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Tribe One Outdoors OP Series PackNet

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    Tribe One Outdoors OP Series PackNet

    Has anyone ever used the Tribe One Outdoors OP Series PackNet on a Daylight Backpack? Or any advice on them?

    The PackNet is a like a web of bungie cords that connect to the outside of a backpack without making holes.

    I'm taking the Daylight Backpack on a week around Northern California. We'll travel with a car, so I will be able to leave stuff in the car. But I was thinking the PackNet might be a cool way to connect an adult and kid rain coats to the outside of the pack.


    I do not have personal experience with PackNet, but I remember being fascinated with this thread last year, so much so that it has sat in my Amazon cart while I figure out how I might use it. I rarely, if ever, tote around a jacket, so I haven't pulled the trigger yet.

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      LOL. Thanks Pammy. This has been sitting on my Amazon cart as well. I thought I got the idea from this forum, but I didn't remember that post. Thanks!

      I pride myself on using the Daylight Backpack as a smart limit on weight. I don't overstuff it. That makes me think "What do I really need?" and leave out non-essentials.

      But I'm thinking about coats on this trip -- and about the two times that I've had to carry a balance bike in one hand and a three-year-old in the other. That happens when a three-year-old refuses to keep walking on the far side of a lake. That exertion made me think about bungee cords to hold the bike against my backpack -- and how much weight the PackNet could carry.


        I have a packnet and after using it for a while on my Synapse 19, I found that the shock cord is really too strong for bags like the synapse. Unless my pack was filled all the way, putting anything in the net would cause my Synapse to crumple since there was so little give with the shock cord. It would work much better if the shock cord was much more elastic in my opinion.


          @johnykwst - Thanks. Sounds like it would be way too much for a Daylight Backpack. I don't want it folding the DLBP in half.

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            How were the attachment points themselves? I was thinking having just the external ring or two (without the net) might come in handy (for clipping in a pouch on the outside of the bag, or maybe even a light jacket from a hang loop).

            Also, instead of using the Tribe One net, what about stringing lightweight shock cord (like the cord on the Smart Alec) in a simple figure eight between the four attachment points? That would make a loose net good enough to hold in a jacket, I think (the jacket being big enough to poke out in various directions to hold itself in place--it probably wouldn't work for lashing on a small box or bottle).

            I'm on the fence about ordering one myself to play with--although I am trying to curb my tendency to buy "clever" travel/packing gadgets that I don't end up using!


              @Fluff the attachment points themselves work great. Using lighter weight shock cord is definitely a step in the right direction, I don't see why it wouldn't work. Please post pics if you do try it out!


                Just got it today to go with my new S19, looking good. The double-layer Halcyon 400d+200d is too thick for it, so I had a hard time finding good attachment points at the S19's top section. Used the top part near the main compartment (after the zipper, closer to the handle) so having a bit of trouble accessing the main compartment now... Still, looks like it's going to be handy especially with the ever-changing weather we're having. And getting it off is a snap.

                I agree with the cord being too thick (and maybe heavier than needed) but probably looks better than a would-be flimsier cord. Here's a pic:

                Synapse 19 in Black Halcyon/Island plus the PackNet
                Click image for larger version

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