tolietry bag (in side pocket)
1 pair running shoes

It's a bit uncomfortable on my back but not too bad. I haven't packed any type of fleece or raincoat or jacket yet. Not sure I could.

I'd also like to know if people use packing cubes or not. With pants and shirts it was kind of hard to maximize the space in the cubes but I do like the idea of the cubes.