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Hole on back of co pilot

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    Hole on back of co pilot

    My girlfriend and I each ordered a halcyon style CP and each has a hole in the back. Is it supposed to be there? Its about the size of the tip of a ball point pen, at the top of the stitching for the main compartments pockets.


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      This mentions the holes in some other TB bags. The hole is a marker for sewing purposes. I have two CPs-one Aubergine ballistic and one original black Halcyon and both have an identical hole in the same place as yours.


        Hi @spenceLK,

        Those are small marker holes that are used in the manufacturing process for alignment purposes for the stitching. They show up in various accessories and bags: for example, behind the TB label sewn onto shop bags (two small holes), or to guide the stitching for pockets in the Side Effect. Here's an example of one placed between the two pockets in the Side Effect (also between the stitching separating two pockets):
        Click image for larger version

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        Here's an example of small holes behind the label of a Shop Bag:

        They can vary in prominence, but are generally pretty small. You can find other similar pictures in various forum threads. For example, see the Holes behind Tom Bihn logo on Shop Bag normal? thread.




          Thanks, I knew I could count on a fast response being a Friday night and we leave for Mexico Tuesday night!!! I didn't see any on my BB or Cadet so i wasn't sure if something was going on!

          Glad to hear it's intentionally there and I dont need to send em' back!

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            Ever wonder why the bags are so perfect? I love them because I was spoiled by my mom's standards. I swear she's watching over and smiling. They have the best of the best making those bags, believe me. The fabric is ripstop, so those holes aren't getting any bigger.

            I have a teaching degree in textiles, and just love the quality. Drives me nuts when the grain is off, etc. my mom set the standard, my education cemented it.

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