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The 1995 LGD (from the TOM BIHN vault)

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    i like it - i like the size, and the flap on the right side similar to that on the cafe bags. i'm not sure about the angled zippers. i would definitely like to see the design updated.

    how is the interior? is it one big open area or are there any pockets?



      I like it.


        Originally posted by Just View Post
        Three Snake Charmers? I haven't one myself, but my mental image of that was quite huge!
        I think a much better way of describing the LGD would be that it's the size of a shoebox.
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          It's too much like a purse or a waist pack for my taste. If I'm going to hang something from my shoulder or back I think it needs to be larger. If I'm going to carry a bag this small then I prefer to have it around my waist or in my hand with a short handle. I have a nice small bag for my DSLR that I use when walking around and I rarely use it's shoulder strap because it just "feels" better to hold it.
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            I loved that little Tom Bihn shop in Santa Cruz! On Locust St. if I remember correctly. My husband and I both still have our small café bags that Tom made for us.

            Love the LGD, especially if it was the size of a, um, *generous* shoebox. Anything smaller, I think, would end up with the zip pockets just for fiddly stuff. Is there anything on the back (open pocket, etc.)?

            Love the color, too, but I'm pretty sure *that's* not going to happen.


              Fabulous! Love the idea of a medium-Cafe-ish bag with an east-west orientation. Spent all of September traveling with a small Cafe bag as my full-time cross-body companion, and it worked very well. But I look at the LGD and immediately think: Top zip pocket, receipts; bottom zip pocket, transit pass/other tickets that need to be handy but secure; deep flapped pocket, small camera, cell phone, digital recorder; main zip compartment, compact umbrella (city) or rainshell (not), water bottle, notebook&pens, map, etc. I'm pretty sure it would work for me.


                I love everything I have heard so far about this bag. Size looks good, love the extra zippers and pockets. I think it would be a nice addition to the line (and to my collection).
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                  I voted "no not for me". It is not that I don't find it somewhat cute but it just seems dated compared to the current line of products. I much prefer my Imago with the nice soft end pockets and flap that covers the smaller pockets.


                    I voted for "No, it's not for me." I think the Imago beats this hands down.

                    I'm not really in the market for a bag of this type, though. The only "small" bag I'm interested in is the Buzz. (I currently own an Aeronaut, a Brain Bag, and a Super Ego.)
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                      Isn't it the size of a Convertible Packing Cube?

                      I love it! It is so cute!

                      But the zippers should be updated and I want it in Plum

                      It could become a Convertible Packing cube in Cafe Bag fabric


                        love it. What needs to be updated?
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                          I like the looks of the LGD and would be interested to see an updated edition.

                          I just received my Imago and though it is a nice bag, and I am beginning to use it, one thing that I prefer in the LGD is what appears to be the zippered top.

                          The flap over the open top of the Imago is something I am not actually too keen on. I purchased several organizer pouches to help ensure I do not lose stuff out of the top.

                          Thanks for asking for input, though replies on the forum may or may not be an accurate representation of the Bihn customer base.


                            I like it!

                            It looks like it would fill an interesting niche as a small utility bag, especially for day-trips and such. The bunches of easy-access pouches would come in very handy for quick-access items (cell phone, camera, etc.) without the bulk of a bigger bag.

                            Maybe the design needs a little freshening, but retro can also be good. I wonder if that color scheme match those old Zubaz parachute pants I have stashed somewhere in the back of the closet?
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                              scotlib ...

                              I find it so interesting that you don't like the flap top of the Imago because that's one of the things I like best about it. I reach my hand around my side and into the depths to pull something out all without opening the bag or even moving it. It does take some getting used to and a new way of packing, but I have never lost anything from the bag.

                              Darcy - as far as the LGD goes, it might be a nice option instead of the cafe bag for those who want more pockets. I'd like to see an updated version.
                              Loving life with my Imago.