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What a surprise!

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    So that's what it is!!

    I bought by first Tom Bihn bag (Ego w/Q-A strap) when I was stateside in November and thought I had recieved everthing I had ordered. A couple of weeks ago I got an email from my brother that I had a package from Tom Bihn and for the life of me I could NOT figure out what else I may have ordered. Thanks to this forum I can now relax. That package is on its way (to Japan) as I write this.
    To Darcy and the entire Tom Bihn crew, let me say that that was a nice touch. Great company.

    Have a Merry Christmas and an outstanding 2008.


      Please forgive my lack of trust above!!

      Today, on Chrstimas eve, the mailman showed up with a package from Tom Bihn. A wonderful red large pouch, along with the same excellent cookie I got with my previous order, a Happy Holiday card and a sticker.

      Thank you so much!


        Originally posted by moriond View Post
        I originally mentioned receiving this pouch in another thread, but I thought I'd add my thanks again here. This (Cayenne) is a terrific color, and actually one of my thoughts was that it would be a great option for the lining of the pockets used for carrying portable electronics (see, for example, view C of the Imago with the 2nd generation iPod nano in one of the side pockets). I'd love to have this kind of color contrast against a black, steel, or cocoa bag built into the pockets. Having this as a separate pouch would also be great.
        I think that's a great idea: Cayenne goes with just about every other color of ours.
        Have a question? @Darcy (to make sure I see it)

        Current carry: testing new potential materials in the form of Original Large Shop Bags.


          Just wanted to wish everyone at Tom Bihn a Happy New Year and many thanks for the gift! You guys are the best!


            Dear Tom Bihn crew,

            the other day when I arrived home there was a small package waiting with Tom Bihn as the sender. I was surprised since I had not ordered anything since my large order in October. When I opened it found a Christmas card and a pouch as a gift.

            I already liked your company culture and style; that was one of the reasons to order something from across the Atlantic despite the rather high transportation costs. Now I am even more impressed and delighted by your attitude towards your customers. It just was a very nice surprise.

            Wishing you all a wonderful and successful New Year,
            Wladimir Zalozieckyj Sas
            Vienna, Austria

            Apple Powerbook G4 and MacBook Pro, which both feel comfortable in
            a Brain Cell inside a Super Ego or in the Brain Bag


              mine arrived today

              with a sticker which will soon be on my laptop

              so that makes three bihn packages I got for christmas, color me a happy camper... one of these days I'll actually take a picture of everything for the boards

              thanks again guys


                I guess I ordered too late in December to get in on the goodies this year oh well, maybe next year.
                Black/Crimson/Steel Ego, Crimson Brain Cell, Cocoa / Wasabi Large Café Bag, Indigo Tristar, Organizer Pouches and Packing Cubes!


                  I have 3 TB stickers on my laptop.
                  Tom Welch > Mesa, Arizona, USA

                  Travel Lite & Smart


                    this will be the first, to go along with the utilikilt sticker, a concert sticker for mc chris, a wedding reminder for my friend's wedding this summer(I'm the best man so I shouldn't forget, but you never know) and a bumper sticker for my tattoo shop


                      Originally posted by scholar View Post
                      with a sticker which will soon be on my laptop
                      Originally posted by PM4HIRE View Post
                      I have 3 TB stickers on my laptop.
                      I want to see pictures of this!
                      Have a question? @Darcy (to make sure I see it)

                      Current carry: testing new potential materials in the form of Original Large Shop Bags.


                        here ya go

                        ok, top left clockwise...

                        the tom bihn sticker that came with my organizer pouch
                        mc chris concert sticker from his late 2007 tour( nerdcore rapper, very funny, and can actually flow)
                        utilikilt tribal sticker that came with one of the two I own( I forgot where I put the other one:\)
                        needlewurks bumper sticker, in my opinion the best tattoo studio in upstate NY and a significant portion of the north east
                        the wedding reminder for my friend's wedding, slightly covered by the tom bihn, but I know they're getting married, so their picture and the dates are all I really care about keeping visible:
                        hope you enjoy the picture darcy, and I promise to finally get pics of all the rest of my bihn gear at some point
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                          oh yeah and the laptop is a toshiba satellite u205 series, in case people were wondering



                            Thanks for the gift!

                            I just received the pouch as it had to be forwarded to me (currently, I'm deployed with the U.S. Army). It is serious cool!

                            Unfortuately, the cookie did not make the trip: My mom ate it. She mumbled something about that being the price I paid for making her do postal work ... But she did mention that it was really good, so "Thanks!" from her, too.

                            Keep up the good work!



                              Originally posted by Pneumadust View Post
                              She mumbled something about that being the price I paid for making her do postal work
                              I like your mom!!!