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Moving abroad -- packing bags inside of bags?

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    Moving abroad -- packing bags inside of bags?

    Hi all. I'm looking at living in the UAE or Bahrein for 1-2 years for my wife's career. At that point, it's not travel, it's moving, and we'd want to each check 2-3 maximum size rolling suitcases.

    While living on the other side of the world, we'll want to take a lot of little weekend get-aways. As such, I'm debating some bags that I can use for weekend get-aways that I can bring abroad inside of my large suitcases. In other words, I'm looking for bags that fold completely flat.

    I'm debating between something like a Tristar, an Aeronaut 30, or something like a Tortuga 35L. I do carry a laptop, and for that I have a briefcase (Cadet). It would be nice if I could store the laptop inside of the other bag, so the Tristar is appealing there. The issue I have with the Tristar is its lack of shoe storage (I wear size 11 men's).

    But also, can anyone give me some thoughts on whether the Aeronaut 30 or Tristar could fold flat-ish inside one of my big suitcases? I wouldn't use them to move abroad, but I might want to use them once I'm there.

    The other option I'm considering, an Osprey Ozone convertible, would simply replace my current carry-on luggage. It looks nice having both rolling and backpack options, but the fabric is only 260 denier. I know absolutely nothing about nylon, but I'm assuming that's a lot less durable. But that's a topic for another thread.

    Thanks, all! Any thoughts would be appreciated, especially in terms of how flat a Tristar or Aeronaut can fold. (Or if you have a Tortuga or Osprey Ozone, what you think of them?)

    Not so sure about the Tri-Star - it would go flat, but not particularly thin because of the 3 sandwich layers of its construction each with a zip and some bits with handles etc running perpendicular along the edges. The A30 will definitely fold pretty flat - if it's empty, the end pockets will fold in toward the centre on the 'front- of the bag, then the whole thing becomes a surprisingly compact squarish flat object, probably slightly thinner than the Tri-Star would go because of fewer layers and fewer obstructions like sideways-on zips, handles etc.

    Depending on size, a laptop will often fit happily in the main compartment of an A30 - I've done it with a 13" old style macbook, a 14" Lenovo Thinkpad, and a 12" retina macbook at various times, each in a cache for a bit of protection. But it's not as convenient as a proper laptop bag, because it's not designed that way.

    Of course, rather than folding the bag(s) flat, you could always use them more like supersized packing cubes within your big rolling luggage?
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      I second using whatever bag you pick as a giant packing cube. That way you won't have unused airspace because these bags don't pack perfectly flag. If you really want something to pack flat, pick a yeoman duffle.


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          Have you thought about taking this new 'weekend bag' as your cabin baggage on your relocation flights?

          Then, depending on the airline's rules, you could carry your cadet on board as a personal item, or pack it in a checked suitcase (where it would add less weight than, say, an A30).

          Also, while the packability of the Yeoman Duffel is appealing, it wouldn't be my first choice for an all-around weekend bag--but could be a great way to take home extra stuff when you return. I have often carried an empty large duffel bag in a checked suitcase for this purpose--rolled very tightly, & secured with a rubber band.

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            Thanks, everyone, for all the tips and advice. I actually thought about just going abroad with a Tom Bihn carry-on, but it's going to be a multi-day airport trainwreck, and on it (and other) trips, I think I'll want to use my regular carry-on spinner, which navigates pavement easily. The idea behind a Tom Bihn product is for those weekend get-aways where I'll be going places that aren't perfectly ADA-accessibly paved.

            I think I decided on the Aeronaut 30. It seems to fold quite flat, and if I bring my laptop, I can just throw my laptop in the middle of two packing cubes with a cache. I'll just fold it up in my luggage.


              I am hoping to move to Scotland this summer (hopefully forever). And my plan is to check a large rolling bag and carry on an A30 and another bag and have that be it. You could use the Aeronaut as a carry on bag and maybe cut down other bags.


                Originally posted by BWeaves View Post
                I second using whatever bag you pick as a giant packing cube. That way you won't have unused airspace because these bags don't pack perfectly flag. If you really want something to pack flat, pick a yeoman duffle.
                Agree. When I moved to England for a year I had two max suitcases. I packed my travel backpack as a cube and stuck it in a suitcase fully packed. I took a rollerboard as a carry-on since I was carrying breakables. It was perfect.