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What a surprise!

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    What a surprise!

    My wife and I come home from early morning Christmas shopping, and what do I find? A Tom Bihn Holiday box sitting outside our door? I look over at my wife and asked her, with a grin on my face, "what did you buy me!?" She of course said, "Nothing!"

    I've never met a group of people or a company as customer centric as Tom Bihn. Absolutely wonderful!

    Well, all I can say is Thank you, and Happy Holiday's from my family to yours!
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    I got one today too! I was actually on the phone with a friend of mine when I my husband handed it to me. I was like, whoa! I opened the box and was so surprised. I thought I was just getting a cookie! I opined to my friend I was on the phone with and she was really impressed. I was evangelizing Tom Bihn to her on the phone. I think I may have converted her!
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      Yes, Virginia there still is a Santa Claus !!!! And he is stationed in Port Angeles.

      Thank you, thank you to for the cookie and surprise! Yum! opps none left to share with darling husband. And the surprise - so soft, I think I'll stuff it and use as a pillow. ok, its a bit small for that but you know I'll find a use or two.

      Grown ups have so few surprise gifts at holiday time - what a delight to see your labeled box on my doorstep. Thank you Tom and crew for spreading joy this holiday season. Smiles in California.

      Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

      PS I really like the gift box and am really glad I added one to my order for darling husband's brain bag! Nice touch - Again!!
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      Another happy owner of the Aeronaut, Sm & Lg packing cube, convertible packing cube, Absolute packing strap. Also travel with Ballistic Imago w/2 sm organizer pouches and style kit. Swift with extra key straps, organizer pouches and my quarter packing cube. Holiday Med. Ultrasuede® pouch, all 3 sizes of Stuff Bags, various key straps. I love them all!


        I got one too, what a surprise!

        The medium plush soft organizing pouch gift is really really soft and would be perfect for things that need soft care such as old pictures, jewellery, cd's, extra memory cards and electronic.

        If you have a cork poucn the inside texture is similar to the all over texture of this pouch.

        I hope it will come in many colors because as I said before it is ideal for travelling with jewellery.


          Like everybody else on this thread, I was surprised to see a box from Tom Bihn waiting for me when I got home this afternoon.

          What a cool and genuinely kind thing to do. You guys are great, and I'll continue to spread the word.


            I also received mine today! Thanks Tom, Darcy and all the other Bihn folks. I love it and it will be another useful addition to my ever-expanding Bihn collection.


              We're so glad that all of you are enjoying the pouches!

              They are made out of real <a href="http://www.ultrasuede.com/">Ultrasuede®</a> -- a fabric that we plan to use more of in 2008. (Some of you have bags like the ID or Imago that have pockets lined with Ultrasuede®.) As you know, it's a rich, luxurious fabric that (as backpack pointed out) is soft and perfect for storing electronics and other sensitive items. And I personally appreciate the steps Ultrasuede® takes to develop its manufacturing processes so that they are gentle on the environment (I hope we'll be able to share more about this with you soon!)

              The color of your pouch is similar to a color we will be introducing in early 2008: Cayenne. Our Cayenne 500 denier Cordura (dyed especially for us to Tom's specifications) is a richer, rustier orange than your pouch. I know many of you have requested orange: it's almost here!

              P.S. Sadly, it's easy to come across low-quality knock-offs of Ultrasuede® fabrics. If you're browsing online and come across shoes, clothing, or bags that say they are made out of "ultra suede" or "ultrasuede", chances are it's not the real stuff. Always look for "Ultrasuede®".

              You can find care instructions for your pouches <a href="http://www.ultrasuede.com/about/care/">here</a>.
              Have a question? @Darcy (to make sure I see it)

              Current carry: testing new potential materials in the form of Original Large Shop Bags.


                Thank you, Tom Bihn!!!

                I also received a fantastic Tom Bihn box on Friday. So very cool. I absolutely love the pouch, it will come in handy for so many different things. This is just one more reason I recommend this company to everyone I know. Tom Bihn goes the extra step to do something nice for their customers. Exceptional customer service, top-quality merchandise, what more could we ask for. The cookie was a nice touch, too. :-) I am a customer for life.
                Proud user of Tom Bihn products since 2005.


                  Wow, thanks so much! Like the others, I'm blown away by your generosity to your customers. The pouch is perfect and I love the Ultrasuede. (The cookie - I'm told - was delicious. Went straight to dh... )

                  Happy Holidays to all!


                    There's not much more to add than thank you. I love the color too.


                      Thank you thank you!

                      Loved the cookie, too. Nice touch.
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                        Tom, Darcy and all the Tom Binh crew:

                        Thank you!

                        What a lovely surprise when I came home after a weekend away!

                        Happy holidays to all of you--you are the best!

                        The color is great, and the pouch will now house the drawing tools I am getting for the holidays.

                        Thanks for the best bags and the best service on the planet!



                          Thank you so much!

                          The pouch is lovely, and like everyone else, I love the fabric and the color. (The cookie was excellent too.)


                            I'm impressed that they all seem to have landed on the same day all over the country.
                            Proud owner of; Ego (first run) in Black/Steel/Deep Blue; medium organizer pouches in cayenne and crimson; small organizer pouches in olive, pink and storm blue; mini organizer pouch in sapphire; quarter packing cube; ego strips in crimson, plum, blue glitter and sapphire.


                              Could someone post a picture? I'm curious!
                              Owner of:
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