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    Interesting. I don't have the Pilot, but I often grab my Halcyon (Dyneema) S19 by an open zipper, even when it's full; and though I wonder if this might weaken the "seal" of the zippers, thus far this has not happened.

    I had another backpack, by Timberland, and I finally gave that one away because the zippers would slide open by themselves if there was any kind of weight in the bag. Quite alarming, especially if one has a full load of groceries in the bag! (The zippers did not look damaged in any way, they closed completely with no gaps.) So by the end I would clip the sliders together with a carabiner to keep them from sliding open.

    All that to say, I have not found an issue with TB zippers. I have not experienced any sagging with any of my Halcyon TB bags, but I do note that almost all the exterior Halcyon pockets on my TB bags that I can think of close with zippers, they are not open-top pockets. The sagging might just be a characteristic of open pockets in general, not a Pilot-specific or Halcyon-specific issue. (I just realized my SCB has an open pocket on the back. I never put anything large or bulky back there, as it would cause the bag to jut away from my hip. But so far, no sagging.)

    Originally posted by travelman View Post
    You might want to rethink the halcyon in an another bag like the pilot. There is a thread on Flyer talk where the zipper comes open and papers or lost in the halcyon fabric. There is talk of the back pocket sagging. I do not like the halcyon or any soft like fabric for the exterior I like the ballistic material. The soft fabric is great for the interior of the bag and for the stuff sacks, and such. I found it hard to believe that the zipper would open on it's own, but I tried it on my bags at home. They do open up with just a touch of a finger.


      I've offered to buy that black halcyon pilot used from the OP on Flyer talk. Again I thought the halcyon is a lot stiffer than I expected. Maybe not compared to the ballistic, but I think it would work for me.


        First trip. S25 was great in Amsterdam and on our cruise to Norway. Here fire a water break at a waterfall near Flam

        I found it had just enough organization to be adaptable to air travel, city or outdoor uses. It looks pretty good too.

        Thanks again for all the help in choosing.


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