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A bag idea for PDAs

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    A bag idea for PDAs

    I've been thinking for a few months about how there's not really anything out there for people who just have a PDA. Even Franklin-Covey's binders aren't exactly what I'm looking for. I've been a customer of Tom's since he was still in Santa Cruz, and I've always liked his products ... but even his bags tend to be aimed more at the laptop crowd ... which is also not what I want.

    What I have is a Nokia N810 PDA, an iGo Stowaway bluetooth keyboard, and I might soon have a Cradlepoint Personal Hotspot (Cellular to Wifi personal router, so you have a wifi "hotspot" where ever you go).

    The other day I was looking at my "Snake Charmer", and thought "if this bag was just slightly different, it would work for me".

    1) change the hanging loop to a briefcase style carry handle
    2) change the mesh sides to solid/padded sides (part of me would love to have it have sides that are as solid/strong as a brain cell); make the center divider match it (in terms of padding and strength)
    3) change the end loops to have hardware for the 3 shoulder strap options
    4) change the zippers to be more like the water/splash resistant stuff used on the other bags
    5) in one of the two pockets, put 2 pouches for cell phone/wallet, etc. and some horizontal pen holders (instead of the typical vertical ones)
    6) in both pockets, put 3 organizer clips (one at each end, one in the middle)

    That would be small enough to use as a stealthy messenger bag, a lumbar/fanny pack, or just as a small bag (with the carry handle). Using different sizes of organizer pouches, especially the padded pouches, you could put them in the main pocket to hold PDA's, folding keyboards, etc.

    It could also work for carrying an iPod-Touch, cell phone, and (real) camera, maybe even portable speakers for it.

    Another option might be something like the Imago and/or ID, only smaller. That would give you organizer pockets, and a main cargo pocket. But, I would want the main cargo pocket to have organizer clips (neither the Imago nor ID appear to have organizer clips in the main cargo pocket), and I would want the overall bag to be small enough to use as a lumbar pack (I don't plan to wear it that way, I would plan to wear it messenger/sling style, but I want it to be that small; small enough to comfortably fit under my rain jacket, yet strong enough that if I accidentally sit down and lean back against it, I don't crush the contents -- thus my references to the brain cell type strength). That would mean that the hardware for the carry strap might need to be placed slightly differently, though.

    The Snake Charmer wouldn't be big enough to hold an EeePC, but a "small Imago/ID" that was just barely big enough to hold an EeePC would be fine (perhaps even just perfect in size) ... as long as it has the organizer clips, so that I can hold smaller stuff in there (like two padded organizer pouches: one for my PDA, one for my folding keyboard).

    Just had another thought, as well.

    A Freudian Slip that was small enough to fit inside a Snake Charmer and/or the proposed smaller Imago/ID, might be useful. For the Snake Charmer, it would mean not having to make dedicated pockets inside the one pocket. Just make it so that the Freudian Slip has organizer clip attachments so that it stays in place.