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Sideways Freudian Slip for ID Bag, etc.

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    Sideways Freudian Slip for ID Bag, etc.

    At REI the other day, I found this thing from Eagle Creek called the File Cabinet or something like that. It was basically a collapsed, thin, stiff thing for holding tabbed folders and similar rectangular stuff. I really need something like this for my messenger bag, but Eagle Creek is just... not cool.

    I figured Tom Bihn must have something like this, and lo and behold, there's the Freudian Slip. But it's vertical! I would suggest that backpacks need this kind of filing help less than swooshy messenger bags do.

    Tom Bihn, save me from Eagle Creek!

    We've had other requests for this and hope to have the time to design one someday. However, I can't say it will be very soon.
    Buy the EC one and let us know what's right and wrong about it - we'll give you a prototype of ours when it is available.


      Wow. Cool. I'll do that.

      Gotta love this company!



        I was going to start a new thread on this idea, but found the existing thread and decided to just bump this up to the top to see if there is more recent interest from forum readers.

        I think the idea of a horizontal Freudian Slip is excellent. It would be great to put in the ID or Super Ego or even a (*gasp*) non-Bihn messenger bag . The soft-side nature of a messenger bag can be a liability to files and papers.

        The Empire Builder has the dividers that help with managing files, but I can see a need (and have a personal interest) for a horizontal file manager much like a Freudian Slip for other bags.
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          Per Tom Bihn's suggestion, I did buy the EC model last year. I'll put together a review of it when I have a moment. (In exchange for the fabled prototype, of course...)


            Where did you get that Eagle Creek product? What is the name of it? I searched the Eagle Creek website (horrible, by the way) and went to my local REI looking for this, but couldn't find anything like you mentioned.

            I could really use a way to protect files in a messenger bag. Most of what I've seen are plastic containers than sort of fold around your papers/files like an envelope, secured by elastic string. This is OK, but not always easy to open while the thing is in your bag.

            I am hoping for something.. well... like a horizontal Freudian slip. Even just an open (or easily opened) top box that would allow 2 inches or so of papers/files.


              The EC model is called the "File Cabinet." It looks like they might not make it anymore, but if you do some searching, you'll find it around online.

              I don't care for it much (review to come one of these days), but when you need something like it, it's one of the few things that does what it does. I would much rather have something that's meant to fit correctly in Tom Bihn stuff.

              I really think that a sideways Freudian Slip would be a huge seller, as pretty much everyone would want to add one to their new Tom Bihn bag, kind of like a Brain Cell.


                It's not upto me to shoot down any good product idea, but I can't really see the big use. When I used my ID regularily I used the magazine pocket for all the paper needs I had or in worst case I just used a cardboard file, the kind you use the rubberbands to close. And that kept my files safe within the main compartment.

                But if I should try to come up with a good design I suggest either making a Freudian Slip with only one side (the paper side) or finding som ingenious way to hide the papers. Otherwise I'm afraid all the papers corners will easily get bent or dogeared due to everything else you're taking in and out of the ID will snag on the papers.
                What I would like to get was a European model for the Freudian Slip we already got One which has slightly thinner but deeper pockets to better fit our A4 standard instead of the Letter size it seems it sized for now.

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                  Thought I'd bump this thread up, and put in my 2 cents...

                  I too would LOVE a horizontal version of the Freudian Slip, for use in the Briefcase or Messenger Style bags. I already own the original Feudian slip, which I use with my Smart Alec. Unfortunately, I don't use my Smart Alec every day (just a bit too big for everyday use), so I would love a version I can use in my horizontal bags...

                  I would like the same type of set-up as the original, with file pockets on one side, and gadget pockets on the other. Here is why this type of set-up would work better for me that simply using the pockets in my brief or messenger style bag -- Accessability and Portability!

                  When I get home from work, or if I've been travelling, and I'm in a hotel room, it is a lot more convenient for me to pull out the Freudian Slip, which has my important papers, and most needed gadgets and cables, and carry that to wherever I need it...whether it's working at a desk, or sitting with my laptop on the couch. Having all of my most used files and gear readily accessible is a much better solution for me than digging around in the bag. And the next moring, it's easy to just slip it all back into the bag and head out, instead of putting everything back into the inside pockets of the bag.!

                  Like I said, though, if only I had a Freudian Slip I could use with my horizontal style bags...Anyone listening? Anyone???
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                    I too like the idea of a sideways slip, also one that could fit in the medium or large cafe bag.


                      Me too! A side-slip for the ID would be a perfect addition. It helps divide up that large space in the main bit and also helps to store away extra bits that don't fit in the front... please please pretty please!



                        I think this would be a great product--I have two of the EC versions, and a third which they seem to no longer make, but which is just a stiff divider with all sorts of gear pockets--it organizes a European leather book bag with no slots for pens, etc.

                        anyway, I use the EC folders to hold different projects. sometimes they are different research projects, sometimes I use them to organize the notes from different courses (I am a university professor). It is very handy to be able to slip one carrier out of my bag and slip another in--it helps keep things together and organizes my life.

                        So I vote for a horizontal slip.



                          The Horizontal Freudian Slip is now available for order. It's in-stock and ships within one business day....
                          Have a question? @Darcy (to make sure I see it)

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                            Originally posted by Darcy View Post
                            The Horizontal Freudian Slip is now available for order. It's in-stock and ships within one business day....
                            This is fantastic! I need this for my Super Ego. I'm ordering one this weekend.

                            Thanks Tom, Darcy, and crew!
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                              how come you stopped making these?

                              got any left?