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Recommend a travel umbrella?

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    Recommend a travel umbrella?

    I need an umbrella that will fit in the front (water bottle) pocket of my Pilot. Am about to be in New York, with rain predicted every day during my stay. Anybody have experience with a model that is durable and trouble-free?

    Expensive but very worthwhile -- Davek. I bought it online so it may take too much time for an immediate trip. But I own two of their smallest version. They fit in tiny pockets and cover one person. They're small enough that I just leave them in my bag all the time, but they'll solid and stand up to wind.

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      Originally posted by Fulton View Post
      Expensive but very worthwhile -- Davek.
      Thank you. I'll probably end up getting something relatively inexpensive for my immediate need, but will definitely look into the Davek for a longer-term solution.


        +1 for Davek Traveller. They are based in NY - There are a few department chains in NY that have the umbrellas.

        I also like the Knirps X1. They have a tiny manual version in a great carry case.

        The key is that the umbrella needs to be < 11" long. Most compact umbrellas are around 12" long.

        Here are a few previous forum posts on umbrellas that might give you some more ideas:


        Compact Umbrella for front of Brain Bag

        If really just looking for a cheap umbrella that you would not mind if it did not not last much beyond your trip, just get one from a Drug store.

        Hope this helps
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          I've used Totes mini umbrella when I'm travelling. It's 6 1/2 inches long. It fits in a pocket easily and is inexpensive. It works well in downpours.


            Rainkist Mini Folding Umbrella

            Rainkist Mini Folding Umbrella
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              I have an older version of this one and it has been solid - small and fairly cheap: https://www.amazon.com/RST-Diameter-.../dp/B0064O9TEE


                I have two umbrellas in rotation right now, a hot pink Blunt Metro XS and a yellow Davek Mini. Both have been excellent so far. The Blunt is the fancier, prettier one I'll put in my Smart Alec/ID. The Mini is the tiny one I carry in my SCB/MCB on those Seattle "well, it might rain, but it might not, but it might" days (so like half the year, basically).


                  I travel with the Totes Signature SuperDome. $20 on Amazon, smallish (12") when closed but large enough (50" actual diameter) to cover me and my backpack. I actually have one for my EDC and another in my carryon bag ready to go. Unlike non-vented umbrellas, I have never had this invert though I am particuarly careful with it.

                  I hate small umbrellas. I wish someone would invent a full golf size that compacts down to 8 or 10 inches. Sigh...


                  PS - if you have been in NY, how did your chosen unit hold up? We've had some rough weather in the DC area recently.


                    Another vote for the Davek. But, unlike the other suggestions, I would be tempted to go with the Davek Solo. It's bigger than a compact umbrella but I find it's much better when you need to walk in rain rather than a quick run to the car, bus, etc.

                    The Davek Mini is great for a compact umbrella but it has a small and shallow canopy. It won't really keep more than your head and shoulders dry in heavy rain. Personally, I would only use it as an emergency umbrella if there's constant rain and wind.

                    Another option is the Lewis Clark Automatic Travel Umbrella. That's what I would buy if I was going on a trip. It's as good as a Davek and a quarter of the price. The only time the Davek shines is in heavy wind (there the Lewis seems like it might break).

                    Finally, if there's a lot of wind, I would go with the Blunt XS Metro. Nothing beats it in heavy wind. I doubt it'll ever turn inside out. But, the problem is that it doesn't protect against rain as well as any of the others.