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Tote bag with closure at top

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    Tote bag with closure at top

    I love Tom Bihn bags (I have 4), but what I could really use is a tote bag with some type of closure at the top--nothing fancy. If the LUX or Utility Bags closed with a button or something, that would have been my preference, but they don't. Here's why this would be handy: when traveling or setting totes down (e.g., under an airplane seat), sometimes stuff falls out (like...wallets, makeup, iPhones, glasses, etc.). After a long transAtlantic flight, you're too dopey and the plane is too dark, cramped, and littered to really make sure you got everything, and if any small items fell out of an open tote, you miss them. But with a simple closure (like a button or snap or velcro), that wouldn't happen. I looked at the TB knitter's bag, but it's got too many knitters' pockets in them. To me, a tote is just a nice big empty bag to take on a trip with your book, your wallet, PDA, etc. but you don't have to go to a lot of trouble unsnapping stuff to get at what you want.

    The Swift might work for you. It's the same size and shape as the LUX, but has 2 wide pockets at the top of the inside, and a button closure at the top. I have one and use it as my everyday bag as well as my knitting bag and the button keeps the bag closed enough to keep my stuff from falling out. I think the vinyl pockets help with this as well, as they kind of stick together a little and create almost a "seal" at the top of the bag. Plus that, I keep my phone, keys and other small items in the pockets and find it really easy to access them without having to take the bag off my shoulder and rummage through it.


      I second the Swift suggestion.

      I also have a Lux and the proportions are the same,
      Candyce, you said "I looked at the TB knitter's bag, but it's got too many knitters' pockets in them."

      There are only two main pockets, just like in the Lux but the fabric is different, opaque for the Lux, clear vinyl for the Swift.

      The extra pockets in the pictures were Clear Organizer Pouches and Yarn Stuff sacks added by the knitter.

      I customized my Swift by adding a Convertible Packing Cube, that fits the main compartment like a glove, while giving me two extra pockets, and a Kit to keep together odds and ends.

      The Cube and the Kit are secured to the O rings with short Key Straps and blend with the lining of the bag for security against things getting loose if I drop the bag or against pickpockets on public transports.
      In addition to the items above, a single pocket letter size folder fits nicely.

      The Swift three adjustments button closure (highly secure, somewhat loose, and easy to reach in) is really secure and easy to open/close even with cold/gloved fingers.

      Let me add that the Swift is not only very stylish, it is lightweight, yet, not flimsy and as roomy as the Lux and I imagine, the Utility Tote.

      It would be great for your purpose!

      PS: I don't work at Tom Bihn, I am just an happy customer.
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