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One for the ladies/girls/women out there.

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    One for the ladies/girls/women out there.

    I'm wanting to get some feedback/ideas from you on what to get my wife for Christmas. My wife, Weng, is a Filipina, 35, 4'11'', and weighing in at 88-94 lbs.
    I want to get her a "Western Flyer" when it comes out for the same type of travel that I do, adventure travel. Her favorite color is light/sky blue, although Darcy said it won't be available unfortunately with current, or soon to be current, offerings. The closest color would be the sapphire.

    I'm hoping against hope that I can convert her to "one bag" travel. She currently travels with 2-3 full suitcases, a backpack, and her purse. Plus she'll ship a "balikbayan" box full of gifts, clothes, and food for the family. You can always spot a Filipina at the airport, they're the ones standing next to about 20 cardboard boxes, tied up with string, and a LOT of luggage!:-)

    She works for a Chinese family here in Hong Kong, and she usually carries 2 cheaply made totes (I've seen her with three!), and one big, cheap bag on her shoulder. The bags/totes have no padding, and no pockets. The shoulder straps dig into her shoulder, and are uncomfortable and awkward. It drives me nuts to see how overburdened she must be and every time I'm with her, I'll take one or two bags off her to carry myself. I hate those bags! That's what she'll take with her shopping, at the wet market, buying fruit, vegetables, etc. She has another folded up bag for buying meat, or fish. She puts those into her other bags (Hey, it's Asia!)

    My question is, along with a main bag like the "Western Flyer", what would you suggest, and why, for a day bag/day pack for taking with you every day. For shopping at malls, around town, to the beach, shopping for groceries (buying fish at the wet market! The dichotomy is overwhelming!) Something that can be packed away easily in something like the "Western Flyer", but be strong enough and big enough to be useful. Something that will nicely match the sapphire color of the "Western Flyer" (I'm a guy, I'm incapable of matching colors!:-) It was suggested to me maybe a Cafe shoulder bag, or maybe a Ruck's Sac to start the discussion. She doesn't have a laptop (not yet, anyway), but one could be in her future. Right now she only prefers to use mine.

    Any thoughts/ideas? Remember, she's only 4'11", 88-94 lbs., petite and small boned. I do love her, and I'd like to get her something special for Christmas. Thanks in advance!

    Dave in Hong Kong
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    Well, I'd definitely get her one or more Utility Totes, and maybe a Lux as well! That's for work, and the day bag while traveling. The only reason I don't suggest the Swift as well is that it sounds like she isn't going to be doing much organizing vs. just dumping stuff into the bags. All three bags have the Poron foam padding on the handles.

    As for the balikbayan... good luck with that! You must know she'll NEVER travel home without all that stuff!


      One more thought...

      I almost forgot, I also need a preferably dedicated place for a water bottle in the day pack, but I guess room inside would be okay. Everyone carries bottled water here in Asia, it's a necessity. Any ideas?
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        Go very slow with converting her to the one-bag way of life. Its one thing to convert someone who packs a suitcase and takes a purse, its another thing entirely to convert someone who takes multiple suitcases and carry-ons!

        Try getting her down to one suitcase and a carry-on first, then just keep chipping away. I converted my wife by letting her pack her bags, then we went through it together and discussed alternatives to every item she packed. I pointed out ways she could match clothing differently and pour toiletry items into smaller containers. The final step for me was that I bet her that I could get everything from her suitcase into a carry-on. I won the bet with good bundle wrapping. It sort of opened her eyes to how little you really have to sacrifice to travel light. Of course, that first carry-on was not very light! But it was a carry-on, after all.
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          There's room in the lux for a water bottle. Also, the new synapse might be a good option depending on the size- the specs will be out soon.


            There's a pocket-like thing on the Swift that accommodates a water bottle (scroll to about halfway down on the page).