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Case for the Amazon Kindle?

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    Originally posted by johnkzin View Post
    Yeah, I'm looking for something to hold my Nokia N810 (and bluetooth keyboard) as well. Thus my thread for "a bag idea for PDAs".
    Oh, geeze, I missed that thread...will drop in later today. I decided not to get a Kindle this go around. So I canceled the order but not to worry I went with the Nokia N800. I do not mind the lack of a keyboard as I am used to using the Clie. But I did order an iGo Bluetooth keyboard (the 4 row version that folded is 1/2" thing and about the size of the N800. And I LOVE the thing. The web browsing is just amazing on a pocket device I have only found a few sites is had issues rendering, btw, I upgraded to OS2008 first thing.

    If you DO get the EVDO modem to work directly with the N810, let me know. I doubt it'll work though. You might consider a Cradlepoint Personal Hotspot though (attach your USB EVDO modem to it, and it acts as a wifi hotspot for your N810 (or laptop, etc.)).
    Sadly I drop my hope for the USB port on the N800/N810 to provide enough power to the CDU680 Franklin EVDO modem. So, instead I opted for the Cradlepoint CTR350 with an Tekkeon MP1550 portable power supply that uses AA batteries. I use Sanyo Eneloop Very Low Discharge batteries all the time around here. So I ordered eight more and will have a good 4-8hrs runtime for the modem. I also added 2 additional batteries for the N800 with an external charger. So, pretty much I could work all day long without being wired into ANYTHING.

    I went with the CTR350 over the PHS300 in case I need to connect another router to control my network at home in a pinch should I have issues here...plus I got it for just $110 including shipping. With batteries and everything it was about $160. Not bad and though it adds an extra thingy to carry it's about the size of the N800 and can easily fit in a small pack.

    The small padded cafe bag looks promising, but it's not exactly what I want. For one, I'm looking for something more horizontal (like a tiny dufflebag or messenger bag), something that can be worn as a lumbar/waist bag, or carried without any kind of strap at all (so, removable strap). Even something small enough that I could wear diagonally across my back, under a rain jacket.

    That's why I think the Snake Charmer is a better starting point. That size and shape is much closer to what I want.
    Since I went in a slightly different direction this microsecond. It was a tough call between the two options but I am more in need of true mobile internet access over the dedicated ebook device. But I need extreme portability. I can get that with this setup.

    Soooo, now I am considering a Buzz bag instead. It's comfy to carry, Darcy might remember but I have RA that affects my hands a great deal making it almost impossible to carry even the smallest things more then across the room. So something like the Buzz seems ideal for on the fly mobility, for me.

    We already have on Buzz, but I would have trouble prying it loose from my sweetie's cold dead fingers...sooo, I likely will get my own.

    The idea is I can leave the router/power supply turned on in the pack and keep the N800 in my front pocket. Then when I need to look something up online to see if we can turn a profit on it...in under a minute I'll know. We are in the antiques biz for about 40 yrs and often you come across something that ya just don't know about and unless it is dirt cheap we usually end up not taking a risk. That is my primary reason for going in the Nokia N800 direction.

    Of course I would LOVE to order a Super Ego, have a custom modification made to add a pocket dedicated to the router/modem/power supply and be able to tote around my full sized laptop too. That way my better half and I can share the connection easily when we go out to get away from that "Home Office Syndrome" situation yet still remain productive.

    Thinking about it I would be interested in the Cafe bag modification being made available in the Buzz on the inside. The cafe bags just seem a bit awkward to me for how I would use it...having a bag swinging more of less free or making me wider by resting on my hip is potentially expensive in an antique store.

    Geeze, I wish I was driving up to Seattle in a couple weeks to bring her home but I am not up to the drive plus we got a GREAT deal on airfare of $130 for a RT ticket in case she needs to go back up for her Dad. But, I have been up twice and neither time was up to a side trip to Tom Bihn. But, if I was there I sure could show them the components and how I would want to use them...plus I would get to visit "the promised land of Tom Bihn"....hehehehehe...

    Anyway, thanks for all the input on the Kindle bag idea...sorry I hijacked it to what I did...I am still likely to go with the Kindle but decided to wait until the Gen2 version which I bet will appear near the end of this year. It's a GREAT device and is here to stay. The Sony OTH could become abandonware in a flip a switch. Sony is like that even if a device is showing a profit they will kill it should it not make enough profit. They did that with their Clie lineup...almost overnight it became a completely abandon product line despite being one of the best designed and made PDA's around. Their price point was just too high for impulse buyers.


      Originally posted by rabergnc View Post
      Finally got my Kindle!! It's all I had hoped for. Simple to use, materials download fast. It's great. Anyway, now with one in hand, I can say that a sleeve type case would be ideal. The cover that comes with the Kindle is dreadful! If this is still being considered, a case for the device would likely be popular.
      That is GREAT...nice to read someone with hands on experience. Amazon cannot produce enough Kindle's and the wait is what 2-months or so? Or did you get one sooner? It would be nice to read production is finally catching up.

      But when I looked at it and the one I caught a glimpse of live, it just seemed to call out for a nice padded bag. Not an open ended pouch in case it would want to worm it's way out but something that can close with maybe a zipper?

      Have fun reading...btw, there is a great new site with free public domain (everything from Dickens to Shakespeare and in between) ebooks formatted for the Kindle. It's http://www.FeedBooks.com or via you mobile there is http://feedbooks.mobi (works GREAT) and you can d/l direct to the Kindle or, I believe they will submit the book to Amazon for your account so it can be auto xfer's via the Whispernet EVDO which Amazon charges you a whole dime for. They also have their complete catalogue you can download to the Kindle and then just click on the title link and poof, it downloads. it's one of the better ebook sites around. Most content does come from Project Gutenberg just is edited for errors and reformatted. Worth a look.

      Also, here is a great place to learn more about all ebook reader devices: http://www.mobilereader.com have fun with your new toy!!


        Thanks for the information about feedbooks.com. I will definitely check out the site to see what is available. The kindle came about 5 weeks after ordering. In terms of a case - if the case is snug enough, it should work well without requiring something heavy duty like a brain cell. The device is pretty sturdy and the case wold be more for scratch protection I think. A flap could be useful, however. I just received a note from the Waterfield Design folks that they have a set of cases available - best as I can tell they have a basic slip case, a sleeve with a flap, and a complete travel package (sleeve, flap, strap). Looks like it could be promising. I look forward to seeing if the TB people will do something as well.


          Something you might consider for your new Kindle goodie is a screen protector from Boxwave. They seem to (http://boxwave.com) make the best most durable screen protectors. The one I currently have one my Clie is several years old and stll works and looks perfect. They cost a bit more, but these displays are exposed to all maner of pointy & scratchy things....it's worth the $15ish with shipping for the added protection.

          As they do not yet seem to have Kindle specific protector, you might need to find one slightly bigger and trim it to fit. Still, I really recommend these to anyone with a mobile device that has no built in cover or needs to do a lot of screen touches to use the device.

          Oh, if any lives in Seattle, Market Optical has a great squirt lens cleaner that works amazingly well on laptop PDA screens...


            btw, I am posting from my N800 right now. It is really very close to notebook in usefulness...it still needs more productivity apps to be ported over...Open Office woold be nice.


              Man! I just wish my Kindle would arrive already!!


                Originally posted by alpianoman View Post
                Man! I just wish my Kindle would arrive already!!
                Is it there yet? I just read over on http://MobileRead.com that the supply of e-ink displays has slowed production (only ONE company making them right now, atleast only one making the Visiplex eink displays) and the delivery time has jumped back up to 4-6 weeks or so. It had been down to 2-3 weeks.

                Hope your's already arrived.
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                  Originally posted by grumpy3b View Post
                  Is it there yet? I just read over on http://MobileRead.com that the supply of e-ink displays has slowed production (only ONE company making them right now, atleast only one making the Visiplex eink displays) and the delivery time has jumped back up to 4-6 weeks or so. It had been down to 2-3 weeks.

                  Hope your's already arrived.

                  hi grumpy!!

                  Yes, I got my Kindle. And I must say, I LOVE IT!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!

                  I'm so ready for Tom Bihn to make some sort of soft case for it.

                  But that's just wishful thinking on my part.



                    possible travel case?

                    It looks like the Medium Padded Organizer case would hold a Kindle on those odd moments when you don't have it out in use. Has anyone tried it yet? Mine is sitting at home waiting for me to see it for the first time and I am already buying it homes to sleep in...how crazy is that!

                    Happy reading!
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                      I'm a loyal TB owner of a bunch of bags and stuff. Until they make a Kindle case, I have found the sleeve made by Waterfield Design to be serviceable. They have 3 levels of case. The least expensive works just fine! soon as TB makes a case, it's mine!!