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cow vs. traditional clutch wallet

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    cow vs. traditional clutch wallet

    Waiting for my new mcb to arrive and wondering if I can make the transition from a traditional clutch wallet (big, heavy) to a COW. I plan on not carrying my checkbook anymore, and I am trying to lighten what I carry and minimize. Wondering if anyone has made the transition.

    I switched from a clutch to a mini organizer pouch a few months ago because I had it already and I wanted to try out a more minimal wallet. I am surprised how much I love it. When I want to just run out the door, I can even just clip the pouch and my keys together, throw my phone in my pocket and go. I even found a teeny tiny coin purse at the Earth Fare of all places that fits in the pouch.
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      thank you. That's what I am hoping for...I want to lighten what I carry and just minimize my life..in many ways. thank you.


        I used to carry a Vera Bradley tech wristlet type wallet which also had a phone compartment so that was probably a medium sized accessory. I haven't carried a checkbook wallet in a long time. I can easily fit my EDC things in a SE, SCB or Little Swift so I'm not a large purse kind of person anyway. I think I'd like to purge some cards by using an phone app, but I haven't gotten around to that yet.

        I got a plum COW in a swap and used it for cards (ID, CC) which made it a little too full to add cash which has to be folded anyway. I would use the COW and a second organizer pouch (Sitka halcyon so cash wasn't visible) on a TB handle loop. That made it easy to move from bag to bag.

        I recently got a small double organizer pouch because I was pining for something in Azure (requested something bright since pouches are TB Crew choice). Cards are in front in a little sewn divider so the cards aren't visible (I probably spent a little too much time overthinking and over-organizing this, haha). The back section has plenty of room for more cards if needed or cash. I drop it in EDC bags or often just carry it as a wristlet and I'm pleased with this set up.
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          Originally posted by threeteez View Post
          I recently got a small double organizer pouch...
          I absolutely LOVE this!! I think you've inspired me. I love the idea of adding your own wristlet loop on it.


            Originally posted by Lani View Post
            I absolutely LOVE this!! I think you've inspired me. I love the idea of adding your own wristlet loop on it.
            @Lani, There was some discussion about these pouch combinations for wallets over on the Ravelry forums a couple of months ago, so I'll add some more information to what @threeteez has posted here. In addition to the earlier discussion about using the small double organizer pouch as a wallet -- and I have to laugh, because the original thread title was "oh my... heres whats in my cart....HELP ME SHOP please!", and before the end of the thread the original poster's comment was "i think i am officially overwhelmed. I have 17 items in my cart now." -- there was a later thread titled "advice on pouches" where the poster stated "my mom wants some pouches for a trip. she doesn’t want a big pouch like a wallet. but small pouches. i was thinking of getting the knitting tool pouches. 1 pouch for coins, 1 pouch for paper currency, 1 pouch for credit cards, 1 pouch for receipts. and a handle loop to clip onto the double carabiner."

            I wrote back:
            How about using the small size Double Organizer Pouch for currency, and the back zippered pouch for receipts? Does she need the Double Carabiner Clip, or just the ability to attach more than one pouch to a Handle Loop that acts as a wristlet? Because, the handle loops come with either O-Ring or Snaphook ends, so if you use the regular organizer pouches with snap hook ends, just get a Handle loop with an O-Ring at the end.
            @Pokilani nicely posted a picture showing that Yen notes could fit into the back pocket unfolded (although they have to be angled in), and the poster ended up getting a few small pouches to attach to the wristlet strap. You can also handle your transit passes as an add-on.

            Again, I'll quote part of my post there:
            Yes, you can attach two small double organizer pouches (or other size organizer pouches, or Pocket Pouches, which also have snap hook ends) to a Handle wrap with an O-Ring end. You can also attach two of these pouches with snap hook ends to a Double Carabiner Clip, and slide them along that loop, but for a different reason: each loop of the double carabiner clip is smooth, and has a sort of oval, flattened profile -- which means that the snap hook can snap over it and still slide over the plastic loop portion.



              I used to carry a large wallet with lots of cards, etc. now I use a COW for cards, and a small purse (same size as cow) for cash, coins, and the two cards I use frequently. Running into a shop I only need the small purse, a day of errands I take both.

              I'd never go back to a huge brick wallet - the COW made me realise how much I didn't need to carry!

              The way I did it was just to 'try for a few days'. If you haven't got a COW yet, try with envelopes or ziplock bags, just to see how it feels.