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Official Thread: The Hero's Journey

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    Originally posted by Darcy View Post
    It's a design in its own right, but just as cool as the Sprout. I picture myself using it on museum-hopping days in the city, or just going out and exploring restaurants/shops/bookstores in new neighborhoods.
    Dear Darcy, that was a very unfair tease, as I am trying to imagine the design already.

    Especially since Autumn is just the perfect time for those activities.

    The Hero's Journey is gorgeous, especially in Nordic, and I believe a perfect international trip bag, because of its capacity, lightweight and beautiful design. Definitely the most beautiful hiking bag, I have ever seen.

    The videos showcasing it on mixed travel, city and hotel where its versatility shines and on the most gorgeous landscapes of the hiking video where one can plainly see that it is foremost a hiking bag.

    Ilkyway, her husband and Tom are just the perfect models for it.

    More hints about the City Wonderfinder, please.

    I am sure there are some in the factory videos, running them again.
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      WOW!!! My order is in for the Nordic/Black with 2 side pockets!!! AND...it has already been shipped!!! This bag is as much a piece of art and architecture to admire as it is for outdoor adventuring!! I am so excited to see it in person!! Way to go Tom and Crew!!


        Originally posted by moriond View Post
        @WendyK, I also asked Darcy about this, and she came out with that information about a second backpack. So I think there will be another really exciting debut before Christmas!

        Wonderful! I'll have to start saving.


          Oh My! I am shock $480. Ouch~~ Plus, International Shipping +$60, even Tax = more than half a thousand. Oh my... my... my my...
          I know. It is a great Bag and I could see the great value it could bring along with me. Just that, it is way way higher than I expected.
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            Not the HsJ but since they were part of the debut today - I ordered a bunch of the new key straps!! A little pick-me-up to make up for a bit of a setback I encountered today. Some Halcyon, some webbing. I was hoping for Island Halcyon keystraps but am sure I'll love the new webbing ones. More color-coding ahoy!!


              Originally posted by weirdguy View Post
              It is a great Bag and I could see the great value it could bring along with me. Just that, it is way way higher than I expected.
              Same here. Now I'm entirely rethinking my needs…


                Originally posted by Darcy View Post
                While we don't have plans to make the Top Pack available separately, Tom is putting the finishing touches on a new small backpack design that he started working on immediately after he completed The Hero's Journey....
                What I really like about the top pack is the convertible aspect. Hope the new bag will also be a transformer or the top bag will be sold separately. I'd imagine that you might need to replace a top pack that got lost or gotten damaged beyond repair.


                  I'd like to see more input on hydration bladder usage. I have a 1.5L and a 3L; I think the 1.5L would be manageable, but the 3L is probably too big.

                  Edit: I'd also like to see how this handles when you don't fill it up.

                  Edit: I'm looking at this as $300 Aeronaut + $__ backpack + $__ other bag (depending on configurations). I really liked the aspect of owning a single bag. But, as I currently have the money and no Aeronaut, I'm going to see if I can live without the Aeronaut and save the ~$300.
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                    The bag looks pretty neat and all. I like it's multi-function capability, but I'm gonna need a Hero's Paycheck to rope this one in...
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                      Came close on ordering but needed to figure out what i'd carry on a trip. My use would not be hiking. I saw a spiral notebook being a tight fit for the top pack. For me I'd need the top bag to hold a 13" MacBook Pro or I'd still need to take a DLBP or DLBC with me.


                        I'm in love!! I've had an Aeronaut 45 for many years and now that my husband has a new knee we have been planning more hiking trips. Not really camping trips but more of the kind in which we spend multiple days hiking from town to town or cabin to cabin. Although I love my A45, I don't think I'd want to hike with it. I wanted something that i could carry on a flight, of course, and had been studying many of the hiking bags on the market. I probably won't be able to get one until early 2017 but it is definitely a must have!


                          Wow. I'm quite impressed with this. It's pretty epic, in fact.

                          Since I've been working the other way and trying to go lighter/smaller, though, I think I'm going to sit out this one. But great job TB!!!!


                            Probably not going to be able to justify the HJ due the pretty high cost and the fact I already have 2 A45s and 2 A30s.
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                              I've had convertible travel packs in the past - a large Eagle Creek bag that I got for a trip to Europe 15+ years ago comes to mind, but I don't think it would be considered a carry-on by today's standards. It was heavy because I packed heavy back then and my trip was early Spring, so I was probably packed for cold weather. I still use the day pack that would zip onto the back of the main pack. I gave up the main pack after only a couple of trips because it was too heavy and beefy.

                              I have had lots of day and overnight/extended trail backpacks over the years, and two convertible shoulder bag/backpacks, including the A30 I'm currently using.

                              The HsJ has several advantages over the old Eagle Creek bag. Maybe stating the obvious for many. The top pack zipping to the "top" should be better weight distribution for backpacking. The size will meet US carry-on requirements. The multiple ways to configure the top pack is amazing! It's a great combo travel and trail design.

                              I was surprised this didn't weigh more - 4 lbs is not a lightweight backpack, but it has the heavy duty zippers and durable fabrics we would expect from Tom Bihn. For those forced to check, they can probably do that with confidence, although I'm sure some will want to put it in a duffel if they are planning to check.

                              Price - $480 as many have said is tough - the nonstarter for me. The ultralight trail pack that I drool over these days is $325 and weighs 21 oz using Dyneema® Composite Fabric Hybrids (formerly Cuben Fiber Hybrids). There are other good choices in the $200 range that are ~2lbs using Robic. But those are not travel packs - might not be carry-on friendly, and I would not check them unless they were in a sturdy duffel. I would like to do some backpacking outside of my driving range, but don't have any plans to currently, and probably won't take the HsJ unless it landed in my hands for a lot less.

                              I would go for a smaller lighter version. I really like the HsJ top pack, but it could strap/click into place. I would lighten up the heavy duty zippers, and lose the sleeping bag compartment zipper. Panel loading is probably a given with Tom Bihn, and a great features in travel bags, so I can live with the extra long zipper for that. I would like mesh size pockets and ideally a mesh back pocket. These could be modular (removable) if necessary, but I would consider mine for carry-on only. Maybe the panel flap could be invertable? (is that a word?) Main body could be smaller (maybe 2200 cu in / 36 liters). Ideally these changes would reduce the cost as well.

                              I applaud anyone jumping in with both feet and heading off to some distant trail (or hut/hostel/hotel) with the Hero's Journey. Looking forward to many beautiful pics.


                                It's a design in its own right, but just as cool as the Sprout.
                                I am very very excited about this. I've been holding out for a city-fied small backpack. DLBP being too big for me. As always, I'll volunteer to be a beta tester on such a backpack.
                                Getting to the point with too many bags to list them all. Current daily carry is my Black Halcyon Zeitgeist with a Cobalt Cerylon 3DOC as my "purse"/