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Aeronaut vs. Road Duffle

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    Aeronaut vs. Road Duffle

    I'm curious as to the difference between the Aeronauts vs. the Road Duffles.

    Obviously, there's the size. The Aeronauts are designed to fit specific airline regulations, while the Road Duffles are bigger.
    Obviously, the Aeronauts have a vertical hand carry vs. the horizontal hand carry of the Road Duffles. Is this a pro or a con?

    I'm guessing the Road Duffles don't have backstraps, which is OK with me.

    But other than that, can anyone comment on the differences, and pros and cons of the two pairs of bags?

    I love the Road Duffel for road trips and it is my favorite travel bag for car travel! Even though it is ballistic nylon, it is easily foldable, since it does not have extra padding in the back and it does not have backpack straps. I find it easy to carry via shoulder strap as well; the strap attaches on the side of the bag. There are extra pockets in the interior of the main compartment, and there is no floating divider like the Aeronaut has. I find that it hits the sweet spot in the lineup in size for when I want to take a few extra items. There are several good road duffel threads, though I don't have time to find them now.
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      Is the medium road duffle flyable?

      I'll search again for the other posts.


        @BWeaves, these reviews have some great photos that illustrate the various compartments, and it is possible to see that the material in the bag is less structured- the bag is more floppy when empty, and it can be easily folded.

        Skookum Dog Duffle by Tom Bihn ? RMK Outdoors

        I don't even have a dog at the moment, and I love to use a black and tan duffel for travel. While I have not flown with it, given the medium road duffel's compressible nature, and its spot midway volume wise in the TB lineup, I can't imagine that it would be a problem traveling with it if not overstuffed. I do think it is more comfortable to carry it via the shoulder strap than the handle, but that is a personal preference only.
        "Do one thing every day that scares you." - Eleanor Roosevelt
        "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." -Ferris Bueller


          Is the wrap on the hand carry handles attached to one of the handles, or is it separate?

          If attached, is it attached to the "top" handle or the "bottom" handle, if the bag is in Aeronaut hand carry mode?

          I'm trying to figure out if you can carry it that way using only one of the handles.


            The wrap is attached to the handle - it is on the side opposite the bottom of the U shape of the zipper. If you look at the first picture in the second link I posted, it should be clear.
            "Do one thing every day that scares you." - Eleanor Roosevelt
            "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." -Ferris Bueller


              Thanks, so the wrap is on what I would call the "top" handle if you were carrying it Aeronaut style. Is it possible to carry the bag just by that one handle, or not a good idea?


                It seems like that would cause unnecessary strain on the one handle and carrying would be unbalanced.

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                "Do one thing every day that scares you." - Eleanor Roosevelt
                "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." -Ferris Bueller


                  The Aeronauts have handles at both ends, which i find very useful for sliding my Aeronaut in and out of shelves, racks, airplane overhead bins and cars. The Road Duffels don't have those handles.


                    Yup. I just noticed the lace of extra handles, too. If only the road duffle was just a little bit more like the Aeronaut.

                    Or maybe we just need a road duffle sized Aeronaut.

                    I can live without the backpackstraps, but I wish there were a few more handles, and the handles there are were in different places.


                      Can anyone measure the internal dimensions of the 3 main packing areas, please?

                      I can guess the width (11 1/2") and height (9 1/2"), as they will be the same as the over all dimensions of the bag. But what are the lengths of the middle area and side areas?


                        The amazing Kat from TB answered my questions, so I thought I'd share for those who are interested:

                        The end pockets are pretty large, and when fully expanded.
                        I measured them at about 12" across, 9" high and 5.5-6" deep.
                        The main compartment was about 15" from one end pocket to another and 13" from front to back.

                        The main compartment doesn't have any compression straps in the bag, and the best packing cubes based on the measurements would probably be the Aeronaut 30 for the end pockets (if not overstuffed, you might be able to put two of them in the end pockets), and the Hero's Journey Packing Cube for the center compartment.

                        As far as I know, we aren't planning on changing the Road Duffel's design anytime soon--I read that you thought a few more handles wouldn't be amiss, but I think that there might be a couple of reasons why extra handles weren't added like how they are on the Aeronauts. One is that the zippered pockets on the ends are placed differently--the Road Duffel's are horizontal and run across the length of the pocket rather than just being at the top like the Aeronaut, and a handle would probably block easy access to those pockets.

                        I may have to order a purple one, just to see it in person.


                          IT'S HERE! My aubergine Doggienaut 36 arrived today.

                          I'll post photos later when I have better light and can do a good comparison with the A30.

                          My first thoughts.

                          I like the color. The coyote trim with the aubergine ballistic is much nicer than I imagined, and the interior fabrics are also coyote. I like the contrast of the two colors. The inside is just the backside of the ballistic which is perfectly nice.

                          I like the size. It has just that bit more room I wanted from the A30, without being as big as an A45, and without the backstraps, which I cannot use. I'm curious to see what sort of weight the bag has when I have it fully packed.

                          It's very floppy, which is good for storage, but means it should be packed full to hold its shape. That's fine, because if I need less room, I have my A30.

                          I thought it did not come with zipper pulls, so I ordered some in coyote. It does come with zipper pulls, but NOT with the black plastic tab ends, so it just comes with the cording in coyote. You also get a coyote keystrap, and there are plenty of o-rings.

                          I like that the shoulder strap can attach at the top or at the side. I'm not wild about the strap itself, but I have 3 Absolute shoulder straps, so not a problem. The strap is fine for just hauling the bag out to the car. I'd want the AS for airport travel.

                          I'm not wild about the handles attaching over the main compartment, because you have to undo them to open the main compartment, but that's a minor quibble. You can still get into the bag with the handles attached together, if you needed to get your hand in there to grab something. And if you really need to carry horizontal, the handles allow you to do that easily.

                          The end end pockets zip the long way, which is great for actually being able to get into the very end pockets. I find the end end pockets on my A30 to be just a bit useless. AND, those Doggienaut end end pockets are gusseted, so you can put 3-D items in them, not just flat stuff. However, whatever you put in the end end pockets will push into the space of the end compartments, sort of like the laundry stuff sack. The end compartments are a nice size. I'll check them for packing cube sizes shortly.

                          I wish the end end pocket that's all fabric had the zipper going the other way. The end with the mesh fabric has a zipper that ends at the "top" of the bag when carried sideways by the shoulder strap, but the end with the fabric pocket has a zipper that ends at the bottom of the bag when carried sideways by the shoulder strap. That means if it's not completely zipped shut, something could fall out. Not a problem if the bag is carried flat with the openings on top.

                          I love the 4 extra pockets on the inside of the main compartment.
                          The main compartment seems to me to be about 13 inches long, by 10 inches wide, by 9 inches tall. Give or take an inch. It was hard to measure as the bag kept moving on me. Plus, the room you have will depend on whether you stuff those 4 extra pockets with stuff or not. I'll try to get better dimensions when I take photos.

                          The pocket on the lid has the zipper at the end of the flap, which is the opposite end that the Aeronauts have the zipper on the lid. On the A30, if you flip the lid open and have it hang down outside the bag, the zipper is at the top of the lid and you can just have stuff hang out in there without it falling out. In the Doggienaut, you would need to lean the lid up against a wall so the stuff doesn't fall out. However, since the Doggienaut is so floppy, I don't think flipping the lid over is quite as doable as it is in the Aeronauts. I really don't have a feeling one way of another on the placement of the zipper. Either way works for me. In the A30, that zippered compartment is very small. In the Doggienaut 36, it's a nice size.

                          There are little tabs at the ends of the zippers, so when you pull on a zipper, you have something to pull against.

                          The lash straps are a nice touch. I would probably use them to attach a coat or jacket, but a yoga mat would work for those inclined. They attach on the side or bottom of the bag, wherever it would be most useful for you. They are easily removable and can be placed in a couple of different orientations.

                          The Doggienaut label is cute.

                          Next up, photos, and which packing cubes fit.
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                            A Doggienaut 36, yes please! And what a great review. BWeaves, thank you for sharing! I've been waffling about this bag. Now it's at the top of my wish list. elisa


                              Also, when in sideways shoulder carry mode, the hand carry handle is just at the right place to add a little extra support.

                              And when just hand carrying, the handle is a bit offset, so it makes more sense to carry it with the lid hinge towards your body.

                              My husband keeps frowning at the TB box. I was hoping I'd get home before he did so I could squirrel it away, but he saw it first. He thinks I'm buying too much. Nah.