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ID bag front flap and plane ticket pocket

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    ID bag front flap and plane ticket pocket

    On my last few trips with my ID (which never leaves my shoulder) I've been having some troubles with the plane ticket pouch and the pocket on the front flap. I usually put my passport (and/or iPod) in the pocket on the front flap and the ticket/boarding pass in the pouch that is under it. The problem is that the stuff in the front flap pocket prevents the corner from being folded up to get to the boarding pass without unbuckling the flap. The plane ticket pouch should be on the other side of the bag (the right as you look at it face on) where the flap is just material and no pocket making it easy to fold up. I think this pic will explain it better:

    (and yes, I do have too much time on my hands)
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    I like that - a simply problem with a simple solution. Question for you: are you right-handed or a south-paw? And which shoulder do you carry your ID on?
    (OK that was two questions . . . I have TWO questions for you . . . .)


      Here are more than two answers!

      I'm right handed.

      If I'm in a rush, I carry the ID like a handbag, over my right shoulder and hanging on the right.

      If I'm travelling a distance I carry the ID like a messenger bag over my left shoulder and hanging behind or on the right. If I want anything from it when in this position, I just sling it round to the front (I have to anyway to get the pocket on the front flap closer to my right hand). If the pocket was on the other side, maybe I'd only have to sling it to my right side and not all the way to the front...

      Hope this helps!



        We have implemented your suggestion and it be in the new batch of ID's coming out of the factory in mid-late November.


          To quote the missus:

          "I like this company....they really listen to what the customer has to say."

          I like my ID and she likes her Cafe bag too