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How's that diaper bag coming?

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    Oh yeah! I can't wait.
    Using a: Super Ego (Black, Steel, Wasabi) with seat belt strip (Wasabi), and alternate reflective Strip. Black BrainCell, Wasabi Snake Charmer, Cork Small Organizer Pouch, and Olive green medium organizer pouch.


      status update?

      Any updates on the diaper bag? I'd love to get one if they are available before the end of July :-)



        Sorry, but I don't think it will be ready by the end of July. More like this fall. But I assume a congratulations is also in order for you! ))
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          Thanks, we're expecting our first in Aug :-)

          Too bad that the bag won't be ready. But I'll still be watching for it next Fall, as I'm sure you guys will do a great job with it. In the mean time, I suppose I should start looking for alternatives...


            Originally posted by Darcy View Post
            We found some great fabric to use to make the diaper bag changing pad that Tom has designed. Pictures soon!!!
            I wanted to bring this one back. Knowing that you guys are still working on it - I was wondering how far along it was? My wife and I are actually using a Cafe Bag for lite diaper duty right now. The medium size is good enough to hold a few diapers, water bottle, and a changing pad with changing wipes. Our large diaper bag solution still isn't my favorite design and it's a little uncomfortable to carry.

            Anyway, since the little one isn't yet potty trained - I was wondering if you guys had moved on to the prototype stage and had any pictures?
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            Using a: Super Ego (Black, Steel, Wasabi) with seat belt strip (Wasabi), and alternate reflective Strip. Black BrainCell, Wasabi Snake Charmer, Cork Small Organizer Pouch, and Olive green medium organizer pouch.


              Oooh. Yes, I would love to be able to purchase a Tom Bihn diaper bag as well. *crossing fingers that they are ready by January*

              Although I can imagine that the Brain Bag I have could be put into diaper duty pretty easily. The Small Cafe bag and Swift, not so much.


                we are due in January

                We are due in January. I would preorder one of these as soon as it were available.


                  I'd very much like one of these! A status report would be great. Otherwise I'm just subscribing to this thread to I'll get notified when the bag is ready.


                    I believe the Large Cafe Bag could be a great diaper bag while waiting for the official Diaper Bag.

                    It is much larger than a Small Cafe Bag (I have both sizes). The Large can hold a couple of water/juice bottles in the main compartment, baby's toilettery essentials in small vials or medium vials in one pocket of a Clear Quarter Packing Cube and teething rings, mini snacks or toys in the other.
                    The Clear Quarter Packing Cube will be an extra accessory but with it's clear vinyl and washable Dyneema it is a spill proof, instant cleaned item with a moist paper towel or baby wipe)

                    I believe the main pocket is also roomy enough for a nice changing pad and when the nice weather comes the back pocket could stow the same item.

                    I think you could even squeeze in a change of clothes.

                    The front zipper pocket can hold a wallet, a slim note pad and keys.

                    The best thing about the Large Cafe Bag is that you can change it's purpose as the child grows, it later can become an activity bag or you can re purpose it for yourself as a cool bag and get a Ruck Sack for the grown little person.

                    Disclaimer: I have baby sat children and been around the little ones in my family, but I do not have a children.
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                      while i don't have any plans for more children, a good friend has a little one on the way - due to arrive in about a month!

                      i thought i would ask if a diaper bag may be close to completion



                        I don't know how far along you folks at Tom Bihn are in the design of what will no doubt a great diaper bag, but I'd like to offer my two cents.

                        Disclaimers: I'm a father of twins, so my experience is not typical, and may be more "extreme" than parents who sensibly bring their children into this world one at a time. And sadly, I do not own any Tom Bihn bags currently.

                        We have mainly pressed other bags that we've had lying around into diaper bag service, so that may argue against creating a purpose-built diaper bag (sorry if you've worked hard it on it so far). The bags that we've pressed into service:
                        • Timbuk2 messenger bag -- No longer used. Probably because it's ugly (my wife's opinion). It does have the nice feature of being very easy to clean the insides
                        • Some random backpack -- This we use all the time, more below
                        • A small camelbak backpack, sans camelbak resevoir. This is our #2 diaper bag, for those (rare) situations where we may both need to change diapers. It is tiny and stuffed to the gills (this will be a recurring theme)
                        • A kate spade diaper bag we received as a gift -- No longer used, aside from the diaper pad that came with it. It was simply too small and we usually overloaded the thing. It did have some nice clips where we strung some webbing so it could be hung from our stroller's handles and sit relatively unobtrusively behind the stroller. We replicate that with our current backpack by hanging the backpack by its straps around the stroller handles.

                        The contents:
                        • Diapers (usually a least 10 size 5)
                        • Wipes (we use the costco kirkland brand wipes, which are self-contained)
                        • Change of clothes. Many changes of clothes, in fact. These are in a bulging Eagle Creek packing cube. Anything that doesn't fit in the cube (jackets, etc) are left loose in the backpack
                        • Aforementioned diaper pad from kate spade
                        • A beach towel
                        • Occasionally some blankets (2-4), but these generally don't fit, so they're slung on the stroller where convenient
                        • Several old/used ziploc bags for disposing of soiled diapers
                        • Diaper cream, sunscreen spray bottle

                        We also carry food, bibs, small towels, sippy cups, books, and bottles of water in another bag that's generally designated as the kids' food bag (usually reusable shopping bag). When the kids were smaller, we also carried a number of baby bottles prefilled with formula (4-5 usually), more water bottles, more blankets and a few toys.

                        Diapers, wipes and diaper cream are in an Eagle Creek half cube, unless it doesn't close, then the wipes are left loose in the backpack, until we use enough wipes for it to fit.

                        The backpack: It is a simple daypack with a panel opening that zips fully open to allow access to the entire inside. That is both a blessing and a curse: Having access is great, we can opening it all up and get to anything, but then we have to pack it up and get it to shut again. Not a huge hassle, we've gotten used to it. I'm estimating that the backpack has about 1500 cubic inches or less of space. The ziploc bags sit inside an outer zippered pocket.

                        This is the point where I could've saved 1000 words and just take a few photos. Maybe in my next post

                        Usage: When we're out, we are in and out of the diaper bag many times, either for diaper changes, or more frequently to get a change of clothes out. Sometimes it will be urgent, so the ability to get at the contents quickly is a must. Closing it up quickly would be a bonus too, since then we can chase after some small person who is running off without pants. Alas, we usually have to give said small people a head start. The ziploc bags with the soiled diapers go into the backpack to be disposed of when we get home, so there's the potential that we may have to wash out the insides (although this has been thankfully very rare for us). We'd be opposed to having a diaper pad that had some sort of washable cover or cloth insert. To us, that just means, "Hey moms, more laundry!" Sorry We much prefer diaper pads with a smooth surface that can be easily wiped down. For us, having our hands free is a big plus. A backpack is a bit less intrusive on that count than the messenger bag was, and certainly better than a normal shoulder bag.

                        When my wife was expecting, I was hoping that Tom Bihn would have a great diaper bag and searched on the forums and kept an eye out for an announcement that Tom Bihn had sewn the Ultimate Diaper Bag for us (well, ok, not just us...) But now, after over a year and a half into parenthood, I'd be happy with a great bag that can be a diaper bag for a time and be a "regular" bag afterwards. So, if you're in this thread similarly looking for a Tom Bihn Ultimate Diaper Bag and are disappointed he hasn't brought it to the world, I would suggest picking out a bag that would fit your needs and stocking up on his packing cubes to keep the baby supplies organized.


                          Any updates

                          My baby is almost here. Any hope of the Diaper bag?


                            Is this still in the works? I might need one some day!


                              We were thinking the super ego would be a good diaper bag, mainly because it is larger than the large cafe bag and could hold a blanky and clothes easier, plus it doesn't look like a diaper bag. Now I find this thread. My one request: use the usual TB colors instead of "baby" prints like most diaper bags have, because one day the bag will need to graduate to other uses. Any updates from the development side?


                                I would love to find something like a "SuperImago", whether for a diaper bag or as a personal item on planes. The Imago looks like it would be perfect if only it were bigger. Just add a changing pad, and there you go! And I would like to have it before August, please! After that, we're moving to the Caribbean, and shipping will go way up!