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Official Thread: The Hero's Journey

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    I'm doubtful I could handle such a big pack, but I am always super excited about seeing new Bihn items. I share the TB love quite a bit and it is always important to me to at least be informed about all things TB so I can "sell" my friends/family on all the bags! The PTP is adorable. That will totally be on my wishlist.


      Originally posted by maverick View Post
      The Hero's Journey announcement and the breathtaking photography is so inspiring! I want to plan a hiking trip!

      If I were to ask Tom for his recommendation, I wonder what his advice would be...
      For someone with acrophobia, that photo is terrifying. I love views like that but always freak out when I'm actually there.
      Last week's trip to West Virginia involved a hike up a mountain, and I spent our time at the summit screeching for people to pull their kids back a little farther from the edge.

      Oh, right, the backpack? I'll stick to the lowlands with it.

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        Hero's Journey reminds me of my marsupialization of my Smart Alec and CoPilot. Wear both to airport and through TSA, then the Pilot goes inside the Smart Alec as personal carry on.
        Alas, have sold both and acquired a checkpoint flyer. At point in life where a spinner carry on is essential. Of course, dimension of the spinner fits required dimensions which takes into account the wheels.
        Been there. Done that. Can't remember.


          So excited, though I'm not sure how much I need another bag....saw this on the website and wanted to share:

          Volume: 2750 - 3650 cu.in / 45 - 60 liters, depending on how you configure it


            Oh, how convenient! I was just dreaming of a fall camping trip with our three-year-old. (Also, thank you for so clearly marking the easter eggs in the HTML.)


              Originally posted by haraya View Post
              Will the PTP have a loop for securing it to a keystrap?
              It does indeed have a loop!

              Originally posted by DeBru View Post
              How cool! Can we pls have the dimensions and capacity?
              Volume was leaked in a later post…. we’ll reveal the dimensions at some point within the next few weeks.

              Originally posted by ztstephens View Post
              I'll give a hint and some advice, tom bihn is my hero!
              Very good!

              Originally posted by nathant4 View Post
              Will the 'bottom' of the bag feature any additional waterproofing for setting down on a wet day??

              Last question....CAN I PREORDER?
              Unless you let the bag sit in a puddle for a while, no need for an extra waterproof bottom. Just setting it down on wet ground for a brief period of time shouldn’t be an issue.

              Are you signed up to get an email when The Hero’s Journey is officially in stock and ready to ship? That’d be the best way to make sure you get one. My guess is that it’ll debut at 10:00am Pacific Time on September 27th.

              Originally posted by jalegg View Post
              Have there been previous versions of "Ask Tom"?
              No, but there will be future ones! Want to submit a question? :P
              Have a question? @Darcy (to make sure I see it)

              Current carry: testing new potential materials in the form of Original Large Shop Bags.


                This is very exciting!!!

                I just finished a Lake Tahoe trip with about 17-18 miles of day hiking at 7000-9000 feet altitude, and it was glorious! After this experience I'd totally be open to hut-to-hut trips, which I'd never heard of until now after reading the TB blog today.

                I also do enough trail running races (I did my first ultra marathon recently!) that some day I see myself planning to do races geographically far enough to warrant plane travel, and where this bag would become so handy for packing oddly shaped gear and other racing stuff.

                So when I saw the pictures of the Hero's Journey backpack, wow this was looking so good to me! Did I say I'm excited?!

                I studied the pictures and tried to decipher the writing on the design brainstorming pages...(I'm not into evil hinting, sorry)

                Here's what I came up with:
                "Removable handle? 2" gatekeeper or 1.5" webbing
                Could be symmetrical loops: so that 1) handle can move either side, 2) side pockets could attach on same loops, 3)could have ____/compression straps too!"

                "2-3cm coated?? bottom"


                  Looking great, but that thing looks ginormous-- meaning my wallet is safe! (Maybe?)

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                    @Darcy, I love this new two-stage approach to debuts!


                      Soooo, the travel pillow is actually just a pillowcase?

                      I get why backpackers might like it, but I guess I was thinking it might actually come with a pillow. I don't travel with the right sort of jacket to stuff in it. In the summer I have nothing and in the winter I have a full length loden coat with very lumpy leather buttons.


                        I am travelling as of Sept 22; off the grid from Sept 24 to Oct 2. Wish that PTP goes with me!


                          That is slightly insidious that people in the photos of the new Hero's Journey are wearing black - especially if one is trying to see the finer details! Very intriguing though...
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                            I'm just hiking the Hadrian wall path (about 95 miles long) and can't sleep well because of pain (3rd day will be hell) and then I get this news.
                            I initially decided against my Brain Bag, because I feared I could not get enough weight on my waist instead of my shoulders.
                            So now I travel with a 36L hiking backpack and it is definitely the maximum weight capacity I can bear all day long.
                            Long story short, if I survive this hell of a trip, I'll want to make more and I'm looking forward to the debut with excitement.


                              Listen to this song while reading about The Hero's Journey, and you'll want one even more!



                                I did the Tarsar Marsar 6-day trek in the Himalayas with my wife and some very close friends of ours from church just 3 weeks back. Both my wife and I carried the Synapse 19 as our day backs. We had horses carrying our other baggage in our Aeronaut 45. I was thinking it would have been nice to have something with hipbelts to carry our load better considering we climbed from about 6000 feet base camp in Aru to 13200 feet at the Tarsar pass. And also have easy access to my water bottle.

                                I got back home and started checking on backpacks for trekking and was rueing the fact that Tom Bihn didn't have anything aside from the Guidepack.

                                When I opened my emails this morning it was such a pleasant surprise to hear about the Hero's journey. I am so so excited. Oh yay oh yay oh yay 💃💃💃.
                                Synapse 25, Aeronaut, TB packing cubes and accessories.