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What a surprise!

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    I add my thanks to TB + crew for the so, so soft gift! Totally unique, and almost to the point of *Gollum voice* precious...

    And... COOKIE! =D


      Just wanted to chime in my belated thanks for the gift. It was a great surprise. If your "marketing team" is reading this you can tell them that it definitely makes me want to buy more products from your company.

      Only problem is I'm not sure what I'm going to use it for yet. I normally abuse the pouches with either spare junk or toiletries but this one seems so nice I'm at a loss as to what to do ... for now.
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        Originally posted by Darcy View Post
        I'm not sure if we will make the Ultrasuede pouch an item that's available for purchase. But we can, and if enough people request them, we will.

        Who receives the pouches? It's not an exact science, but people who post on the forums and have also placed an order with us (so we have their address) are most likely to receive a pouch. People who receive a gift one year might not receive one the next and people who don't receive a gift this year might receive one the next, or next year maybe we'll make a large charitable contribution instead.
        good to know, and thanks for the information time to go start another thread


          yet another reason why the folks at Tom Bihn rock.

          Happy christmas/festive celebration/december* to all at Tom Bihn, and all the fellow forumists! May 2008 bring you much happiness and success in whatever you choose to do.


          *delete as applicable, :-)


            Thank you so much for the pouch! It's even prettier than the picture. I was expecting a more general sort of orange, but it's a beautiful reddish shade. And wow, the fabric is so soft! I think these would be a great item to offer, or at least some other pouch design that uses this fabric.

            Now what to put in it...?

            Oh! And I can't wait to eat the cookie!
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              This actually came at the perfect time for me. I was just trying to figure out a way to be able to transport more tea in my quarter packing cube and I thought about attaching a small organizer pouch to it when I got this. So, I switched out my other med one with the new one (It is going to be out a lot and I think the new one is too nice for that) and took my key strap and attached it to the loop on my quarter packing cube to put all of the stuff that was on one side of it (tea scale, scoop, empty filter bags and some bagged teas) so I could fill the other side with 8 more tea tins. Brilliant! It works fabulously. Thanks again.
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                This is the second year I've come home to a surprise Tom Bihn box sitting on my desk. There is just something about this company that keeps you coming back for more. Thank you again guys. I bought 3 bags as gifts today so add three more to the family.


                  Thank you to the whole crew!!

                  I just wanted to take a moment and thank you guys for the "Holiday Surprise" I got today in the mail. The internal Pocket organizer will go to very good use!!

                  Thanks to TB, Darcy and the whole crew for having such a community-friendly sense of brand ownership and excellence.

                  Happy Holidays to all, and I look forward to more good products, ideas and conversations in the New Year!!

                  All the best,



                    Another thanks!!!

                    What a nice gift...thanks again!


                      I just got mine today. Thanks!

                      P.S. I recently moved, and it got forwarded from my old address. I recently ordered the horizontal Freudian Slip with my new address, but I guess it didn't get updated. How do I update my address in case you want to send me more freebies? :-)
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                        I love the pouch, Darcy! It was an unexpected surprise waiting for me after my first trip with my new Aeronaut/Brain Bag combination. (And the new bags exceeded my expectations!)

                        I have quite a collection of pouches now, and I rotate them in and out of my bags as I need them. I also keep a few in my home office, where I also find them handy.

                        I'll be testing out the new Ultrasuede® pouch over the holidays. Right now, I expect that I'll be keeping it around the house rather than in my travel bags.

                        Now that I've gotten more people to switch from PCs to Macs, I've been working to switch them over to Tom Bihn bags too. (I'm a poker reporter, traveling from tournament to tournament, so I'm surrounded by fellow poker travelers.) I always tell people how you have the best customer service of any company in any industry I've ever seen.
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                          I got mine yesterday. Perfect to protect my books. I've always a book in my bag or my pocket but they suffer a lot. Befor I used Cordura Organizer Pouches but this one is better.
                          Thank your very much to Tom, Darcy and all the crew.


                            Originally posted by Darcy View Post
                            I'm not sure if we will make the Ultrasuede pouch an item that's available for purchase. But we can, and if enough people request them, we will.
                            I originally mentioned receiving this pouch in another thread, but I thought I'd add my thanks again here. This (Cayenne) is a terrific color, and actually one of my thoughts was that it would be a great option for the lining of the pockets used for carrying portable electronics (see, for example, view C of the Imago with the 2nd generation iPod nano in one of the side pockets). I'd love to have this kind of color contrast against a black, steel, or cocoa bag built into the pockets. Having this as a separate pouch would also be great.


                              The Tom Bihn organizer pouches were hung by the chimney with care...

                              I returned home from a difficult trip and arrived at the post office to pick up my held mail expecting the usual mountain of junk mail, random catalogs I never even knew existed and...wait, what's this? A Tom Bihn Box? I don't think I ordered anything. Did I order anything? No, definitely not. What could it be?

                              Well, aside from being a truly awesome pouch, it was a bright moment during a time in which they were in short supply.

                              Many, many thanks and best wishes to the great folks in Seattle for the New Year.


                                Hey Darcy.

                                Any chance these awesome gifts will make it across the pond to Norway? Been waiting to see if anything shows up in my mailbox after reading this thread for a while, but so far nothing

                                Also on another topic, any word on the upgrade program for the braincell (memory foam upgrade)?

                                Best regards,